Canton City Wipes Out 15-18 200 Mixed Medley Relay NAG Record


  • March 17-19, 2019
  • University of Akron-Ocasek Natatorium, Akron, Ohio
  • LCM
  • Results on Meet Mobile “LE Senior Championships”

The Canton City Schools relay team of Hunter Armstrong, Jamyson Robb, Parker Timken, and Will Rose took down the 15-18 long course mixed 200 free relay National Age Group records at the 2019 Lake Erie Senior Championships Sunday night in Akron, Ohio

Armstrong led off in 25.93, then Robb went 32.59 on breast, then Timken split 28.13 on fly, and Rose anchored in 23.41 for a final time of 1:50.07. Watch the race below:

The previous 15-18 record of 1:50.91, set in 2017, was owned by The Woodlands’ team of Ashley Pollok, Zach Hansen, Nolan Persyn, and Valerieanne Staffeldt.

Canton City also broke the 15-18 and 17-18 mixed 200 free relay records earlier in the meet. USA Swimming began recognizing mixed relay NAG records in September 2018 after the inclusion of mixed relays at both the FINA World Championships and Olympics.

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Swim Parent
1 year ago

Parker Timken’s split was for fly, not free.

1 year ago

Mixed AND LCM AND 200m Medley Relay?

That’s so specific/niche. I can’t imagine that LC mixed relays are a focus of too many clubs out there. These types of records have gotta be the easiest to get of any NAGs for any club who wants to go after some low hanging fruit.

Reply to  SVIRD
1 year ago

NAC could easily beat that with Walsh sisters

Reply to  Hswimmer
1 year ago

Doing the math on NAC’s top 4 swimmers and the 4 that swam in this race, it looks like NAC loses. Numbers don’t lie.

Reply to  SVIRD
1 year ago

These kids were unshaved and untapered fully just trying to have a fun relay, didn’t even know they were getting the record. If it’s easy to get go break it my guy.

Reply to  Swimfan1242
1 year ago

I’m not denigrating the kids who swam the time. I’m just saying these types of NAGs are easier to get since they are not swam often or seriously. The fact that they got this record “unshaved and untapered” supports this.

Reply to  SVIRD
1 year ago

“I’m not denigrating the kids who swam the time.” I wonder if the kids will feel that way when they read your posts? Sad that you even made that point. Why can’t kids be allowed to achieve something without someone, who is completely unrelated to the achievement, deciding they need to sh!t all over it. I guess there will always be miserable people who feel they need to bring others down to make themselves feel important.

1 year ago

They started recording these records 2016-17 season. Those splits on both relays are really respectable and worthy of praise not a sarcastic reply by someone with a negative view point! #GlassHalfEmptyGuy

Reply to  MuddyWaters
1 year ago

This just makes me sad! I know each of these kids personally and each one of them work their tails off to get where they are (and with just a bit of research, you will quickly realize that each one of these kids’ credentials are jaw-dropping)! As a parent of one of these swimmers, I can say that although this record may, in your opinion, be “low-hanging fruit”, it was still a FUN experience and exciting record to break. I will just have to explain to my swimmer when he finally gets to see his race and article on swimswam, that the unnecessary,, negative comments just need to be ignored. He’s certainly old enough to understand that there are airways… Read more »

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Torrey Hart

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