Sarah Price


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Sarah Price

Sarah Price, daughter of Christine Perney and Mitchell Price was born on June 22nd, 1994 in Manhattan, New York. As one of five children, Sarah and her siblings were required to participate in at least one year of swimming lessons. At the age of four, Sarah began her first swim lessons. At the age of five, Sarah began swimming in summer league and then continued and joined the club team. Sarah and her family moved and lived in a variety of places, but despite this fact, Sarah continued to swim throughout her childhood and high school career. Now, Sarah continues to swim and thrive under coach Mindy Williams at Simmons College in Boston, MA. She enjoys training and competing in sprint freestyle and breaststroke. In addition to being a talented swimmer, Sarah is passionate about art and traveling!


Sarah’s swimming career started with the Scarlet Aquatic Club in New Jersey. When she moved to Baltimore, Maryland years later, her and her younger Ilana joined the Mariners Swim Club. In high school, she and her family moved to Chicago, Illinois where her and her sister competed on the Chicago Wolfpack Aquatic Club. Finally, during her senior year, Sarah’s family moved back to New York, where she finished her high school career with the club AGUA. Throughout all of these moves, Sarah remained a fierce competitor and earned accolades with each team in each state.

College-Simmons College


During her freshman year, Sarah proved to be a strong competitor and great teammate with the Simmons Sharks. She competed and placed at the GNAC Championships in 2013, and helped lead her team to their tenth consecutive conference victory. Sarah qualified and competed at the NEISDA Championships the following February, earning points for the Simmons team. In 2014, Sarah again competed at the GNAC Championships, and was a member of the winning 4×200 Freestyle Relay! Sarah continues to train and will compete at the 2015 NEISDA Championships.


Sarah is in the Physical Therapy program at Simmons where she will receive her doctorate, in addition to completing a minor in Biology. She hopes to be as successful as possible, with the potential to one day, own her own practice!

Best Times

Course Event Time Date Meet
scy 100 Free 57.38 02/15/14 NEISDA Championships
scy 200 Free 2:06.59 02/16/15 NEISDA Championships
scy 200 Breast 2:42.73 01/31/15 Simmons vs. Plymouth
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