8 Swimming Hacks You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Life

We all know that swimming is hard. Arguably, one of the hardest sports there is. That’s why I put together this list of things that can make your life as an elite athlete easier!

1. Tired during practice? Just get out!

It’s your 5th 200 IM all out, and you’re huffing and puffing. You look at your coach with disgust. I don’t want to be here anymore, you think to yourself. So just get out! It’s a free country. Your coach and teammates definitely won’t mind. Besides, when has swimming ever required any actual training to be good anyway?

2. Just got your hair done? Grab a cap!

Don’t sacrifice for swimming. A silicone or latex cap will keep your hair perfectly styled and dry so that you can come out of the pool looking fabulous.

3. Have early morning practice? Push it back!

Do you ever wake up at 5:00 AM wishing you could roll back over? There’s an easy fix! Shoot your coach a quick text and ask he or she to make practice a little bit later. There’s a good chance they will comply.

4. Fastskin too tight? Just rip it!

Tech suits can be a pain. Odds are, the size you buy won’t feel like it fits at first. Instead of spending a half hour trying to put it on, just rip it! Because they are so inexpensive, it’s practical to just buy another for the next time you race. As long as you’re comfortable!

5. Were you disqualified? Demand video playback!

Don’t accept your disqualification without solid evidence. There’s no proof! That’s how it works in every other sport, right?

6. Miss your race? Ask for another chance!

Have you ever been Instagramming so intently that you didn’t even notice your race go by? It happens to the best of us. An easy fix for this is just to approach the score table and ask them to schedule a heat just for you so you can make it up. They’ll be more than happy to accommodate.

7. Get out-touched? Try again!

Losing a race by a few hundredths of a second can be the worst feeling. However, there is a quick and easy solution to this problem. Right after the race, approach the person who beat you and ask them to race again! It’s not like they have any other races to swim. This way, you get another chance to prove yourself and if you lose again, you know for sure you’re slower than them.

8. Sick of swimming? Quit!

Sometimes the repetitive nature of the sport can get to be too much. The easiest way to fix that problem is just to quit. That way, you don’t ever have to go to practice again!

Swimming is a sport with no shortcuts and that’s what we love about it.

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Dan D.
4 years ago

#4 horrified me.

Dalton L
Reply to  Dan D.
4 years ago

Same here man

mike m
3 years ago

These were terrible hacks. Just quit? like, what?

Reply to  mike m
3 years ago


Bryana Cielo
Reply to  mike m
3 years ago

This article was intended to be satirical…guess that didn’t quite translate on your end

3 years ago

i cant tell if this was a joke or written by a non swimmer but i hated every second of this

Samantha Mittermeier
3 years ago

Whoever wrote this is not a swimmer

3 years ago

Thats not cool, ur giving bad advice To lazy persons, swimming is like running, it makes u Feel free and work all parts of the body, not like any other sports!

3 years ago

Thats not cool, ur giving bad advice To lazy personnes, swimming is like running, its beeing free and work all parts of the body not like any other sports!

3 years ago

Sorry, post the same comment twice, it explain how much im frustrated! My soul animal is fish, so its like ur saying To à human… avoid walking its too hard!

3 years ago

Water the most important element on the planet! 75% of the world is water so get used to it!

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