2022 Canadian Swimming Trials: Day 6 Prelims Live Recap



The last prelims session of the 2022 Canadian Swimming Trials is here. In this session, we’ll see prelims of the 200 breast and 50 free, plus the para 100 back. There were a lot of scratches to report this morning, the biggest of which was 15-year-old Summer McIntosh scratching the women’s 800 free, which is being swum in a timed finals format today. McIntosh was the top seed, leaving Katrina Bellio as the new top seed. She’ll be racing tonight, however.

Kayla Sanchez is the top seed in the women’s 50 free today by a considerable margin. Sanchez won the 100 free earlier in the meet and will be looking for her 2nd title of the meet tonight.


Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Shelby Newkirk (LASER), SB5 – 1:21.93
  2. Aurelie Rivard (CNQ), SB9 – 1:12.44
  3. Katie Cosgriffe (BAD), SB9 – 1:12.88
  4. Danny Dorris (CNBO), SB9 – 1:26.28
  5. Camille Berube (NG), SB6 – 1:26.96
  6. Amma Van Dyk (GHAC), SB14 – 1:14.93
  7. Marina (BRANT), SB14 – 1:15.13
  8. Arianna Hunsicker (UL), SB9 – 1:17.66


Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Alexander Elliot (CNQ), SB9 – 1:04.23
  2. Tyson MacDonald (ROW), SB14 – 1:18.15
  3. Zach Zona (NHAC), SB7 – 1:18.15
  4. Felix Cowan (SAMAK), SB8 – 1:18.30
  5. Connor Bissett (OSC), SB14 – 1:13.33
  6. Gabriel Martel (BBF), SB11 – 1:32.65


  • World Record – 2:18.95, Tatjana Schoenmaker, 2021
  • Canadian Record – 2:20.12, Annamay Pierse, 2009
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard – 2:25.91

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Rachel Nicol (UCSC) – 2:27.78
  2. Kelsey Wog (UM) – 2:28.19
  3. Tessa Cieplucha (MAC) – 2:28.49
  4. Mary-Sophie Harvey (CAMO) – 2:30.43
  5. Avery Wiseman (OSC) – 2:30.50
  6. Emma Spence (ROD) – 2:33.46
  7. Nina Kucheron (SCSC) – 2:33.55
  8. Sophie Angus (UNCAN) – 2:33.78

A rarity this week: no junior swimmers qualified for the super final tonight. Rachel Nicol, who has been a force in the women’s breaststroke events at these Trials, led the prelims racing with a 2:27.78. The swim sets Nicol up just under two seconds away from the FINA ‘A’ time.

Kelsey Wog, the top seed in the event, swam nearly 6 seconds off her personal best to finish 2nd this morning. Wog hasn’t been quite as sharp as she was at U Sports a few weeks back so far this meet, but the LCM 200 breast is her best event, and she may show up tonight in a big way. If Wog is in top form tonight, she’ll probably win this race going away.

100 breast champion Sophie Angus swam a 2:33.78 this morning, sneaking into the super final with the 8th-fastest time of the morning. Angus will be operating from an outside lane tonight as she attempts to pick up another title.


  • World Record – 2:06.12, Anton Chupkov, 2019
  • Canadian Record – 2:08.84, Mike Brown, 2008
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard – 2:10.32

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. James Dergousoff (UL) – 2:16.03
  2. Jaren LeFranc (KISU) – 2:16.90
  3. Justice Migneault (UBCT) – 2:17.07
  4. Apollo Hess (UOFL) – 2:17.49
  5. Jacob Gallant (FAST) – 2:17.52
  6. Finlay Knox (SCAR) – 2:17.98
  7. Hugo Lemesle (OTT) – 2:18.36
  8. Jonathan Sebastian Cook (PHI) – 2:19.86

This looks like it will be a really fun final to watch tonight. James Dergousoff swam a 2:16.03 to establish the top time of the morning by nearly a second. 50 breast champion Apollo Hess had a nice morning swim, touching 4th with a 2:17.49.

Finlay Knox, who broke the Canadian Record in the 200 IM earlier in the meet, made his way into this super final. He’ll be interesting to watch tonight.


