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"Your only limit is you" ~ Napoleon Hill

Read This if a Plateau is Making You Want to Quit

If a plateau is causing you to doubt your love for the sport of swimming, wait a minute. Think about all the time and energy you’ve dedicated to your sport. Think about all the strength you’ve built over the years, the resiliency you’ve shown, and how far you’ve come from when you started.

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8 Things to Remind Yourself When You Hit Your Midseason Slump

We all get to that point in the season- it’s been going on for months already, the holidays have come and gone, and staring at a black line is starting to get old. The initial excitement for the season has worn off and you feel like you just need a break already. Here’s 8 things to tell yourself when you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts during practice:

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The 12 Days Of Swimming

On the week after Christmas my swim coach gave to me…

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Six Swimmer Moments You Have Outside of the Pool

Ever needed to roughly measure about 50 meters? That looks about the length of a long course pool.

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An Open Letter to my College Team

You make every grueling set, late night study session, and lost hour of sleep worth it.

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A Pool Swimmer vs. The Waves

A few days ago, when I took on my first open water race, it was not the most comfortable experience.


Swimming vs. the Media

It’s so sad to me how more people knew about Phelps’ pot scandal than the birth of his newborn son.


Q&A with Courtney Weaver on Retirement

“I think the main thing I would want to say is that just because anxiety has chosen you to attack, doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with you. And it doesn’t mean that you aren’t in control of your life.”


8 Swammers On How the Sport is Still with Them

4. “Somehow, every aspect of my professional and personal life can be connected back to swimming. I’m not the least bit upset by that either.” -Andrew Wilson, PA

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The 8 Most Common Swimmer Stereotypes – DEBUNKED!

Like any other sport, swimmers are one of a kind. We fade into the background, pursuing a sport no one knows much about, leaving much about our lives to speculation. Here are 8 common assumptions people make about swimmers…

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6 Reasons Setback is Exactly What You Needed

It doesn’t get much worse than feeling like you trained the entire season for no reason. Before you beat yourself up about it for three weeks….that bad championship meet is going to turn into something much bigger and better than what it seems to be.

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A Letter To My Coach as a Graduating Senior

I don’t think I’ve said enough. Not that I didn’t complain, because I’ve done plenty of that. Rather that I’ve never told you how much it all means to me. How much you mean to me.

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7 Struggles of the Off Season Swimmer

#4 – Training Guilt, one of the seven struggles of the off season swimmer.


A Letter To My Younger Teammates

I know it feels like it’s never going to end. Taking the same drive, to that same pool, to practice with the same people every single day. But please listen to me when I tell you to make the most of it, because it’s going to fly by.

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