9 Satisfying Things in Swimming

  1. Taking off your cap after a long practice
    Taking off your cap and dipping your hair after a few hours of confinement is quite possibly the most freeing feeling there is.
  2. Freshly shaved legs in bed sheets
    Shaving is a different experience for in-season swimmers than regular people. For them, it’s a daily occurrence, or at least something they can do when they please. For us, it’s a privilege we haven’t had in 3-5 months. An award, you might say, for making it through the season.
  3. Wearing your favorite suit
    Swimmers, especially girls, have a million and one different bathing suits. However, we all have a favorite one that we just feel good in.
  4. Touching the wall at the end of a race
    Whether a race lasts 25 seconds or 10 minutes, it takes insanely high levels of concentration and speed. You give every ounce of energy and effort you have until you hit the wall. Then, it’s the feeling of pure relief. Pressure’s off and time to rest. No matter how the race went, the hard part is done. That’s always something to feel good about.
  5. An extra 30 seconds of rest
    During a long set, when it seems like you’re doomed, coaches sometimes decide that they’ve been too harsh and give the team a little bit of extra rest in between rounds. This is like Christmas morning, your birthday, and the last day of school all combined. Until it’s over, of course.
  6. Eating after practice
    The amount of calories we burn is insane. Unthinkable, even. So coming home with a tremendous appetite is not surprising. Being able to finally eat when your stomach is growling is amazing, but what’s even better is that you know you worked for it.
  7. Pools that are the perfect temperature
    When a pool is too warm, it’s hard to swim fast because the body feels relaxed, like it’s in a hot tub. When a pool is too cold, it’s hard to swim fast because the body feels tense.
  8. Timing your backstroke flip turn perfectly
    Every pool is different, and it’s very easy to be a little bit too far or too close to the wall on a backstroke flip turn. Counting exactly right makes for a smooth and quick turn.
  9. Swimming a best time
    Knowing your hard work paid off is undoubtedly the very best feeling, one that makes all the hours in the water worth it. Enough said.

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10. Daydreaming about all these dreamy studs while working on my swimming yaoi fanfiction. ヽ(´▽`)/

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