2022 Canadian Trials: Day 4 Finals Live Recap



Tonight’s finals session will include the 200 fly, 100 free, 50 breast, para 100 fly and para 50 free.

After a solid morning swim of 2:09.80 in the women’s 200 fly, 15-year-old Summer McIntosh will be looking to go 3-for-3 on personal bests at this meet. On the first night of the meet, McIntosh broke the Canadian Record in the 400 free. Last night, she posted a decisive victory in the 200 free.

Josh Liendo looked great in the men’s 100 free this morning, clearly backing off towards the end of the race. He was already under the FINA ‘A’ cut in prelims, so hopefully hitting that time again won’t be an issue. We’ll see how close to 48.00 he can move tonight. Ruslan Gaziev, Finlay Knox, and Yuri Kisil also had promising 100 freestyles this morning, indicating a possible 4×100 free relay could be emerging.

Similarly, Penny Oleksiak and Kayla Sanchez were moving this morning in the women’s 100 free, both swimming under 54 seconds. Taylor Ruck may join them in the race for 1st tonight after clocking a 55.12 this morning.



  1. Katie Cosgriffe (BAD), SB9 – 1:09.24
  2. Emma Van Dyk (GHAC), SB14 – 1:12.49
  3. Marina (BRANT), SB14 – 1:48.48

Katie Cosgriffe put together a great race, dipping under 1:10 after clocking a 1:10.99 this morning. She both posted the top time of the night, and is ranked 1st. Reminder: para events aren’t ranked by order of finish, rather there is a point system based off how close each swimmer’s time was to the World Record in their respective classes.



  1. Nicholas Bennett (RAC), SB14 – 57.94
  2. Matthew Cabraja (COBRA), SB11 – 1:07.32
  3. Alexander Elliot (CNQ), SB9 – 59.94

Nicholas Bennett took home another title this week, chipping 1.33 seconds off his prelims time.


  • World Record – 2:01.81, Zige Liu, 2009
  • Canadian Record – 2:05.81, Summer McIntosh, 2022
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard – 2:09.21


  1. Summer McIntosh (ESWIM) – 2:07.60
  2. Mabel Zavaros (MAC) – 2:11.68
  3. Ella Jansen (ESWIM) – 2:12.86

15-year-old Summer McIntosh grabbed her 3rd individual title of these Trials, leading from basically the first stroke of the race on. McIntosh looked like she might be on record pace early on, splitting 1:00.17 on the first 100, with a 31.90 on the 2nd 50. She faded down the back stretch, however, splitting 1:07.43 on the 2nd 100. We don’t know what races McIntosh will ultimately choose to compete in in Budapest, but as of now, she’s qualified in the 200 free, 400 free, and now, the 200 fly.

Ella Jansen looked like she might be punching a ticket the World Championships through the first 150 of the race, but faded considerably on the final length. Jansen was hanging tough with McIntosh for a while, splitting 1:34.98 at the 150m mark, well under 2:10 pace. She split 37.88, fading into 3rd.

Mabel Zavaros swam a more conservative race, going out in 1:02.04 on the first 100. She then came home in 1:09.64, passing Jansen on the final 50 to finish 2nd.


  • World Record – 1:50.73, Kristof Milak, 2019
  • Canadian Record – 1:56.27, Mack Darragh, 2018
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard – 1:56.71


  1. Patrick Hussey (PCSC) – 2:00.60
  2. Benjamin Loewen (CREST) – 2:00.69
  3. Michael Sava – 2:01.03

In an incredibly tight finish, both Patrick Hussey and Benjamin Loewen manufactured great back halves to get into the wall first. Hussey was 1:02.44 on the 2nd 100, while Loewen was 1:02.25. The pair was well off the FINA ‘A’ cut of 1:56.71.


  • World Record – 51.75, Sarah Sjostrom, 2017
  • Canadian Record – 52.59, Penny Oleksiak, 2021
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard – 54.25


  1. Kayla Sanchez (AAC) – 53.68
  2. Penny Oleksiak (TSC) – 53.71
  3. Taylor Ruck (SCAR) – 53.99

Swimming in a pack, Canada’s top 3 women’s sprinters roared to season bests across the board tonight. Kayla Sanchez picked up her first title of the week, swimming a 53.68. Canadian Record holder Penny Oleksiak was first at the turn, splitting 25.99. She briefly faded to 3rd (at least it looked like it) on the 2nd 50, but kicked it back in for the final 10 meters to power herself ahead of Taylor Ruck.

