2022 Swimming Australia Awards Instagram Vault

The 2022 Swimming Australia Awards ceremony was held on August 28th to celebrate the achievements of their swimmers, coaches, clubs, and officials.

Fred Lane (Dolphin #1), Fanny Durack (Dolphin #9), Dawn Fraser (Dolphin #86), Shane Gould (Dolphin #214), and Ian Thorpe (Dolphin #494) were announced as the inaugural inductees into the new Swimming Australia Hall of Fame.

Mollie O’Callaghan and Rowan Crothers earned top honors as Olympic and Paralympic Program Swimmers of the Year respectively.

A few of the attendees hinted that they would be taking breaks now, including Lani Pallister, who ended her post with “see you in December.”

Swimming Australia and some highlighted swimmers shared the night via Instagram.


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5 months ago

is Lani P dating Joshua ES? nice looking couple

5 months ago

I really love how Australia is integrating para swimming into the ‘normal’ program. I’ve never even given para swimming a second thought (despite having trained with two deaf swimmers over the course of my own carreer – so definitely shame in me!) until I watched the AUS Olympic trials last year and was immediatley hooked!

Reply to  FST
5 months ago

Yeah this is something Australia does pretty well I think, and it really does give them a bigger platform. Ellie Cole is fairly well known among the general population. Dylan Alcott (wheelchair tennis player) is a massive name in Australia as well.