Cal Men Spring Swim and Weights Practice: Photo Vault

SwimSwam’s Jack Spitser took a trip up to Berkeley, CA back in the spring to capture images of both a swim and weights workout of the 2019 NCAA Champion Cal Bear Men. On Friday afternoon, the team had an hour long workout in the weight room, followed with an hour-long power swim, utilizing their parachutes. The following day, the distance group had a tough set of 300s, while the sprinters and mid-distance worked on fast 50s, 75s and 100s. It was a lot of fun to watch.

Matthew Josa working on his handstand (photo: Jack Spitser)

Andrew Seliskar doing a graceful leap to the flags (photo: Jack Spitser)

Dave Durden doing what he does best (photo: Jack Spitser)

Ethan Young (photo: Jack Spitser)

Hugo Gonzalez having a great Friday afternoon (photo: Jack Spitser)

Jarod Hatch (photo: Jack Spitser)

Michael Jensen. The team loves to do creative leaps into the pool before practice (photo: Jack Spitser)

Nate Biondi working the biceps. (photo: Jack Spitser)

Michael Jensen (photo: Jack Spitser)

Karl Arvidsson (photo: Jack Spitser)

Justin Lynch (photo: Jack Spitser)

Even Dave Durden works on lane lines. (photo: Jack Spitser)

Connor Hoppe (photo: Jack Spitser)

Daniel Carr (photo: Jack Spitser)

Warm down kick set. (photo: Jack Spitser)

The infamous Berkeley Squirrel (photo: Jack Spitser)

Bryce Mefford cheering after a great rep (photo: Jack Spitser)

Karl Arvidsson (photo: Jack Spitser)

Michael Jensen (photo: Jack Spitser)

Zheng Quah (photo: Jack Spitser)

Down under. (photo: Jack Spitser)

Sean Grieshop (photo: Jack Spitser)

Ryan Murphy #tokyo2020 (photo: Jack Spitser)

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Ice Age Swimmer

Great photos Jack!


Excellent work!


Does anyone know what snorkel is Shields using?


Looks like a speedo bullet to me

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