For Ruck, it was her first time under 54 seconds in the LCM 100 free since 2019. After qualifying for the 100 back individually, Ruck has now finished 3rd in the 200 free and 100 free, earning her spots on both relays at the World Championships (at least overwhelmingly likely that she’ll be on them).


  • World Record – 46.91, Cesar Cielo, 2009
  • Canadian Record – 47.27, Brent Hayden, 2009
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard – 48.77


  1. Josh Liendo (NYAC) – 48.35
  2. Ruslan Gaziev (ESWIM) – 48.41
  3. Yuri Kisil (WS) – 48.80

Leading wire-to-wire, Josh Liendo took 0.25 seconds off his prelims performance to win another title this week. Swimming a 22.80 on the first 50, Liendo was in control. Even so, Ruslan Gaziev closed on him through the final 50 meters, propelling himself to a new personal best of 48.41 Yuri Kisil also improved on his morning swim, getting down to 48.80.

If there was any concern as to the state of Swimming Canada in the event after Canadian Record holder Brent Hayden announced his retirement, it should be put to rest. Both Liendo and Gaziev clocked top 8 times int he world tonight. Both also hit the FINA ‘A’ cut, and therefore, will be competing in the event at the World Championships this summer.

2021-2022 LCM Men 100 Free

46.86 WR
View Top 27»


  • World Record – 29.30, Benedetta Pilato, 2021
  • Canadian Record – 30.23, Amanda Reason, 2009
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard – 31.22


  1. Rachel Nicol (UCSC) – 31.36
  2. Avery Wiseman (OSC) – 31.48 (TIE)
  3. Sophie Angus (UNCAN) – 31.48 (TIE)

Rachel Nicol picked up her first title of the meet, swimming a 31.36 to touch out Avery Wiseman and 100 breast champion Sophie Angus, who tied for 2nd. Although the 50 breast isn’t a selection event at this meet, Nicol still nearly hit the FINA ‘A’ cut of 31.22.


  • World Record – 25.95, Adam Peaty, 2017
  • Canadian Record – 27.45, Scott Dickens, 2009
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard – 27.33


  1. Apollo Hess (UOFL) – 27.78
  2. James Dergousoff (UL) – 27.95
  3. Gabe Mastromatteo (KSS) – 28.06

Swimming slightly slower than this morning, Apollo Hess won a tight race, getting his hands on the wall just ahead of James Dergousoff. Notably, Hes won the SCM 50 breast title at the USports Championships recently, marking his 2nd national title in the 50 breast in just a couple weeks.



  1. Shelby Newkirk (LASER), SB5 – 34.20
  2. Aurelie Rivard (CNQ), SB9 – 28.80
  3. Arianna Hunsicker (UL), SB9 – 29.31

Shelby Newkirk took 0.4 seconds off her prelims time, clocking a 34.20, which scores as the highest swim in the field. Additionally, Newkirk broke the Canadian Record with her swim.



  1. Felix Cowan (SAMAK), SB8 – 28.42
  2. Jagdev Gill (UCRO), SB9 – 25.66
  3. Matthew Cabraja (COBRA), SB11 – 28.85

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1 year ago

I feel like in the future the name Summer Mcintosh will have the same esteem as Michael Phelps had/has.

Reply to  Chlorinetherapy
1 year ago

I don’t think she’s versatile enough to be on the same level, but she has potential to be in the select few

Big Mac #1
Reply to  Swimmerfromjapananduk
1 year ago

Phelps really had like the 200 back, 200 fly, 200 IM, 200 free, 100 fly, 400 IM, 100 free, 100 back, and a pretty good 50 fly.
Summer has the 200 fly, 200 IM, 200 free, 400 IM, 400 free, and in the future I see possibly the 800 and a 100 fly, maybe even a 100 free for relays. I can see why our friend Chlorinethearapy would think the might have a similar range but then if you really think about Phelps, you realize his range is way bigger than just his bejing events.

1 year ago

Sanchez was dirty fadt!

