2017 World Champs Pick ‘Em: Day 5 Update, Presented By TYR


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We have a new leader on day 5 of the World Champs Pick ‘Em Contest! Junker23 has overtaken former leader Joker23 by just a single point, and spa0102 has moved into a tie for second place.

Day 5’s top point total went to Quinn at 49. You can see the top 10 for Day 5 and overall below, and full scores are available at the link above.

Day 5 Leaders

Rank Day 5 Points
1 Quinn 49
2 IIuTa4oK 46
3 Coach C 44
4 Jake Silver 43
5 Kyle Mowid 42
5 rono6100 42
7 BMC0706 41
7 tgo63 41
9 SpartanAndy 40
9 SwimminMoose 40
9 Junker23 40
9 simplythegreatest 40
9 Ghpanda 40

Overall Leaders

Rank Event Total Points
1 Junker23 210
2 Joker23 209
2 spa0102 209
4 ThatSwimKid 203.5
5 GatorFan4000 202
5 AvidSwimFan 202
7 Thomas Selig 198.5
8 Blomgren 198
9 kbland32 197.5
10 james7187 196

How everyone did

The biggest gold-medal upset was in the 50 back, where only 2% of contestants picked Etiene Medeiros to win. That event as a whole was rough on our players, with only 2% picking fourth place correctly and 14% each picking silver and bronze right.

A couple top-4 finishers came completely out of left field. Not a single person picked France’s Mehdy Metella to take 3rd in the men’s 100 free, and no player selected Korea’s An Sehyeon for any place within the top 4 of the 200 fly. She got 4th place for a grand total of zero points to Pick ‘Em players.

Easily the most overwhelming favorite was the American 4×200 free relay team, which got 99% of picks to win. The only players not getting the 7 points for that pick are 7 contestants who left the slot blank and two lonely homers who selected Canada and Australia, respectively.

81% also had Mireia Belmonte winning the women’s 200 fly.

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5 years ago

Wonder how many people predicted the USA’s 1-2 sweep in the 100 free

Reply to  Nswim
5 years ago

I had Adrian-Dressel…

Reply to  Anonymous
5 years ago

Me too. Zero point.

Reply to  Anonymous
5 years ago

Adrian-Dressel as well…

Reply to  Nswim
5 years ago

Had Dressel first and Adrian second. I picked Dressel to win because he’s a Big Meet swimmer. He dug deep the last 15 meters.

Steve Nolan
5 years ago

…holy crap. Can we stop now?

Reply to  Steve Nolan
5 years ago

The big day is Day 8, when there are 8 finals. Most days there are only 5 finals.

Steve Nolan
Reply to  marklewis
5 years ago

Hm, yup that’ll be the day I tumble into the bottom quarter.

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