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Arm Lines in Swimming

The muscles in the shoulder and arm act as a stabilizing chains helping to control movement. This is so important for swimming.

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Analysis: Ledecky vs. Sjostrom, Which is the Greatest Women’s World Record?

Some say that Katie Ledecky’s 800 and 1500 world records are the greatest among women’s records. Others say none can match Sarah Sjostrom’s 50 butterfly.


Shouts from the Stands: The Story Behind the Coach

Working full time with these kids makes me realize how much they feel like family to me. Their struggles have also become mine.


SwimMom Musings: The Great Wide Somewhere

Sometimes life takes us on a detour so we can follow the path we were destined to travel all along. Maybe it has happened to you …

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Embracing Defeat: You Either Win or You Learn

if you lose…it’s just an opportunity to go about it differently next time around. Always be prepared to learn… no matter what.


7 Tips for Parents on Preparing for Target Meets

We can’t control how fast our kids swim or who is in the lane next to them. But there are a few things we can do to help make meets a success.


Reframe the Learning Process: Level Up Your Athletes’ Training

Educators are reframing learning processes to be “challenge based; learning focused” instead of “result based; work focused.”

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A Day in the Life of Swimmer Turned Coach

I lay in my bed and contemplate whether to actually get up or not, I eventually do because I have to swim as well as coach.

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Your One Year Countdown to the Swimming Olympics in Tokyo

We’ve hit the one-year countdown mark. The first swimming event at the Tokyo Summer Olympics will splash down in one year.

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Statistical Analysis: How Fast is Adam Peaty’s World Record?

On Sunday, Adam Peaty became the first man to break 57 seconds in the 100 breaststroke. Could a swimmer be capable of a similar performance in another event?


Ask Swim Mom: My Son Hasn’t Been Recruited Yet

I’m concerned because my son who is a good swimmer, hasn’t gotten any offers from colleges, but his friends have already committed.


Which Super-Suited Records Can Be Broken? Tier 1

Our series counts down the supersuited world records most and least likely to be broken. We wrap up with Tier 1: the records that are probably going to fall.


Which Super-Suited Records Can Be Broken? Tier 2

We’re counting down the remaining super-suited world records from least to most breakable. Today: Tier 2 – the records that could fall soon.


Swim Mom Musings: What the Soccer Championship Does for Girls & Women in Sports

The USA Women’s Soccer team won another championship. The media coverage and aftermath propels girls and women who compete foreword in so many ways.


The Silver Lining of Missing Goals

Out of all the life lessons our children learn from swimming, one of the greatest is picking themselves up and trying again after not making a goal.

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