Adam Peaty in the Bottom Two of Strictly Come Dancing Week 6 (Video)

Olympic champion Adam Peaty‘s Viennese Waltz to Beethoven’s “Moonlight” has put him in danger of elimination after six weeks of competing on the British dance show Strictly Come Dancing.

Peaty posed as Beethoven for this dance, fit with a white wig. They leaned into the Halloween spirit with his professional dance partner Katya Jones crawling out of the piano wearing a long white-tipped wig and light contacts.

They scored a total of 29 points from the judges, four points above the lowest-scoring team of the week. Judge Motsi Mabuse complimented Peaty and Jones on the drama of their dance, but said they lost energy towards the end.

Now, the competition will count the public vote and announce who will advance to week seven on Sunday night. The public vote has kept Peaty safe at least twice during this competition when his score put him towards the bottom of the competitors.

This could be a game-changer for International Swimming League team London Roar who re-drafted Peaty for season three. While he was competing on Strictly Come Dancing, London Roar made it through the ISL regular season and qualified for the ISL playoffs ranked 4th out of eight teams without their star breaststroker.

The Strictly Come Dancing finale is scheduled for December 18th so if Peaty makes it to the end he will miss the ISL playoffs which start November 11th. But, if he is sent home earlier than that and decides to swim, London Roar will gain a world record holder for the playoffs.


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9 months ago

It’s high. Professional dancers already contend with foot fractures, strained ankles and knees, strains & fractures on the hips, and torn tendons. Amateurs get hurt as a general consequence of poor conditioning. Several years into US DWTS, a spate of broken necks, back injuries, and concussions led to maximum time limits per day on training. There is also a prohibition on lifts, at least above the shoulders. Curiously enough, amateurs who are elite athletes suffer when dance training inflames prior injuries. If you’re concerned about Peaty, he’s ok since he hasn’t yet mastered complex steps (and, it follows, will soon be booted — the cross training was wonderful while it lasted, mate, and I’m grateful that you shared it with… Read more »

Ledecky will go 3:55 in Paris
9 months ago

Everyone on this website is so obsessive, its insane

When Chalmers breaks the world record its all about “meanwhile Caeleb Dressel is getting a leg tattoo” and then now when Peaty is on strictly everyone wants him to tank just to go back to ISL where he’s not being paid there anyways

just accept that swimmers have lives outside of swimming and stop making everything about when they are getting into the water sooner or later

Reply to  Ledecky will go 3:55 in Paris
9 months ago

It’d be surprising if Peaty wasn’t among those who got paid. You just know ISL would be prioritising the stars.

M d e
Reply to  Ledecky will go 3:55 in Paris
9 months ago

Imagine people on a swimming website wanting fast swimmers to swim.

No one here is seriously voting against him or anything like that, we’d just prefer he swims because in general most of us like swimming, and I’d guess that very few like dancing competitions.

Last edited 9 months ago by M d e
9 months ago

About 17%

Reply to  2Fat4Speed
9 months ago

i agree

M d e
9 months ago

Time to vote him off guys. Nothing personal, just want to see him swimming.

Reply to  M d e
9 months ago

According to Pullbuoy a few weeks ago the only one of Roar’s reserves that had comitted to the playoffs was Tom Dean. So not even Prigoda 😱 I hope things have changed since then.

9 months ago

It was mentioned on Roar’s podcast that the ISL final might be moved to December and it’s now showing up at the ISL ticket store as December. Have ISL even confirmed this move or is this just another instance of poor communication by them?

9 months ago

Judges must be London Roar fans or something

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