Ahead Of French SC Championships, Manaudou Says He’s In ‘Great Shape’


The 2023 French Short Course Championships are nearly upon us, with the action kicking off tomorrow, Thursday, October 26th.

Among those expected to race in Angers is Olympic champion Florent Manaudou, with the 32-year-old entered in the 50m/100m free and 50m fly events, although he said he will only race the 50s.

Speaking ahead of the competition, Manaudou said, “I’m here because I have no choice, I have to qualify for the European Championships.

“If I don’t set clear goals, I have less desire to train. Goals hold me and make me feel good.

Regarding his physical form, Manaudou commented, “I’m in great shape, things are going very well. I’m in a different state of mind again.

“I am very happy in my life, I am full of energy and I know that it works very well for me. I feel very good about myself. I’m making it a point to be very happy in my life this year. I want to take advantage. It’s not when you force yourself to do unnatural things that you perform best.

In January, Manaudou will head to Australia to continue training.

Multi-medalist at this year’s World Championships Maxime Grousset is also ready to race in Angers this week.

The 24-year-old said this week, “I feel good. My ambitions are simple: to qualify for the European Championships.

“I’ll try to put up some interesting things in the heats. For example, in my 100m butterfly tomorrow (Thursday), I will try to do as few arm strokes as possible.

“We have been preparing for the Games for 3 years. These championships are also preparation for the Games. It’s important to keep competing regularly.

“For now I have pretty much the same preparation as last year. The idea is not to change the way things are done at all. With the level I currently have, that would be a mistake. But doing the same thing better, which won’t be easy, is safer.”

Grousset is scheduled to take on the 50m/100m fly, 50m/100m/200m free and 100m IM.

Quotes courtesy of the French Swimming Federation.

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Kk hk
7 months ago

When will we see Leon in SCM??

Reply to  Kk hk
7 months ago

Probably after the olympic season, he’s surely going all in for that!

7 months ago

Didn’t Manaudou and Blume break up?

Mr Piano
Reply to  Steph
7 months ago

NO!!! It can’t be true!

Last edited 7 months ago by Mr Piano
Reply to  Steph
6 months ago

I was wondering this as well but couldn’t find any news of it

Reply to  Steph
6 months ago

Can’t find anything that proves this, but they appear to not be following each other on Insta anymore so maybe it’s true
Maybe they just want more privacy, who’s to say

7 months ago

I have literally never seen him in anything but great shape

Steve Nolan
7 months ago

comment image

Reply to  Steve Nolan
7 months ago

this made me laugh out loud at my desk, thank you

7 months ago

World record swims loading

Scotty P
Reply to  Andrew
7 months ago

Not necessarily world record but the guy takes podium at Paris for sure.

Samuel Huntington
Reply to  Scotty P
7 months ago

He does know how to peak for the Olympics.

Reply to  Andrew
7 months ago

His best chance(only) is the 50. I really don’t see him going a 20 point. Healthy and in shape he is a contender for any medal though.

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