Joleigh Ferro

Joleigh Ferro

Joleigh Ferro was born on July 8th, 1993 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts to parents Ian and Leah Ferro. When Joleigh was a sophomore in high school, she experienced an injury while snowboarding. Eager to stay active, but hesitant to do a contact sport, Joleigh decided to join the St. Joseph Central High School Swim Team. Despite her late entrance into the sport, Joleigh proved to be a complete natural in the water. She achieved a great deal in her three years on the swim team, and continued to excel when she enrolled at Simmons College and became a Simmons shark. Joleigh has swum under coach Mindy Williams each of her four years at the College, and continues to make great strides. Now, as a senior captain, Joleigh specializes in sprint freestyle and backstroke and has earned many accolades for her achievements and team spirit.


Joleigh competed on the St. Joseph Central High School Swim Team for three years. After just one year of competitive swimming, Joleigh qualified for a relay at Western Massachusetts her junior year, and in her senior year she qualified for an individual event in the 50 freestyle. In addition, Joleigh won the MIAA Sportsmanship award and was elected as captain during her senior year.

College-Simmons College 


Despite a rough transition and a number of obstacles, Joleigh has had a tremendous college career at Simmons. Throughout her four years, Joleigh qualified, competed and scored at GNAC Championships and NEISDA Championships. In addition, Joleigh won the Blue and Gold Award her junior year to commend her tremendous team spirit and was chosen to be captain of the sharks her senior year. Joleigh will compete at the 2015 NEISDA Championships, and will be a member of the first team to represent Simmons College at the ECAC Championships in February 2015.


Joleigh is a BioChemistry major and Physics minor. She has applied to medical school which she hopes to attend to one day become a doctor!

Best Times

Course Event Time Date Meet
scy 50 Free 57.12 12/06/14 GNAC Championships
Simmons College
scy 100 Free 57.12 12/07/14 GNAC Championships
Simmons College
scy 50 Back 30.28 12/07/14 GNAC Championships
Simmons College