Brazil Departs for Pre-Olympic Camp in Crystal Palace

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A late-night post for a late-night voyage; at just 5 minutes before midnight local time in Sao Paulo (an hour ahead of New York), the Brazilian Olympic Team will board a flight, set to arrive at 3PM Monday to London’s Heathrow Airport for their pre-Olympic training camp.

The Brazilians will embark upon a destination that they have become quite familiar with the last few years – the Crystal Palace in south London’s Upper Norwood district.

The Crystal Palace National Sports Centre is a multi-purpose club with brilliant swimming facilities that includes a 50 meter pool, with separate 25 meter and teaching pools nearby. They will remain in camp there until July 24th, at which time they will make the short journey to take up residence at the Olympic village.

The Brazilian Olympic Team, all of whom are using the facility as their training base, will have the advantage of just being a short bus-ride away from the Olympic venues and will thus have the least-stressful journey in the immediate leadup to the Games. The downside is that they will have to spend 10 days in the midst of the Olympic chaos, but coming from the crowded Brazilian urban culture this shouldn’t be too much of an issue for the athletes.

A trio of Brazilians are making later arrivals to the UK – Kaio Almeida and Luiz Raphael don’t arrive until July 22nd, and sprinter Graciele Hermann will meet the team in the Olympic village on July 25th, just two days before the opening ceremonies. For Hermann, not swimming until the very end of the meet, it should still be plenty of time to acclimate.

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I wouldn’t call Crystal Palace swim facilities brilliant. Dated would be more accurate but certainly convenient. Still they’ll be the only team I am aware of that are actually preparing in London. Part of that is likely due to the lack of decent swim facilties in the city. The Brazilians will have the benefit of being used to the chilly raining summer London is providing. Others (Austrailians) will have to adapt from the 85F plus weather of Spain.

Dunno why the Aussie coaches picked Manchester as their staging camp. The settings and weather just do not inspire. And I think it’s a mistake for the aussies to arrive in the olympics village so early (22 july). These little things may not mean much but they affect tiniest bit of preparation.
The Americans are much better off in Vichy.

I think “king” Cesar might need a few more rounds of furosemide before he hits those sorts of times. Strange to think he is packing on the pounds when everyone is doing the opposite post suits. His only chance is the 50 based on that information…

if you are talking about Cielo needing Furosemide, you definitely dont know Cielo body type.Cielo is NATURALLY thin(lean).Without training, he lose MASS.A diuretic will give him more problems than benefits.Cielo is a guy who lose weight when he stops training, not gain.Of course, when you stop training, you gain FAT and lose MUSCLE.The training is convert more of FAT in MUSCLE in the same body.Done that, it will increase his speed because the gain in strenght.
I know this year, he is doing a gluten free diet, but dont know HOW that may help to perform well.


He Gained Muscle, but he lowered his fat, his overall weight will not be changed, it may even be lower than was before.

Let’s see if they had a long enough detox period


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