2023 Mission Viejo Pro Swim Series – Day 2 Prelims Live Recap



Today is the first full day of racing in Mission Viejo after a distance-only session last night. This morning’s events include the prelims of the 100 free, 100 breast, 50 back, 200 fly, and 400 free.

Torri Huske and Abbey Weitzeil are the top two seeds in the women’s 100 freestyle. Weitzeil has won this event at the last two Pro Swim Series stops, while this is Huske’s first long course meet since the conclusion of the NCAA season in March. On the men’s side, Ryan Held comes in as the top seed at 47.85.

World Record holder Lilly King headlines the women’s 100 breaststroke. She took 1st in this event in Fort Lauderdale, but fell short to Lydia Jacoby in Wesmont, who is not competing here. For the men, Nic Fink will look to secure his third win in this event in the 2023 Pro Swim Series.

Olivia Smoliga leads the field in the 50 backstroke, while Stanford’s Claire Curzan is just behind. Both Curzan and Smoliga will also be in the 100 freestyle earlier in the session. It’s a familiar match-up in the men’s race, with World Record holder Hunter Armstrong taking on Justin Ress. Armstrong won in Westmont, but Ress took the first two races in Knoxville and Fort Lauderdale.

Texas owns the top seeds in the women’s 200 fly, with Dakota Luther and Kelly Pash entered first and second, respectively.  Trenton Julian and Gabriel Jett are entered just over a tenth apart to lead the way on the men’s side.

The session will conclude with the 400 freestyle, with Bella Sims and Marwan el Kamash entering as top seeds. This is Sims’ first and only event of the day after scratching the 100 free, while el Kamash will look to pick up his second victory of the weekend after winning the 1500 last night.

Other collegiate swimmers to keep an eye on this morning include NC State’s Michael Cotter and Quintin McCarty. McCarty has not competed since the U.S. Open in December due to injury, while Cotter has not raced since the NC State invite in November for unknown reasons.


  • World Record: 51.71 – Sarah Sjostrom (2017)
  • American Record: 52.04 – Simone Manuel (2019)
  • Pro Swim Series Record: 53.12 – Sarah Sjostrom (2016)
  • US Open Record: 52.54 – Simone Manuel (2018)

Top-8 Qualifiers:

  1. Abbey Weitzeil (CAL) – 53.71
  2. Olivia Smoliga (SUN) – 54.90
  3. Simone Manuel (SUN) – 54.91
  4. Sarah Fournier (TQ) – 55.28
  5. Claire Curzan (UN) – 55.30
  6. Torri Huske (UN) – 55.31
  7. Chloe Stepanek (TAMU) – 55.68
  8. Kelly Pash (TXLA) – 55.71

Abbey Weitzeil decisively claimed the fastest time of the morning with a 53.71, clearing the field by over a second. Weitzeil ‘s swim puts her less than half a second off of her season best of 53.36 from Westmont last month.

Training partners Olivia Smoliga and Simone Manuel had strong swims to secure the next two spots Smoliga has been as fast 54.37 this year, while Manuel’s season best stands at 54.55. Sarah Fournier rounds out the top-4, as she won the final heat in 55.28

The collegiate swimmers took the final four spots, led by Stanford’s Claire Curzan. Texas’ Kelly Pash rounds out the top-8 with a 55.71, which marks a season best for her by two tenths.


  • World Record: 46.86 – David Popovici (2022)
  • American Record: 46.96 – Caeleb Dressel (2019)
  • Pro Swim Series Record: 48.00 – Nathan Adrian (2016)
  • US Open Record: 47.39 – Caeleb Dressel / Ryan Held

Top-8 Qualifier:

  1. Ryan Held (NYAC) – 49.31
  2. Youssef Ramadan (VT) – 49.34
  3. Jonathan Kulow (SUN) – 49.35
  4. Jack Alexy (CAL) – 49.38
  5. Bjorn Seeliger (CAL) – 49.54
  6. Justin Ress (MVN) – 49.60
  7. Destin Lasco (CAL) – 49.72
  8. Hunter Armstrong (NYAC) – 49.84

The men’s race is shaping up to be a good one tonight, with all eight A-finalists coming within half a second of each other this morning. Ryan Held managed to hang on to his top seed with a 49.31 this morning, which is just a few tenths shy of his season best from last month.

