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The Case for Using Your Swim Meet Warm-Up in Training Each Day

Looking for an edge on race day? Here’s why swimmers should consider using their swim meet warm-up each day at swim practice.

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6 Sets for Developing a Six-Beat Kick

A six-beat kick boosts propulsion, improves stroke mechanics, and helps you finish races strong. Here are some sets for a killer six-beat kick.

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Eddie Reese’s Advice for When Swimmers Aren’t Improving

Feeling a little stuck with your swimming? Here is some wisdom from one of the GOAT swim coaches of all time, Eddie Reese.


3 Reasons to Focus on Swimming “Downhill” in the Pool

Mental cues are a great way to improve technique in the water. Here are three reasons to use “swim downhill” in the pool today.


8 Goal Setting Tips for Swimmers

Ready to finally get serious with your goals in the pool? Here are eight proven goal setting tips for competitive swimmers.

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How to Start Lap Swimming for Exercise

Ready to get started with lap swimming? Here’s everything you need to know, including gear, terminology, training tips, and expert advice for success.


How Cold is an Olympic Swim Pool?

When it comes to Olympic swimming pools, temperature is tightly regulated. Here’s a look at how cool the pool is during Olympic swim events.


5 Benefits of Listening to Music for Swimmers

From faster swimming, increased motivation, and speedier recovery, here are the reasons swimmers should use music for improved swim performance.


How to Set Goals Like Olympic Champion Nathan Adrian

Ready to take your goals in the pool to the next level? Here’s how Olympic champion Nathan Adrian sets goals and what you can learn from him.


6 Tips for Days When You Really, Really Don’t Feel Like Going to Swim Practice

Going to practice feeling like a struggle? Here are some proven strategies and tips to conquer today’s swim practice, even though you might not be feeling it.

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9 Best Kickboards for Swimmers (Kick Faster)

Looking for the perfect kickboard for a faster kick and swimming? Here is your ultimate guide to the best kickboards in the pool.


7 Best Earplugs for Swimming (Keep Water Out, Finally)

Frustrated with getting pool water in your ear when swimming? Here’s your ultimate guide to the best earplugs for swimmers.

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7 Best Prescription Swim Goggles for Clear Vision and Fast Swimming

Looking to swim without glasses and contacts? Here are the best prescription swimming goggles for clear vision in the pool.

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9 Best Bags for Swimmers (Pack for Success)

Store your swimming gear like a pro and go from poolside to podium with the best swim bags for every kind of swimmer and workout.

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8 Best Open Water and Triathlon Swimming Goggles

Open water goggles protect eyes from the sun, help swimmers sight and train smart. Here’s a look at the best open water goggles for swimmers and triathletes.

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