CAS Decisions On Morozov, Lobintsev Expected Tuesday

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) says it will make decisions Tuesday, August 2 on whether Russian swimmers Vladimir Morozov and Nikita Lobintsev can compete in the Rio Olympics, with a decision on Yulia Efimova coming later on.

CAS published a press release Monday giving updates on a number of appeals registered recently, noting that it has registered 11 cases since July 26 – that’s more applications for CAS decisions in the past week than CAS received in the entire period of the 2012 Olympics, CAS says.

Among the 6 existing cases updated were three swimmers – Morozov, Lobintsev and Efimova. You can read the full press release here.

Morozov and Lobintsev

Morozov and Lobintsev were two of three swimmers banned by FINA (the world swimming governing body) based on their inclusion in the McLaren Report last month on alleged state-sponsored doping within Russia.

Their appeal against FINA’s decision included a hearing on July 31, and the parties involved had time after the hearing to provide additional materials to the CAS panel.

CAS says a decision will be made tomorrow, August 2nd, as to the outcome of their appeal and their eligibility to compete in the Rio Olympics.


Efimova’s appeal is against the Russian Olympic Committee, the International Olympic Committee and FINA. She was officially withdrawn from Rio by the Russian Olympic Committee after the McLaren Report.

CAS says her hearing took place today, August 1st, and was adjourned until tomorrow afternoon. There is no date slated for her decision, only CAS’s statement that “the next steps for this procedure will be decided then [August 2].”

IOC Panel

The eligibility of the banned Russian athletes is still a bit of a logistical nightmare. While CAS is hearing appeals, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has also formed a three-member panel to finalize decisions on which Russian athletes can and cannot compete in Rio.

It’s hard to exactly determine which decisions will affect which athletes the most, but the IOC panel decisions are supposed to be handed down in the next few days as well.

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Interesting precedent set by CAS late last night, possibly. British Cyclist Lizzie Armitstead cleared to compete after a nervous wait. Now, should CAS uphold the bans on Russian swimmers, will that give the Kremlin ammunition to cast this all as an anti-Russian political move? Yes, but it’d mean ignoring some very key details, something Putin is good at. Armitstead never failed a test, nor did any go missing, nor has her federation been indicted in a systematic doping scandal. She missed 3 tests, the reason she was cleared was that UKAD/WADA accepted one of the missed tests was their fault and they strayed from procedure. However, it’d be VERY easy for the Kremlin to conveniently leave the facts of each… Read more »


Dee – don’t blame Putin because your cyclists can’t turn up . Can’t you pin this on Shane like all the other stuff?


Think you missed the point of the comment – It was aimed at whether CAS would have the will for the fight, which I really doubt they do! I used the Armitstead decision as an example of a possible precedent being set, even if the individual cases vary wildly. As for Shane Sutton, the fact that three separate women (including 1 long retired) independently complained about him, his position was untenable and he had no choice but to step down. ‘His’ decision to oversee the omission of Dani King (Armitsteads favourite lead-out) instead of a 33yo coming out of retirement because she “liked the course” was bizarre, as was the decision he took to only send the GB female sprinters… Read more »


Its cycling . Most ppl will never believe any are clean – errh maybe the last placegettef but then maybe not even then.


They are back in


The the boys at the moment


Yeah FINA has allowed them to compete, CAS case still pending.

Attila the Hunt

FINA is such a joke.

No, I retract, FINA gives a joke a bad name.


Like dee said, a British cyclist’s banning was overturned
She failed to appear for 3 testings
So if you present a solid case there’s hope

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