2017 World Champs Pick’em Day 2 Update, Presented by TYR

by Andrew Mering 3

July 24th, 2017 News


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The day 2 winner was GatorFan4000 with 52 points. They edged out indianejd by 3. However, GatorFan4000 is ineligible to win prizes, so the daily prize goes to indianejd. Congrats to them. 9 people were tied for in 4th place.

GatorFan4000 also took over the lead in the overall contest with 103 total points. Yesterday’s leader james7187 dropped into a tie for 6th place. The top 10 from today and overall are in the tables below. If you want to view places outside the top 10, all entries and places are in the spreadsheet linked above

Entry Day 2 Points
1 GatorFan4000 52
2 indianejd 49
3 Thomas Selig 46
4 Ashley Maloon 45
4 frankwk 45
4 Mark Campbell 45
4 SeaMonster 45
4 Coachbob 45
4 Joker23 45
4 Kangyu 45
4 Junker23 45
4 Clancy 45

Entry Total Points
1 GatorFan4000 103
2 Joker23 102
3 Junker23 101
4 Amunnn 100
5 usausausa 97
6 MSSTLoyalty 95
6 marklewis 95
6 james7187 95
9 Coachbob 93
9 Dcrabbe6 93
9 STANford fan 93

How everyone did

Big favorite (picked by 98% to win) Sarah Sjostrom pulled through in the 100 fly, but there was an upset in 2nd. Only 2% picked Emma McKeon for silver. The top of the men’s 100 breast also followed the script. 99% had Adam Peaty 1st and 72% had Kevin Cordes 2nd. However, nobody picked Kirill Prigoda 3rd.

The field of entries didn’t really know what to do with the men’s 50 fly. The most correctly picked finisher was Nicholas Santos 2nd place with 23% correct. 15% got Ben Proud‘s win correct and 16% had Andrii Govorov in 3rd.

96% correctly picked Katinka Hosszu to win in the 200 IM, but no one picked Yui Ohashi 2nd and only 7% had Madisyn Cox 3rd.

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gator fan
4 years ago

🙁 i want prizes

Steve Nolan
4 years ago

Holy crap how am I still doing well!? There has got to be something broken here.

4 years ago

75M FREE currently having his best performance yet.
It’s all downhill from here, I’m sure.