1 year ago

I think Canada win gold at worlds this year with Australia not putting a huge target on it. AUS won’t have McKeon or the Campbells who are always the three swimmers on the relay plus the fourth so I think Canada have it. Then com games I believe will be a battle for even though aus will have McKeon they are still missing the Campbells it’ll be a great chance for some of the younger Aussies to step up

Reply to  Tyson
1 year ago

Australia still has Mollie O’Callaghan who swam 53.08, Meg Harris 52.73, Madi Wilson 53.10 in the heats at Tokyo Olympics. Replace with Shayna Jack’s recent 53.13 and it still adds up to an impressive relay team without Cate and Emma. So it the girls can match those times it should be a great race between Canada and Australia.

Reply to  Tyson
1 year ago

This is the current leading times in the world, this is prior to the Canadian results in their trials. This is also before the Australian & US trials.

Women 100 LCM Freestyle
1 53.13 921 PB Jack, Shayna Nov 6, 1998 23 Australia 1st NSW State Open Sydney Mar 4, 2022
2 53.67 894 O’Callaghan, Mollie Apr 2, 2004 17 Australia 2nd NSW State Open Sydney Mar 4, 2022
3 53.68 893 Wilson, Madison May 31, 1994 27 Australia 3rd NSW State Open Sydney Mar 4, 2022
3 53.68 893 Curzan, Claire Jun 30, 2004 17 United States 1st USA Swim Series San Antonio Mar 30, 2022

Reply to  Robbos
1 year ago

Yes, it’s quite premature to declare the Canadians the favourites in the 4×100 free.

Reply to  Troyy
1 year ago

Not saying Canada are the favourites but their a contender. Think back to 2000 when Australia took down the USA in the men’s 4×100 or back to last year when Australia were considered the clear winners in the women’s 4×200 and finished 3rd

Miss M
Reply to  Robbos
1 year ago

Yes, let’s write off Australia now that Canada’s fastest swimmer is now as fast as the 3rd fastest Australian this season!

It’s going to be a great race, but the depth of Australian sprint freestyle is quite remarkable right now. McKeon hasn’t swam yet this season and we still have 4 Australian women under 54:04.

Reply to  Robbos
1 year ago

Am with the consensus on this one.

There’s no escaping the fact that, minus the 3 fastest ever performers on this relay, if ever AUS was going to be vulnerable then this year’s Worlds is it !

However; until AUS actually holds their Trials and we actually know their actual relative strength AND we have someone else putting up multiple sub 53 flat starts; its distinctly premature to be writing an obituary.

At this point, CAN is close to par with the leading AUS times for this year …… and most definitely have to be respected. It also needs to be acknowledged that the AUS prelims line-up from Tokyo (less McKeon & C1) WERE still 1 sec faster than… Read more »

Stewart 100 back gold in Fukuoka
Reply to  Tyson
1 year ago

Australia’s prelim swim in Tokyo was still faster than Canada’s silver winning time in the final. And that was without Emma and Cate.

1 year ago

I’m really happy for Taylor. After a rough Olympic journey, she seems to be getting back on track with a great NCAAs performance and solid times here. It’s good to know she went faster than her relay split of 54.16 in Tokyo. She’ll have a great summer.

Reply to  Calvin
1 year ago

Plus, she seemed really happy with the third place in the 200 free yesterday!

Pacific Whirl
1 year ago

It is fun to watch Oleksiak and Ruck lose to a younger swimmer again after that 200 free.

Reply to  Pacific Whirl
1 year ago

Sanchez, Ruck, and Oleksiak are all 21.

Reply to  Yikes
1 year ago

Penny and Taylor are both almost 22 (May and June) and Kayla just turned 21 yesterday.
So technically, yes, but Kayla has always been the baby sister of that crew.

Pacific Whirl
Reply to  Yikes
1 year ago

Sanchez was a year younger than Oleksiak and Ruck. I didn’t mean the title bode well for Sanchez. But that two lost for sure.

Last edited 1 year ago by Pacific Whirl
1 year ago

Breakout meet for Ruslan?

1 year ago

It’s been one hell of a comeback for Katerine Savard. Retires from swimming in 2019 with an Olympic 4×200 bronze as her biggest achievement, wins critical acclaim as an actress in “Nadia, Butterfly” in 2020, comes back and wins three relay golds at 2021 SC Worlds, and is likely to win more medals this summer.

Gen D
1 year ago

hmm no 47 for liendo today. gaziev down to 48.low is ecouraging though!

Reply to  Gen D
1 year ago

Yeah, thought Josh would be a bit faster but maybe he’s been focusing on getting a good fly seed time for Worlds

Gen D
Reply to  ScovaNotiaSwimmer
1 year ago

he spoiled us, so we got greedy haha