How to add variety to IM Training

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April 28th, 2014 Gear, International, Training


The Alignment Kickboard is undoubtedly an optimal tool for building both leg and core strength during a workout. Tooday we are reminding you that the Alignment Kickboard is also a great way to add versility when training for specificity; such as IM. For those tough IM training days, the Alignment Kickboard is a great way to spice things up while building a broad set of skills.

Next time you plan an IM set, try using the Alignment Kickboard for a majority of the workout while keeping the following tips in mind:

  • Incorporate consistent drilling with each stroke, using the Alignment Kickboard to reinforce correct technique
  • Include underwater kicking with the Alignment Board to keep the intensity high
  • Use head up kicking as mild recovery after race-pace IM swims

Check out the Workout of the Week below for more ideas.

Happy swimming!


1 x 300 Warm Up 


2 Rounds (1200 yards) 

2 x 125 Free

2 x 100 Back

2 x 75 Choice


2 Rounds (2800 yards) 

12 x 25 Drill with Alignment Kickboard (3 each stroke; 1 arm Butterfly, hold board above head and switch hands on Backstroke, board between legs with Breaststroke pull, catch up drill Freestyle) 

4 x 50 Kick with Alignment Kickboard (6 dolphin kicks underwater off each wall) 

4 x 50 Build Free

1 x 300 IM

1 x 200 IM

1 x 100 IM FAST

4 x 25 recovery kick with Alignment Board (IM order)


1 x 300 Warm Down


Total yards: 4600


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