2021 Chinese Summer Nats Day 5: Sun Jiajun Hits OLY-Qualifying 51.93 100 Fly


As the penultimate day of the 2021 Chinese Summer Nationals came to a close, Sun Jiajun was the sole swimmer thus far at the meet to notch a FINA A cut and likely become the newest qualifier for China’s 2021 Olympic squad. Jiajun won the 100 fly with a 51.93 to beat the qualifying standard by just 0.03 seconds.

Also taking place on day 5 of the meet was the women’s 200 breast, 200 back, and 1500 freestyle, along with the men’s 200 IM.

Men’s 100 Butterfly – Final

  • FINA ‘A’ cut: 51.96
  • Chinese National Record: 50.96 – Li Zhuhao (2017)

Top 3:

  1. Sun Jiajun 51.93
  2. Wang Changhao 52.53
  3. Hong Jinquan 52.73

Sun Jiajun came into this meet weeks after missing the FINA A standard by just 1/100 of a second at last month’s Chinese Olympic Trials. There, he won the event with a 51.97 compared to the cut of 51.96. He returned triumphantly here and posted a 51.93 to dip under the required cut and will likely be named to the official team.

Wang Changhao followed Jiajun with a 52.53 for silver which was about half a second over what he would have needed to become the second Olympic qualifier. At the last Trials meet Hong Jinquan was second to Jiajun with a 52.87 and he was a little bit quicker here, hitting a 52.87 for third place.

Women’s 200 Breaststroke – Final

  • Fina ‘A’ cut: 2:25.52
  • Chinese National Record: 2:21.37 – Qi Hui (2009)

Top 3:

  1. Zhu Leiju 2:27.59
  2. Ye Shiwen 2:27.92
  3. He Yun 2:29.49

At last month’s Chinese Trials meet, Yu Jingyao qualified to race the 200 breast in Tokyo with a 2:25.27 while Ye Shiwen came second with a 2:27.54.

The second time around, it was Zhu Leiju who took the crown with her swim of 2:27.59 while Shiwen repeated as silver medalist in a 2:27.92. He Yun came third at both meets, first with a 2:27.84 last month and then a 2:29.49 this month.

This marks 2012 Olympic gold medalist Ye Shiwen‘s third event of the meet where she was a bit slower than the FINA A standard, having missed the 200 and 400 IM earlier on. While she didn’t swim faster than the FINA A in any events at China’s 2 selection meets, Shiwen is actually the fastest 200 breaststroker throughout the Olympic qualification period of March 1, 2019 – June 27, 2021. Shiwen swam a 2:22.53 in April 2019 which is faster than Jingyao’s 2:25.27 last month as well as her fastest swim during the qualification period of 2:24.52 in January 2020.

Shiwen has also been fast enough to qualify in the 200 and 400 IM over the past few seasons with a 2:08.60 and 4:32.07 at 2019 World Championships. It’s not clear yet whether Shiwen will be nominated to the team after these meets due to her swims earlier on in the qualification period.

Men’s 200 IM – Final

  • Fina ‘A’ cut: 1:59.67
  • Chinese National Record: 1:56.16 – Wang Shun (2017)

Top 3:

  1. Qian Zhiyong 2:01.93
  2. Zhao Liangzhou 2:02.51
  3. Yu Zongda 2:02.53

Qian Zhiyong led the way here with a 2:01.93 to take gold in the men’s 200 IM, getting in a half-second before Zhao Liangzhou‘s 2:02.51 for silver. Yu Zongda rounded out the top 3 with a 2:02.53. That made all of the top 3 finishers a but slower than the FINA A cut of 1:59.67.

The men’s 200 IM is one of the few events for which 2 Chinese men have already qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. At the last qualifying meet, Wang Shun and Qin Haiyang both swam under the qualification cut of 1:59.67 with a 1:56.78 and 1:59.43, respectively.

Women’s 200 Backstroke – Final

  • FINA ‘A’ cut: 2:10.39
  • Chinese National Record: 2:06.46 –Zhao Jing (2010)

Top 3:

  1. Wan Letian 2:11.47
  2. Tong Lin 2:12.14
  3. Yao Yitong 2:14.77

Wan Letian swam a 2:11.47 to win the women’s 200 backstroke final which was actually a bit slower than her prelim swim of 2:10.87. While her first swim was faster, it was still a bit slower than the 2:10.39 FINA A cut.

Tong Lin and Yao Yitong joined Letian on the podium with their swims of 2:12.14 and 2:14.77, respectively.

At the recent Chinese Olympic Trials meet in May 2021, Liu Yaxin and Peng Xuwei swam fast enough to claim the 2 available Olympic spots in the event with their times of 2:08.26 and 2:09.75, respectively.

Women’s 1500 Freestyle – Final

  • Fina ‘A’ cut: 16:32.04
  • Chinese National Record: 15:45.59 – Wang Jianjiahe (2020)

Top 3:

  1. Liu Yaxin 16:28.87
  2. Qu Fang 16:35.03
  3. Liu Xiaohan 16:40.09

Liu Yaxin successfully got under the FINA A cut of 16:32.04 to win the women’s 1500 freestyle with a 16:28.87. The swim, however, likely won’t be enough to get her to Tokyo in the event considering that 2 women were considerably fast at China’s Trials meet last month.

There, Chinese record-holder Wang Jianjiahe and Li Bingjie posted leading times of 15:49.07 and 15:58.35 to claim the 2 Olympic spots. Hou Yawen was also faster than Yaxin at that meet, hitting a 16:12.06 for third place. While Yaxin won’t race the 1500 in Tokyo, she is qualified to race the 200 backstroke at the 2020 Olympics.

Qu Fang managed to pick up silver here with a 16:35.03 and Liu Xiaohan collected bronze in a 16:40.09.

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