Virginia Tech’s Youssef Ramadan had a solic swim to win heat nine in 49.34. Ramadan is the Egyptian national record holder in the event with a best time of 48.90. Coming in a hundredth behind him is Arizona State’s Jonathan Kulow, who notched a personal best time of 49.35.

Cal had a strong showing this morning to qualify three athletes to the championships final, led by Jack Alexy in 4th.


  • World Record: 1:04.13 – Lilly King (2017)
  • American Record: 1:04.13 – Lilly King (2017)
  • Pro Swim Series Record: 1:05.32 – Lilly King (2021)
  • US Open Record: 1:04.45 – Jessica Hardy (2009)

Top-8 Qualifiers:

  1. Lilly King (ISC) – 1:07.85
  2. Kaitlyn Dobler (TROJ) – 1:08.56
  3. Piper Enge (BC) – 1:08.81
  4. Skyler Smith (UNC) – 1:09.40
  5. Diana Petkova (BAMA) – 1:09.68
  6. Isabelle Odgers (TROJ) – 1:09.80
  7. Ana Adame (SUN) – 1:10.44
  8. Raya Mellott (CROW) – 1:10.51

Lilly King swam the fastest time of the morning with a 1:07.85, which is right around where she’s been at in prelims at the past Pro Swim Series stops.

Kaitlyn Dobler won her heat to secure the 2nd spot heading into tonight’s final. Dobler clocked a 1:08.56, with the fastest opening split of the field at 31.87. She’ll be joined in the A-final by her teammate Isabelle Odgers, who qualified in 6th.

Skyler Smith of UNC was the only swimmer in the top-8 to improve on their seed time. Smith 2on heat five in 1:09.40, which is a personal best by just over a tenth.

The A-final tonight will also feature two teenagers, led by 16-year-old Piper Enge in 3rd, while 15-year-old Raya Mellott snuck in for 8th.


  • World Record: 56.88 – Adam Peaty (2019)
  • American Record: 58.14 – Michael Andrew (2021)
  • Pro Swim Series Record: 58.58 – Adam Peaty (2017)
  • US Open Record: 58.14 – Michael Andrew (2021)

Top-8 Qualifiers:

  1. Jake Foster (RAYS) – 1:01.34
  2. Nic Fink (MAAC) – 1:01.68
  3. Brandon Fischer (TRIV) – 1:01.80
  4. Luke Rodarte (CAL) – 1:02.19
  5. Jason Louser (CAL) – 1:02.30
  6. Andy Dobrzanski (SUN) – 1:02.45
  7. Ethan Dang (UN) – 1:03.49
  8. Luke Barr (UN) – 1:03.54

Jake Foster had a fantastic race this morning to dominate heat six and take the top seed heading into tonight’s A-final. Foster, who recently announced he was deferring medical school, clocked a personal best time of 1:01.34. His previous best stood at 1:01.85, which he did in August of 2019.

Nic Fink and Brandon Fischer joined Foster under 1:02 this morning. Fink has won this event at the last two Pro Swim Series stops, and owns a season best time of 59.95.

Andy Dobrzanski from Arizona State swam well to move from 17th to 6th this morning. He improved on his personal best time by a second, logging a 1:02.45.


  • World Record: 26.98 – Xiang Liu (2018)
  • American Record: 27.12 – Katharine Berkoff (2022)
  • Pro Swim Series Record: 27.38 – Kylie Masse (2023)
  • US Open Record: 27.12 – Katharine Berkoff (2022)

Top-8 Qualifiers:

  1. Rhyan White (BAMA) – 28.09
  2. Isabelle Stadden (CAL) – 28.33
  3. Claire Curzan (UN) – 28.65
  4. Olivia Smoliga (SUN) – 28.88
  5. Torri Huske (UN) – 29.04
  6. Amy Tang (UN) – 29.42
  7. Janelle Rudolph (UN) – 29.45
  8. Olivia Peebles (NZL) – 29.54

Rhyan White was entered as a no time, and threw down a 28.09 from heat two post the fastest time of the morning. White’s personal best time in the event stands at 27.45, which she did at the International Team Trials in April of 2022.

Isabelle Stadden from Cal snagged the 2nd seed with a 28.33. She’s been as fast as 27.80 this season, meaning she likely will be much quicker tonight.

