British Olympic Swimming Twitters: The Complete List

  7 Braden Keith | July 17th, 2012 | Featured, London 2012 Olympics, News

The British Team thus far has garnered the more headlines for their pre-Olympic social media interactions than any swim team outside of Australia. This has specifically centered around Rebecca Adlington and her declaration that she will be off of Twitter throughout the Olympic Games.

For those who stick with it throughout, this could be a massive boon as the home country. Once the racing is complete, these athletes should run the show for both the social, and the social media, scenes, which would be a huge opportunistic boon for any advertisers who branded these athletes.

The most recent thing we learned about on Twitter is that the Olympic swimmers were assigned a “dinner date” for the evening with another member of the team. Quite an interesting tactic, but perhaps a way to remain focused and still get some release of the tension.

To follow these athletes on Twitter, follow this link and click “Subscribe” on the left side. Don’t have a Twitter but want to keep up? Bookmark this page, the feed will be anchored here throughout!

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*Dropped from Olympics after injury

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  1. Ensger says:

    Siobhan-Marie does have twitter, @SiobhanMOConnor. :)

  2. Scottish swimmer says:

    Rob Bale @rob_bale

  3. aswimfan says:


    That 3x50m training pool is great!

  4. coops says:

    Amiee Willmott is on twitter too! @amiee_willmott :)

  5. coops says:

    sorry, that should read @aimee_willmott – my bad

    • Braden Keith says:

      Thanks all! Strangely enough, I searched and searched and couldn’t find these last night. I was pretty sure Aimee and Siobhan were on though.

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