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Ask Swim Mom: What Do I Say When My Child Misses Their Cut?

I found through the years that when my kids tried too hard, they would miss their cuts by fractions of seconds. One of our favorite coaches told me that our kids had to be having fun to swim fast.


Indian Swimmers Se Mile World’s Best Swimmer Michael Phelps

Courtesy: Nilesh Shetty Kuch Indian Swimmers Ne Apni Life Ka Best Day Tab Experience Kiya Jab Un Swimmers Ka Interaction…

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Michael Phelps Interacts with Indian Swimmers

A few swimmers enjoyed one of their best days in life as they experienced a personal interaction with arguably the world‘s best swimmer of all time Michael Phelps.


Shouts from the Stands: My Journey Into Swimming

Joseph Basante shares his feelings after the beginning stages of his journey into swimming late in life.


ASCA COO Paris Jacobs Talks What’s New, Athlete Safety

As athletes, teams and coaches get back to intense workouts and winter competition, Swim Swam met up with Paris Jacobs, Chief Operations Officer for ASCA, the Association of Swimming Coaches of America, to hear what’s new in the coaching world and why ASCA just endorsed a new solution to keep athletes safer in the water.

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Are Your Coaches Improving?

As a head coach, you are trying to develop a system for improvement for the swimmers and coaches. For that to be effective, there are a few things that help it work better.

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3 Pros and Cons of Small and Large Teams

Teams come in all sizes and types from small club teams under 200 swimmers to nationally recognized teams with 1,000 swimmers. What’s right for your family?


Are We Alienating a Population of Could Be Swimmers?

I respect those swim kids who are putting all of those hours in, it is tough work! But are we taking a sport that used to be the most fun sport around and turning it into a job?


Swimming … What I Know Now

I never knew that when I jumped into the pool for the first time at age 5 that swimming would have such a profound and life-long impact on me.

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Myth of Triathlon Swimming: The Cost of the Kona Swim

While the wisdom holds true that you cannot win a triathlon in the swim, an athlete can very easily lose it in the swim. For the strong cyclist/runner with a weaker swim, the questions is no longer if the investment in the swim is worth it, but can you afford not to make it.


Jim Wood: A Life of Offering a Fork in the Road

If we are fortunate in our personal lives, we meet an individual or two that offer a fork in the road to our principle opportunities and purpose.


Shout from the Stands: The “Judd Gym”

Coaches, swimmers, alumni, family and friends of the Oakville Aquatic Club gathered on December 1, 2018 to celebrate the life of Coach Dave Judd, who passed away at the start of the 2018-2019 swim season.

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Shout from the Stands: On Heroes… Like Missy

SwimSwam welcomes reader submissions about all topics aquatic, and if it’s well-written and well-thought, we might just post it under…


Swim Mom Musings: A Culture of Kindness

One of the most vital aspects of any team, whether it is high school, club, summer or the NCAA, is creating a culture of kindness and caring – no matter what the sport.


The Elusive Butterfly

The Butterfly is the most demanding stroke but it need not be elusive for any improver. Like any skill it gets better with practice and the teacher must have enormous patience whilst teaching and developing the stroke.

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