2018 Asian Games: Schooling Claims First Non-Japan/China Gold


The back and forth between Japan and China for top of the overall swimming medal table at the 2018 Asian Games continues, as China is replaced once again with Japan after day 4’s races. Japan carries a total of 39 medals into day 5’s swimming events, composed of 14 gold, 16 silver and 9 bronze. China has just 3 medals fewer on the whole with 36 and has the same number of gold. The nation has 12 silver and 10 bronze.

Singapore now rounds out the top 3 as opposed to Korea, thanks to Joseph Schooling‘s performance in the 100m fly tonight. With his victory, Schooling incredibly represented the only swimmer not from Japan or China to claim gold through 22 events. Singapore’s men’s 4x100m freestyle relay also got on the board with a bronze.

Japanese athletes Yasuhiro Koseki and Daiya Seto won respective events of the 100m breast and 400m IM, while Kosuke Hagino also wrapped up a silver in the latter race behind teammate Seto.

Japan also went 1-2 in the women’s 100m backstroke, with junior national record holder Natsumi Sakai leading countrymate Anna Knoishi in the race, with China’s Chen Jie settling for bronze. The nation capped off its stellar night by stealing the men’s 4x100m freestyle relay title from China, highlighted by a storming 47.65 split from Katsumi Matsumoto. Their collective time of 4:12.68 set a new Games Record en route to gold.

Additional nations’ medalists came in the form of Korea’s bronze medal-winning mixed 4x100m medley relay and Kazakhstan’s Dmitriy Balandin‘s bronze in the men’s 100m breast.

Swimming Medal Table Through Day 4:

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Japan 14 16 9 39
2  China 14 12 10 36
3  Singapore 1 0 2 3
4  South Korea 0 1 4 5
5  Hong Kong 0 0 2 2
6  Vietnam 0 0 1 1
7  Kazakhstan 0 0 1 1
Total 29 29 29 87


Day 4 Records:

  • Saudi Arabian National Record, M. 100 fly, Yousif Bu Arish – 57.48
  • Qatari National Record, M. 100 fly, Yacob Alkhulaifi – 56.94
  • Kazkhstani National Record, M. 100 fly, Adilbek Mussin – 52.99
  • Kyrgyzstani National Record, W. 200 free, Elizaveta Rogozhnikova – 2:07.92
  • Macau National Record, M. 100 breast, Chou Man Hou – 1:02.23
  • Qatari National Record, M. 400 IM, Mohamed Abdelrahman – 4:46.30
  • Maldivian National Record, M. 400 IM, Mubal Azzam Ibrahim – 5:35.41
  • Maldivian National Record, W. 100 back, Sausan Aishath – 1:18.96
  • Singaporean National Record, W. 200 fly, Quah Jing Wen – 2:12.01

Day 4 Medalists:


  1. GOLD: Joseph Schooling, SGP, 51.04
  2. SILVER: Li Zhuhao, CHN, 51.46
  3. BRONZE: Yuki Kobori, JPN, 51.77


  1. GOLD: Li Bingjie, CHN, 1:56.74
  2. SILVER: Yang Junxuan, CHN, 1:57.48
  3. BRONZE: Chihiro Igarashi, JPN, 1:57.49


  1. GOLD: Yasuhiro Koseki, JPN, 58.86
  2. SILVER: Yan Zibei, CHN, 59.31
  3. BRONZE: Dmitriy Balandin, KAZ, 59.39


  1. GOLD: Zhang Yufei, CHN, 2:06.61
  2. SILVER: Sachi Mochida, JPN, 2:08.72
  3. BRONZE: Suzaka Hasegawa, JPN, 2:08.80

MEN’S 400 IM

  1. GOLD: Daiya Seto, JPN, 4:08.79
  2. SILVER: Kosuke Hagino, JPN, 4:10.25
  3. BRONZE: Wang Shun, CHN, 4:12.31


  1. GOLD: Natsumi Sakai, JPN, 59.27
  2. SILVER: Anna Konishi, JPN, 59.67
  3. BRONZE: Chen Jie, CHN, 1:00.28


  1. GOLD: JPN, 3:12.68
  2. SILVER: CHN, 3:13.29
  3. BRONZE: SGP, 3:17.22


  1. GOLD: CHN, 3:40.45
  2. SILVER: JPN, 3:41.21
  3. BRONZE: KOR, 3:49.27

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3 years ago

Singapore got an individual national record down tonight as well. Quah Jing Wen in the 200 Fly

Caeleb Dressel Will Win 9 Gold Medals in Tokyo
3 years ago

Faster than I predicted. He can get a pb next year

25 free champ

You think he can drop down to 50.3? Maybe in practice but definitely not when it counts. Feel free to call me out next year if I’m wrong but I’ve not been wrong about Schooling in any of my past predictions.

Love to Swim
Reply to  25 free champ
3 years ago

Schooling can go 50.3 when it counts

Just ask messrs. Phelps, Le Clos, and Cseh.

Reply to  25 free champ
3 years ago

@25 Free champ So 2016 Olympics don’t count? Do u think it is so easy to achieve 50.3 or below in every meet.. ??

Reply to  Buona
3 years ago

Schooling disappointing his fans. Can’t beat Dressels time after he had a motorcycle crash

Caeleb Dressel Will Win 9 Gold Medals in Tokyo
Reply to  25 free champ
3 years ago

I’m going to bet you were wrong in 2016. He did it before, he can do it again. I suppose Ian Crocker can’t do it when it counts either?


I love Ian Crocker but there were multiple times he didn’t show up at the big meets.

25 free champ

I actually predicted his win in Rio. You’ll see I’m right again.

Love to Swim
3 years ago

If only the Japanese coaches let Ikee to swim 200 free, Japan would have gotten 15 golds to China 13.

I understand the prestige and importance of beating China in relays at the Asian Games, but it was not rational as they threw away a certain gold for uncertain one which they lost anyway.

3 years ago

Where did the day 4 recap go?

Reply to  Ecoach
3 years ago

The day 4 recap can be seen here: https://swimswam.com/2018-asian-games-day-4-finals-live-recap/
If you’re ever looking to just find Asian Games coverage, you can always check the event channel here: https://swimswam.com/event/2018-asian-games/

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