Stanford had a huge showing in this event, as they claimed four of the top eight spots in the A-final. Claire Curzan led the way with a 28.65 for 3rd, while Torri Huske, Amy Tang, and Janelle Rudolph finished 5th, 6th, and 7th.


Top-8 Qualifiers:

  1. Justin Ress (MVN) – 25.19
  2. Hunter Armstrong (NYAC) – 25.36
  3. Hugo Gonzalez (CAL) – 25.54
  4. Jack Dolan (SUN) – 25.64
  5. Keaton Jones (NEP) – 25.89
  6. Lamar Taylor (UN) – 26.00
  7. Quintin McCarty (PPA) – 26.05
  8. Brett Pinfold (SHAC) – 26.45

The stage is set for another battle between Justin Ress and Hunter Armstrong in this race. Ress led prelims with a 25.19, which is his slowest prelims swim in the 2023 Pro Swim Series. Armstrong posted a 25.36, which was also the slowest prelim swim we’ve seen from him this year.

18-year-old Keaton Jones will be the youngest in the field this evening with a 25.89 to qualify in 5th. Two 19-year-olds finished just behind him, led by Lamar Taylor. Quintin McCarty took the 7th spot from heat one, as he was entered on no time.


  • World Record: 2:01.81 – Zige Liu (2009)
  • American Record: 2:04.14 – Mary Descenza (2009)
  • Pro Swim Series Record: 2:05.05 – Summer McIntosh (2023)
  • US Open Record: 2:05.05 – Summer McIntosh (2023)

Top-8 Qualifiers:

  1. Kelly Pash (TXLA) – 2:10.55
  2. Dakota Luther (TXLA) – 2:11.26
  3. Rachel Klinker (CAL) – 2:13.32
  4. Bailey Hartman (CROW) – 2:14.63
  5. Lucy Bell (UN) – 2:14.75
  6. Lillie Nordmann (UN) – 2:15.02
  7. Lizzy Cook (CAL) – 2:15.02
  8. Caroline Bricker (PPA) – 2:15.40

The Texas duo of Kelly Pash and Dakota Luther separated themselves from the field to post the top two times of the morning. Pash out-split her teammate by half a second on the back 100 to take the top spot in 2:10.55.

17-year-old Bailey Hartman had a strong swim to finish 4th out of prelims. Hartman, who is coming off of a 6th place finish in the 1500 last night, owns a personal best time of 2:10.58.

Cal and Stanford qualified two swimmers each to tonight’s A-final. Rachel Klinker leads the way for Cal with a 2:13.32, putting her about four seconds off her personal best from 2021. Lucy Bell was the 5th this morning for Stanford, also swimming about four seconds off her personal best.


  • World Record: 1:50.34 – Kristof Milak (2022)
  • American Record: 1:51.51 – Michael Phelps (2009)
  • Pro Swim Series Record: 1:53.84 – Luca Urlando (2019)
  • US Open Record: 1:52.20 – Michael Phelps (2008)

Top-8 Qualifiers:

  1. Trenton Julian (MVN) – 1:57.60
  2. Jack Dahlgren (TRI) – 1:58.87
  3. Yeziel Morales (PUR) – 2:00.30
  4. Gabriel Jett (CAL) – 2:01.06
  5. Jose Martinez (AGS) – 2:01.08
  6. Dare Rose (CAL) – 2:01.42
  7. Hector Ruvalcaba Cruz (AGS) – 2:01.67

Trenton Julian held on to his top seed with a 1:57.60 this morning. He was the only swimmer to crack 30 seconds on the final 50, as he closed in 29.97. Julian has been as fast as 1:55.70 this year, which he did at the Fort Lauderdale Pro Swim Series in March.

Jack Dahlgren was the only other swimmer to break the 2-minute barrier this morning with a 1:58.87, putting him just over two seconds shy of his personal best from last April. Yeziel Morales from Puerto Rico was just behind in 3rd, as he improved on his entry time with a  2:00.30.


