2021 Women’s ACC Championships: Day 2 Ups/Mids/Downs


  • When: Wednesday, February 17th – Saturday, February 20th | Prelims: 11:00 am | Finals: 7:00 pm (EST) (Except Wednesday’s timed finals, which begin at 5:15 EST)
  • Where: Greensboro Aquatic Center, Greensboro, NC
  • Defending Champion: University of Virginia (x1) (results)
  • Format: 25 Yards/Short Course Yards (SCY)
  • Championship Central: Here
  • Championship Manual
  • Psych Sheets (uncut)
  • Live Results

For those unfamiliar with swimming terminology, the concept of “Ups” and “Downs” is a good way to track which teams performed best at prelims. In prelims, swimmers qualify for one of three finals heats: the top 8 finishers make the A final, places 9 through 16 the B final and places 17 through 24 the C final. In finals, swimmers are locked into their respective final, meaning a swimmer in the B heat (spots 9-16) can only place as high as 9th or as low as 16th, even if they put up the fastest or slowest time of any heat in the final.

With that in mind, we’ll be tracking “Ups,” “Mids” and “Downs” after each prelims session. “Up” refers to swimmers in the A final, “Mid” to swimmers in the B final and “Down” to swimmers in the C final.

It was NC State, Virginia, and then everyone else this morning, as the Wolfpack and Cavaliers asserted their dominance over the field by occupying 15 of the available 24 ‘A’ final slots for tonight’s individual events.

The 200 IM in particular saw these two teams a class above everyone else, with Louisville’s Abby Hay the only non-NC State or Virginia swimmer finishing in the top eight. Virginia put an impressive four up in that race, while NC State put three into both the 200 IM and 50 free championship heats.

Based on the morning results, the team race has already been whittled down to two schools very early on.

Louisville had a solid prelim showing, going 3/2/3, followed by Virginia Tech (2/6/3) and Notre Dame (2/2/2).

Day 2 Ups/Mids/Downs

Credit to Andrew Mering for running the numbers.

All 500 Free 200 IM 50 Free
NC State 8/4/3 2/0/1 3/1/1 3/3/1
Virginia 7/4/2 2/1/0 4/1/1 1/2/1
Louisville 3/2/3 0/1/2 1/1/1 2/0/0
Virginia Tech 2/6/3 2/3/0 0/1/1 0/2/2
Notre Dame 2/2/2 2/0/1 0/2/1 0/0/0
Florida St 1/3/1 0/1/0 0/1/0 1/1/1
North Carolina 1/0/2 0/0/1 0/0/0 1/0/1
Duke 0/1/4 0/0/1 0/1/2 0/0/1
Georgia Tech 0/1/2 0/1/1 0/0/1 0/0/0
Miami 0/1/0 0/1/0 0/0/0 0/0/0
Pittsburgh 0/0/1 0/0/1 0/0/0 0/0/0
Boston College 0/0/1 0/0/0 0/0/0 0/0/1

Scoring out prelims shows NC State with 293 points, Virginia with 254, and then the Hokies next up at 153.


  1. NC State, 293.0
  2. Virginia, 254.0
  3. Virginia Tech, 153.0
  4. Louisville, 128.0
  5. Notre Dame, 87.0
  6. Florida State, 67.5
  7. Duke, 30.5
  8. North Carolina, 28.0
  9. Georgia Tech, 24.0
  10. Miami, 14.0
  11. Pittsburgh, 5.0
  12. Boston College, 2.0

Combining last night’s scores, which included the two relays plus the 3-meter diving event, along with this morning’s swimming projected scores, NC State would hold a small lead over UVA, with Virginia Tech in third. Louisville and Notre Dame remain in the running for a top-three finish, both well over 200 points as well.


  1. NC State, 435.0
  2. Virginia, 419.0
  3. Virginia Tech, 290.0
  4. Louisville, 252.0
  5. Notre Dame, 233.0
  6. Duke, 174.5
  7. Florida State, 163.5
  8. Georgia Tech, 148.0
  9. North Carolina, 140.0
  10. Miami, 138.0
  11. Pittsburgh, 97.0
  12. Boston College, 62.0


  1. Virginia, 165.0
  2. Duke / Notre Dame, 144.0
  3. NC State, 142.0
  4. Virginia Tech, 137.0
  5. Georgia Tech / Louisville / Miami, 124.0
  6. North Carolina, 112.0
  7. Florida State, 96.0
  8. Pittsburgh, 90.0
  9. Boston College, 60.0

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1 year ago

UVA outscored NC State 26-2 in diving this afternoon. So they carry a 47-point lead going into the swim events tonight….

NC Fan
Reply to  Yup
1 year ago

State’s gotta up their diving game across men and women to make a consistent jump from Top 5 to Top 2. Maybe that’s greedy but I don’t think they think Top 5 is good is enough and they can’t rely on Cal-esque performances/recruiting year-in/year-out on the men’s side to overcome no diving points!

Reply to  NC Fan
1 year ago

When they get the new pool with the tower that should help

1 year ago

NCSU with the exact same A/B/C/empty as last year. UVA with 2 more swims than last year.. 1 extra scoring swim, 1 extra empty.

Reply to  Huh
1 year ago

NCST typically better than UVA on day 1, I think. Separately, UVA just scored a top-8 in diving.

NC Fan
Reply to  swimgeek
1 year ago

And NC State did not

Samuel Huntington
1 year ago

NC State and VT looking good.

And pumped to watch Douglass tonight.

1 year ago

Go Pitt score more that 6!!!

NC Fan
1 year ago

Anyone know if ACCNx is having commentators tonight? Christopher Reid really grew into the role during the NC State dual meets and it would be nice to have some added insights and updates during this barn-burner shaping up in Greensboro (yes, UVA will most likely win, State isn’t rolling over).

Reply to  NC Fan
1 year ago

Hopefully they bring in Christopher Reid, but I’ll settle for Rowdy. The worst case scenario is announcers who know nothing about swimming. I’d prefer even dead silence over that.

Reply to  Greg
1 year ago

I’d prefer dead silence over the ones who know too much and won’t shut up

Reply to  Breezeway
1 year ago

Or say inane things during a 200 fly like “So in so was 0.04 faster off the start, that really might be big at the end of the race!”

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