2018 SEC Championships: Day 4 Prelims Live Recap


  • Wednesday, February 14 – Sunday, February 18
  • Rec Center Natatorium, College Station, TX (Central Time Zone)
  • Prelims 10AM / Finals 6PM
  • Defending Champion: Florida (5x) (results)
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The fourth of five days at the 2018 SEC Championships is set to get underway in College Station, with three individual prelims on tap this morning. We’ll see the men’s and women’s 200 fly, 100 back and 100 breast, with the 400 medley relay also being contested tonight.

After a day off yesterday, today marks the return of Caeleb Dressel as he’ll swim in the men’s 100 breaststroke.

Women’s 200 Fly Prelims

  • SEC Meet Record: 1:52.19, Cammile Adams (TAM), 2014
  1. Megan Kingsley, UGA, 1:52.62
  2. Meghan Small, TENN, 1:53.97
  3. Sharli Brady, UMIZ, 1:54.58
  4. Jing Quah, TAM, 1:54.62
  5. Caitln Casazza, UGA, 1:54.91
  6. Chelsea Britt, UGA, 1:55.07
  7. Taylor Pike, TAM, 1:56.21
  8. Lauren Edelman, UKY, 1:56.86

Georgia senior Megan Kingsley led the way in the prelims of the women’s 200 fly, notching an NCAA ‘A’ cut of 1:52.62 to qualify 1st by well over a second. Tennessee sophomore Meghan Small qualifies 2nd in 1:53.97, and Missouri’s Sharli Brady was just off her school record to qualify 3rd in 1:54.58.

Lauren Edelman of Kentucky snuck past Florida’s Hannah Burns for the last spot in the A-final, clocking 1:56.86 to Burns’ 1:56.94.

Men’s 200 Fly Prelims

  • SEC Meet Record: 1:40.59, Hugo Morris (AUB), 2016
  1. Brock Bonetti, TAM, 1:41.83
  2. Fynn Minuth, SCAR, 1:42.53
  3. Jose Martinez, TAM, 1:42.54
  4. Jan Switkowski, FLOR, 1:42.68
  5. Gunnar Bentz, UGA, 1:43.07
  6. Harrison Jones, LSU, 1:43.31
  7. Camden Murphy, UGA, 1:43.32
  8. Micah Slaton, UMIZ, 1:43.57

Texas A&M put two men into the top three of the men’s 200 fly, as Brock Bonetti paced the prelims in a time of 1:41.83. Bonetti becomes the first Aggie ever under 1:42, snagging the school record. His teammate Jose Martinez qualified 3rd overall in 1:42.54, just behind South Carolina’s Fynn Minuth (1:42.53).

100 fly winner Jan Switkowski of Florida was right there in 4th (1:42.68), and Georgia’s Gunnar Bentz (1:43.07) qualified 5th. With just over a second separating qualifiers 2 through 8, tonight’s final will no doubt be a barn burner.

Women’s 100 Back Prelims

  • SEC Meet Record: 50.53, Gemma Spofforth (FLOR), 2009
  1. Asia Seidt, UKY, 51.16
  2. Kylie Stewart, UGA, 51.39
  3. Lisa Bratton, TAM, 51.58
  4. Hannah Stevens, UMIZ, 51.91
  5. Micah Bohon, TENN, 52.02
  6. Sherridon Dressel, FLOR, 52.17
  7. Emma Ball, FLOR, 52.23
  8. Bridgette Alexander, UKY, 52.24

Kentucky sophomore Asia Seidt led the way in the women’s 100 back prelims, touching in a time of 51.16, hitting the NCAA ‘A’ cut right on the nose. Seidt was the runner-up in the 200 IM on day 2 and has shown great form this week.

Four seniors followed, with Kylie Stewart (51.39), Lisa Bratton (51.58), Hannah Stevens (51.91) and Micah Bohon (52.02) qualifying 2nd through 5th. Sherridon Dressel and Emma Ball give Florida a pair of A-finalists, and Seidt’s teammate Bridgette Alexander (52.24) edged out Missouri’s Haley Hynes (52.28) for the last spot in the championship final.

