3 ways to build leg strength in swimming

by FINIS 2

October 20th, 2014 International, Masters, Opinion, Training

Swim Training courtesy of FINIS, a SwimSwam partner.

Leg strength can make or break a race – in both sprint and distance events.

Dryland workouts are a surefire way to build leg muscle and endurance; however, don’t make the mistake of neglecting leg work in the pool.

Below are 3 easy ways to build leg strength in the water:

ZoomersGold-Hero-Pair-HR1. Kick Sets with Descending Speed

Take advantage of the control and endurance that results from sets that require descending speed.
Try this set: 2 Rounds, 3 x 100 kick descending 1-3

2. Add Fins

Select a fin like the Zoomers Gold or Z2 Gold Zoomers that are designed specifically to activate key leg muscles.
Try this set: 20 x 50 with Zoomers Gold; odds free, evens choice

3. Overkick + Distance

A strong kick is usually the first thing to go in a distance set. Don’t let that happen! Incorporate an overkick element toward the end of a long set to ensure the legs are still working hard.
Try this set: 4 x 400 free, last 100 overkick

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lane 0
6 years ago

Good Article! The kick is the motor in freestyle, essential to both sprint and distance.

6 years ago

Thanks for this – I’m forever trying to convince my fellow masters swimmers that they need to improve their kicks. I’d like more material that will help do this.