Brent Hayden: “I’ve never been this excited making an Olympic team”


Reported by Ben Dornan.


  • Canadian Record: 21.73 – Brent Hayden (2009)
  • FINA A Standard: 22.01


  1. Brent Hayden – 21.82
  2. Josh Liendo 21.90
  3. Yuri Kisil – 22.15

Brent Hayden and Josh Liendo did exactly what they needed to do here and qualified for their 4th and 1st Olympic Games, respectively. Hayden won this event with a 21.82 while Liendo swam a 21.90 meaning that they both got under the 22-second mark as well as the 22.01 FINA A.

For Hayden, this swim marks the achievement of a major goal that he has identified back in 2019, having made his official comeback to the sport after retiring for over 7 years. Hayden won a bronze medal in the 100 freestyle at the 2012 Olympic Games which came after more than a decade as a Canadian national teamer.

Hayden not only got under the FINA A standard but he also got very close to his current Canadian record which he has held for more than a decade at a 21.73 from the 2009 World Championships.

Josh Liendo will join Brent Hayden on the 2020 Canadian Olympic team in the men’s 50 freestyle after hitting a 21.90 which is under the 22.01 FINA A. Liendo’s best time before this race was actually also a 22.01, having hit that time during the prelims.

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4 months ago

That’s honestly so impressive to go .1 of your super suited NR from over 10 years ago being in your 30s and after a 7 gear retirement.

NOT the frontman of Metallica
4 months ago

To be honest, I’ve never been this excited about you making the team before either, Brent. This comeback is awesome in every way.

Eric the Eel > Michael Phelps
4 months ago

Brent Hayden is the best male swimmer in canada

4 months ago

What a great story of resilience and dedication. Good luck to Brent in Tokyo; wouldn’t it be great to see him on the medal stand again, a la Anthony Ervin in Rio?

Last edited 4 months ago by JVW
Reply to  JVW
4 months ago

Not gold tho, I just don’t see Dressel losing to someone who’s a 21.8 PR. He’s too consistent.

Eric the Eel > Michael Phelps
Reply to  Adam
4 months ago

Everything is possible , another example Manaudou PB was 21.9 heading to london and he became olympic champion

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