Men’s 100 Back Prelims

  • SEC Meet Record: 44.73, Connor Oslin (BAMA), 2017
  1. Javier Acevedo, UGA, 45.68
  2. Luke Kaliszak, BAMA, 46.09
  3. Zane Waddell, BAMA, 46.21
  4. Matthew Garcia, TENN, 46.49
  5. Bayley Main, FLOR, 46.55
  6. Michael Taylor, FLOR, 46.74
  7. Brennan Balogh, FLOR, 46.77
  8. Daniel Hein, UMIZ, 46.91

Georgia sophomore Javier Acevedo was the lone man to crack 46 seconds in the 100 back, posting an impressive morning swim of 45.68. The Canadian Olympian was only tied for 6th among A-finalists on the opening 50, but came back significantly faster than anyone (23.22) to qualify 1st.

Alabama took the next two spots with Luke Kaliszak (46.09) and Zane Waddell (46.21), and Tennessee sophomore Matthew Garcia was next up in 46.49. The Gators take spots 5 through 7 with Bayley MainMichael Taylor and Brennan Balogh.

Karl Luht of LSU initially dropped over two seconds from his seed time in 46.14, but was disqualified

Women’s 100 Breast Prelims

  • SEC Meet Record: 57.28, Breeja Larson (TAM), 2014
  1. Anna Belousova, TAM, 58.40
  2. Jorie Caneta, TAM, 59.22
  3. Katie Armitage, TENN, 59.44
  4. Bailey Bonnett, UKY, 59.80
  5. Madison Winstead, UKY, 59.81
  6. Justin Macfarlane, BAMA, 59.92
  7. Kersten Dirrane, SCAR, 1:00.17
  8. Tjasa Pintar, TENN, 1:00.60

Aggie freshman Anna Belousova dropped over a second from her seed time to snag an ‘A’ cut in the women’s 100 breast, qualifying 1st overall in 58.40. Her teammate, senior Jorie Caneta, takes the #2 spot in 59.22.

Katie Armitage of Tennessee takes 3rd in 59.44, and Kentucky teammates Bailey Bonnett (59.80) and Madison Winstead (59.81) take 4th and 5th.

Men’s 100 Breast Prelims

  • SEC Meet Record: 51.25, Nic Fink (UGA), 2014
  1. Caeleb Dressel, FLOR, 51.07
  2. Mauro Castillo Luna, TAM, 52.56
  3. Italy Goldfaden, SCAR, 52.58
  4. Nils Wich-Glasen, SCAR, 52.62
  5. Laurent Bams, BAMA, 52.83
  6. Marco Guarente, FLOR, 52.89
  7. Jordan O’Brien, UMIZ, 52.94
  8. Peter Stevens, TENN, 52.95

Caeleb Dressel threw down a dazzling 51.07 in the men’s 100 breast prelims, earning a new Florida school record and lowering Nic Fink‘s meet record of 51.25 from 2014. Dressel is now the 9th fastest performer in history and will aim to jump even higher tonight. The American record is 50.04, held by Kevin Cordes.

Mauro Castillo Luna took 2nd, but was nearly a second and a half behind the Gator. He was 52.56, leading a group of seven who were all 52-mid to 52-high qualifying for the A-final behind Dressel. Italy Goldfaden (52.58) and Nils Wich-Glasen (52.62) give South Carolina two swimmers inside the top-4, and Alabama’s Laurent Bams sits 5th in 52.83.

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6 years ago

So many great swims by others not named Caleb Dressel!

6 years ago

4 caeleb dressels vs all star team from the rest of the NCAA in a 400 medley relay. who wins?

wild Bill
Reply to  pvdh
6 years ago

he could hold 3 of 4 AR 100 SC yards tonight!

tammy touchpad error
Reply to  pvdh
6 years ago

After how nice the 25.0 backstroke in the 200 IM looked I’m certain CD has at least a 44 high in him. Wouldn’t be surprised if he developed his back to be at AR level (at least short course) by 2020.

If Tom Shields was able to go 44 mid… Has he even been 54 LC? CD was 55 unrested last summer.

Reply to  pvdh
6 years ago

The Dressels would demolish the back half, as long as he wasn’t down by like 5 seconds after backstroke I feel like he’d win.