  • World Record – 23.67, Sarah Sjostrom, 2017
  • Canadian Record – 24.26, Taylor Ruck, 2018
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard – 25.04

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Kayla Sanchez (AAC) – 24.82
  2. Roxane Lemieux (NN) – 25.80
  3. Hannah Cornish (USC) – 25.90
  4. Kamryn (UCSC) – 25.94
  5. Hanna Henderson (ESWIM) – 25.97
  6. Charis Huddle (WES) – 26.03
  7. Lilly Daley (MAC) – 26.16
  8. Brooklyn Douthwright (CNBO) – 26.51

Kayla Sanchez looked fantastic this morning, clocking a 24.82 to lead the field by nearly a full second. She was also just off her personal best of 24.68, and came in under the FINA ‘A’ cut time of 25.04. After winning the 100 free a few days ago, Sanchez looks primed to win another title and add another individual race to her World Championships schedule.


  • World Record – 20.91, Cesar Cielo, 2009
  • Canadian Record – 21.73, Brent Hayden, 2009
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard – 22.18

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Josh Liendo (NYAC) – 21.79
  2. Yuri Kisil (WS) – 22.48
  3. Owen Guyn (LASC) – 22.87
  4. Artem Selin (SCW) – 22.95 (TIE)
  5. Liam Weaver (CASC) – 22.95 (TIE)
  6. Ruslan Gaziev (ESWIM) – 22.97
  7. Edouard Fullum-Huot (PCSC) – 23.05
  8. James Lebuke (ISC) – 23.12

Josh Liendo put together an incredible race this morning, scaring the Canadian Record of 21.73, which is held by Canadian sprint legend Brent Hayden. Not only was Liendo way under the FINA ‘A’ cut of 22.18, he clocked the #8 time in the world this year in the process. We’ll be on record watch tonight as he attempts to lower his new career mark even further.

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2 years ago

Kayla Sanchez is quick to be honest! I would like to see a 24 flat swim in the final

Lil Swimmy
2 years ago

kierra smith getting DQed LKSJDFKJLDFN

oh kierra, you never learn

Reply to  Lil Swimmy
2 years ago

What was her prelims time?

Reply to  Jon
2 years ago


Tracy Kosinski
Reply to  Lil Swimmy
2 years ago

Why was she DQ’d?

Reply to  Tracy Kosinski
2 years ago

Probably her elbows again.

2 years ago

Is there a more consistent call in sports than Kierra Smith getting DQ’d for her stroke at Canadian Trials?

Reply to  Jesh
2 years ago

I missed it, what did she do

Reply to  Haha
2 years ago

She swims with arm over recovery (like butterfly), which is tough since breaststroke has an elbow under the water rule.

Tracy Kosinski
Reply to  Islandtime
2 years ago

Whoa, again?

Lil Swimmy
Reply to  Haha
2 years ago

her recovery of her arms is, uh, *unorthodox* and it often results in her getting DQed for her elbows recovering above the water

Sherry Smit
2 years ago

If she can go 1:55/4:01 in the 200/400, 2:05 in the 200 Fly, and 4:29 in the 400 IM, I think she can go 8:19 in the 800 Free! Such an amazing talent, I remember working at the Canadian Trials in 2019 and seeing her swim and thinking “wow she’s the future”!

Reply to  Sherry Smit
2 years ago

But she isn’t here today.
Probably having all these events plus relay 4×200 in one meet is too much. So two races in 800m on the day 7 right before 400IM can be too risky. That is the only explanation that I see to not get qualified for this event at WC.
There possible another explanation of skipping 800m event today: something happened yesterday during 400 IM race, but there were neither news nor gossips about that.

Reply to  Yozhik
2 years ago

McIntosh also skipped swimming the 400 F at the Tokyo Olympic trials, so another explanation is that her team felt she would still get nominated to swim the 800 F at the WC, IF she chooses to swim it when the time comes. Although it is indeed a tough way to end the WC meet.

I’m not sure why you would even raise the issue that “something happened yesterday in the 400 IM”. Plenty of contenders here have skipped races.

Last edited 2 years ago by KRB
Reply to  Sherry Smit
2 years ago

I wouldn’t be surprised if she just prefers the other events and doesn’t put in the work to be a 8:15 800er

Awsi Dooger
Reply to  John26
2 years ago

Agreed, especially now that she has discovered her potential in the 400 individual medley. The 800 was more in play when McIntosh had a thought process like Titmus…200, 400 and a third string 800.

Reply to  Awsi Dooger
2 years ago

Could simply be the result of coaches choosing to narrow her focus to traditionally middle distance events and not distance events. I think she could do a lot of damage in the 800, but choosing to focus on two 200s and two 400s might be a great call for her.

Reply to  caswim
2 years ago

Agree. The only top international distance swimmer I can think of who was also top international 400IM/200IM/200Fly was Belmonte.

Reply to  Canuswim
2 years ago

Hosszu. She started her career as a flyer