Bracket Challenge: Which ISL Team Has the Best Logo?

We’ve got official logos for all 8 of the International Swimming League year one franchises, and the only logical thing to do is have them compete head-to-head in a bracket.

We’ll match up the 8 logos in one-on-one polls, letting the fans pick their favorites. The logo with the most votes in each poll will move on to the next round. Our plan is to run round 1 for about a week, with logos moving on to the next poll bracket late next week.

Seeding was determined randomly, as were the matchups. Some franchises have multiple logos, but we tried to determine the main logo for each team.

ISL Logo Bracket

Round 1 Polls

Energy Standard vs London Roar

Which ISL team has the better logo?

  • London Roar (90%)
  • Energy Standard (10%)
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DC Trident vs Iron

Which ISL team has the better logo?

  • DC Trident (58%)
  • Iron (42%)
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LA Current vs Cali Condors


Which ISL team has the better logo?

  • Cali Condors (72%)
  • LA Current (28%)
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Aqua Centurions vs New York Breakers

Which ISL team has the better logo?

  • New York Breakers (61%)
  • Aqua Centurions (39%)
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The International Swimming League is set to begin this fall, featuring 8 inaugural franchises across Europe and the United States. You can find full rosters, updates and other news on our International Swimming League channel here.

Here’s a refresher on the meet schedule:

  • Indianapolis, IN, USA  – October 4-5
  • Naples, Italy, Europe – October 12-13
  • Lewisville, TX, USA – October 18-19
  • Budapest, Hungary, Europe – October 26-27
  • College Park, MD, USA – November 15-16
  • London, England, Europe – November 23-24
  • Las Vegas, NV, USA – December 20-21

The schedule runs every weekend in October, sometimes on Friday-Saturday and sometimes on Saturday-Sunday. There’s a two-week gap early in November before two more consecutive weekends, and then about a month gap to the league championship in December.

Here’s which teams will compete in each meet:

DATE October 4-5, 2019 October 18-19, 2019 November 15-17, 2019 December 20-21, 2019
TEAMS Cali Condors LA Current Cali Condors US Team
DC Trident New York Breakers DC Trident US Team
Aqua Centurions Team Iron LA Current European Team
Energy Standard London Roar New York Breakers European Team
DATE October 12-13, 2019 October 26-27, 2019 November 23-24, 2019
TEAMS Aqua Centurions Team Iron Aqua Centurions
Energy Standard London Roar Energy Standard
Cali Condors LA Current Team Iron
DC Trident New York Breakers London Roar

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Oof…. rough looks

The michael phelps caterpillar

I just lost the ability to see looking at these. Oh no.


wild move of the ISL to have a bunch of random styles. any brand/marketing professional coulda told you to give them a similar look so they can easily be associated with the ISL league. on their own, they look cool -i’d never discount the hard work of the creatives, (stephen a smith voice) -howeva- they look sloppy as a whole group

Take a page from the Premier Lacrosse League, the team’s and logo’s are city based -great color schemes + they all look like they’re a part of the same league


lacrosse is boring as are their league logos


Your opinion is now null and void


fastest sport on land, year 1 of an athlete owned league. they’ve been huge in their web presence/social media takeovers. swimming could learn a thing or two


Wait…. does that mean the NFL does a poor job because there is no standardization across logos for all participating teams???? SMH


there is absolutely standardization of NFL logos, what are you talking about? my argument is these logos look like they’re created in different computer programs from different decades.

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