Reply to  pvdh
6 years ago

CD – 44.7 BK 50 BR. 44 FLY. 39.5 FR

Pretty safe to say he could swim these splits 2:58.2

6 years ago

Just imagine Dressel swimming a SCM 100m IM. I know it’s not really considered a serious event, but I am almost certain that Dressel would easily break 50 and win by over a second.

wild Bill
Reply to  Crannman
6 years ago

I am into high energy physics – finally – ” in my own backyard ” – I have found true FTL { Faster Than Light }! Yes – CD –
Note: Had to slow him down on the videos so we could actually see him!

Reply to  Crannman
6 years ago

the fastest time I’ve ever heard of is a 46 high, i think by a high school ryan murphy. I think dressel could go 45 low at least.

Reply to  IM FAN
6 years ago

oops I though you meant yards. well in meters i think he’d be close to breaking 49. The only stroke Morozov has on him is back, Dressel could easily outdo him on the other 3 legs.

6 years ago

BIG NEWS! Vanderbilt almost scored 26th in100 Breastroke!Go Commodores

6 years ago

What a 1st lap pullout. Came up just short of flag

Sir Swimsalot
6 years ago

The only events I can see Dressel not doing are the distance freestyles, and maybe the 400 IM.

6 years ago

51.0 and popped out like it was nothing. he has a shot at the record

6 years ago

I hope everyone’s ready to see a 49 tonight…Dressel looked so fresh after that 51 flat

Reply to  Pinodee
6 years ago

looked relaxed as well, but my god that first 25….

Reply to  Lucas
6 years ago

For a second I thought his pull down was going to take him to whole way across haha

wild Bill
Reply to  Pinodee
6 years ago

If CD could break the AR ( 50.04) tonight…worth the wait and a double wow! (in advance).

Reply to  wild Bill
6 years ago

Not sure about the ar but could definitely see a 50 low

Reply to  Bub
6 years ago

I’ve said not sure too many times about this guy and he’s delivered each time…you never know!

wild Bill
Reply to  wild Bill
6 years ago

CD –

50 Free – 18.20 to ?
100 Free – 40.00 to ?
100 Fly – 43.56 to ?
200 IM – 1:38.13 to ?
100 Breast – 51.07 to ?
200 free – how fast could he go?


using the Swimswam Swimulator’s Real-Time Converter – 1:53.73

Breaking the WR –
Ryan Lochte (USA)
2011 World Championships
July 28, 2011 / Shanghai, China

Reply to  wild Bill
6 years ago

Here are my predictions in response to your comment:

50 Free – as much as I’d like to see a 17, I’d be happy with a drop from 18.20. I’ll say 18.15.

100 Free – the guy’s going 39. How low? Not sure.

100 Fly – with how good his fly was over the summer, I wouldn’t be surprised with a 42.9.

200 IM – he most likely isn’t swimming it again, but if he does, he could go 1:37 with a taper.

100 Breast – I am fully confident in his ability to go 49. He just needs to get out FAST.

200 Free – I hope he does it before he leaves, because it’s almost a given… Read more »

Reply to  Pinodee
6 years ago

Since he goes 40 (last year) for 100 free and 1:38 for the 200 IM, it would take a bad swim to end up over 1:30.

Reply to  Pinodee
6 years ago

He could very well do the 4×200 free relay at ncaas. They would have a great shot at the record, with Caeleb first with a shot at 1:29 and then Jan, Mark and Khader to bring it home. It would be risking their other relays, but Caeleb is on fire.

He’s not going to do IM again at NCAAs, but now we can get excited for a 50. Here is what he will probably swim:

50 free- 17 is just so insane. That would be epic, but any drop is a new record. 18.07 maybe.

100 free- One of the only ones we know he will break. 39.75 or faster.

200 free (First leg in relay). With Dylan… Read more »

About James Sutherland

James Sutherland

James swam five years at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, specializing in the 200 free, back and IM. He finished up his collegiate swimming career in 2018, graduating with a bachelor's degree in economics. In 2019 he completed his graduate degree in sports journalism. Prior to going to Laurentian, James swam …

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