  • World Record: 3:56.08 – Summer McIntosh (2023)
  • American Record: 3:56.46 – Katie Ledecky (2016)
  • Pro Swim Series Record: 3:57.94 – Katie Ledecky (2018)
  • US Open Record: 3:57.94 – Katie Ledecky (2018)

Top-8 Qualifiers:

  1. Jillian Cox (TXLA) – 4:13.91
  2. Kayla Han (RMDA) – 4:14.85
  3. Madi Mintenko (PPA) – 4:15.41
  4. Bella Sims (SAND) – 4:15.57
  5. Aurora Roghair (UN) – 4:16.62
  6. Abby Grottle (TAMU) – 4:17.50
  7. Marlene Kahler (TROJ) – 4:18.23
  8. Chloe Stepanek (TAMU) – 4:18.49

Jillian Cox, the winner of last night’s 1500, swam the fastest time of the morning at 4:13.91, topping the field by nearly a second. Cox took her race out in 2:06.89, then closed in a 1:02.08 in the final 100.

15-year-old Madi Mintenko ran down Bella Sims in the final 100 of the last heat. Mintenko trailed Sims by nearly two seconds at the halfway point, then threw down a 1:03,35 on the last 100 to out-touch Sims by just over a tenth of a second.

Texas A&M had a strong showing this morning with Abby Grottle and Chloe Stepanek both returning for this evening’s A-final. Grottle logged a 4:17.50, putting her less than a second off her personal best time from last summer.


  • World Record: 3:40.07 – Paul Biedermann (2009)
  • American Record: 3:42.78 – Larsen Jensen (2008)
  • Pro Swim Series Record: 3:43.55 – Sun Yang (2016)
  • US Open Record: 3:43.53 – Larsen Jensen (2008)

Top-8 Qualifiers:

  1. Coby Carrozza (TXLA) – 3:54.54
  2. David Johnston (TXLA) – 3:56.18
  3. Marwan el Kamash (EGY) – 3:56.27
  4. Alec Enyeart (TST) – 3:56.52
  5. Andrew Matejka (UN) – 3:57.23
  6. Charlie Hawke (BAMA) – 3:58.18
  7. Yigit Aslan (WISC) – 3:58.43
  8. Sean Grieshop (CAL) – 3:58.43

Texas’ Coby Carrozza cruised to a 3:54.54 this morning, posting the top time out of prelims. Carrozza clocked in at 1:55.74 on the opening 200, then split 59.61 and 59.19 on the following 100s. Carrozza’s time is a second shy of what he swam in late April.

The top three finishers in the 1500 last night all earned a spot in tonight’s final. David Johnston finished behind his teammate, while Marwan el Kamash  and Alec Enyeart took 3rd and 4th. Enyeart and el Kamash were both slower than their season best times.

Stanford’s Andrew Matejka was the only swimmer in the top-8 to drop from their entry times. Matejka stopped the clock at 3:57.23, good for a best time by over a second.

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4 months ago

Weitzeil has gone 53 6 times this season. 7 after tonight most likely. That’s impressive for it being may

4 months ago

Held bouta rip a 48.6

4 months ago

What happened to the 8th qualifier in Men’s 200 Fly?

Reply to  DPR
4 months ago

He turned into a butterfly and flew off.

Gummy Shark
4 months ago

Is Carson in the meet this time or is he not in the meet that is the week?

Reply to  Gummy Shark
4 months ago

This week the meet he is in is that meet. Hope that helps.

Former Big10
4 months ago

Hoping Dahlgren can take that next step and make the team on a relay. Has a strong 200 backstroke background, and has been focusing on the 200 free with success. 200 free and fly are his best shots

Last edited 4 months ago by Former Big10
4 months ago

Big swim for Foster this morning 1:01.34 and he’s top seed. Dudes is putting all he has into these and depending on later so putting his name in for potentially a breastroke spot at world trials

Reply to  PFA
4 months ago

He must have gotten a cheat code for fast breaststroke. Lets hope he makes good use of it this summer and next.

Reply to  PFA
4 months ago

Cope, Miller, and Matheny all went 1:01 tonight.

4 months ago

since when did julian change up strategies or is it just prelims

Reply to  whoisthis
4 months ago

Was nice to see him so fresh that last lap

4 months ago

I’m not as much of a yards hater as some people here but it’s amazing how bad some of the college guys do in the 200 meter fly.

Training yards fly doesn’t do much for the 200 meter fly imo.

Gulliver’s Swimming Travels
Reply to  Robert
4 months ago

Nick Albiero is definitely the best example of this.

Reply to  Robert
4 months ago

Brendan Burns