2017 U.S. Open: Day 2 Prelims Live Recap


Women 400 LC Meter Freestyle

  • American: 3:56.46 8/7/2016 Katie Ledecky
  • U.S. Open: 3:58.44 6/30/2017 Katie Ledecky
  • US Open Meet: 4:05.45 12/20/1987 Janet Evans, Fullerton
  1. Erica Sullivan, Sandpipers Of Nevada 4:11.51
  2. Ashley Twichell, North Carolina Aquatic Club 4:12.85
  3. Ashley Neidigh, Unattached IST 4:13.96
  4. Haley Yelle, Mansfield Aquatic Club 4:14.63
  5. Cassy Jernberg, Schroeder YMCA S 4:14.70
  6. Taylor Ault, La Mirada Armada 4:14.96
  7. Courtney Evensen, U. of Missouri 4:15.03
  8. Geena Freriks, Kentucky Aquatics 4:15.30

Erica Sullivan of Sandpipers of Nevada and North Carolina Aquatic Club’s Ashley Twichell battled to the finish of the final heat of women’s 400 freestyles, with Sullivan getting the nod on a strong final 100. She out-touched the open water World Champion, 4:11.51 to 4:12.85.

Ashley Neidigh, unattached with Indiana, came from behind to win the penultimate heat over Courtney Evensen, Joy Field, and Stephanie Peters, all of whom had traded stroke for stroke for the first 300 meters. Neidigh finished with the third time of the morning, 4:13.96.

Haley Yelle of Mansfield Aquatic Club won the first circle-seeded heat with 4:14.63 over Cassy Jernberg’s 4:14.70.

Men 400 LC Meter Freestyle

  • American: 3:42.78 8/10/2008 Larsen Jensen
  • U.S. Open: 3:43.53 6/29/2008 Larsen Jensen
  • US Open Meet: 3:45.63 8/3/2016 Zane Grothe
  1. Matt Hutchins, Wisconsin Aquatics 3:49.58
  2. Andrew Brady, Una SNOW/Snow 3:52.61
  3. * Mitch D’Arrigo, Gator Swim Club 3:53.00
  4. * Damien Joly, France 3:53.50
  5. Logan Houck, Sandpipers Of Nevada 3:53.60
  6. Jeff Newkirk, Quest Swimming 3:54.14
  7. Kevin Litherland, Dynamo Swim Club 3:54.31
  8. Walker Higgins, Tennessee Aquatics 3:54.42

16-year-old Will Barao of Bluefish Swim Club improved his seed time by 3.8 seconds, winning heat 7 with 3:55.26, the #21 time in history for 15-16 boys. His time held up at the top until the circle-seeded heats.

Logan Houck of Sandpipers of Nevada took the first circle-seeded heat in 3:53.60. The top 5 finishers all moved ahead of Barao. France’s Damien Joly won the penultimate heat in 3:53.50, ahead of Liam Egan, 3:54.86.

Matt Hutchins of Wisconsin Aquatics was the final heat winner. His 3:49.58 was the only sub-3:50 out of the morning. Andrew Brady of Snow Swimming was 3:52.61 and Mitch D’Arrigo of Gator Swim Club was 3:53.00. All three moved to the top of the qualifiers’ list.

Some of the best racing came from the earlier heats. Chris Bready of Bearcat Aquatics and Jackson Higgins of Boilermaker Aquatics/Purdue traded stroke for stroke for 8 full laps, touching in 3:57.72 and 3:57.77, respectively, in heat 5. Ken Takahashi of California Aquatics won heat 4 from the outside lane with 3:56.99.

Women 200 LC Meter Breaststroke

  • American: 2:19.59 8/2/2012 Rebecca Soni
  • U.S. Open: 2:20.38 7/11/2009 Rebecca Soni
  • US Open Meet: 2:22.51 8/4/2009 Katlin Freeman
  1. Emily Escobedo, 21 Condors Swim Club 2:23.88
  2. * Chloe Tutton, 21 Swim Wales 2:27.89
  3. Andrea Cottrell, 22 Cardinal Aquatics 2:28.80
  4. Vanessa Pearl, 17 Metroplex Aquatics 2:29.86
  5. Ashley McCauley, 16 Marlins of Raleigh 2:29.97
  6. Alicia Harrison, 18 Buenaventura 2:30.33
  7. Margaret Aroesty, 18 Long Island Aquatic Club 2:30.48
  8. Meaghan Raab, 21 Nashville Aquatic Club 2:30.53

Vanessa Pearl of Metroplex Aquatics kicked off the circle-seeded heats with 2:29.86 to take over the lead, just touching out Marlins of Raleigh’s Ashley McCauley (2:29.97). The two jumped to the top of the qualifiers list by a large margin. Andee Cottrell of Cardinal Aquatics took over the lead in the next heat with 2:28.80, with Alicia Harrison touching second in 2:30.33, a 2.5-second drop for the future Cal Bear from Buenaventura Swim Club.

Emily Escobedo of Condors Swim Club dropped 2.2 seconds to post the morning’s top time with a win in the final heat in 2:23.88. Chloe Tutton of Wales was second in 2:27.89, and the two moved to the top of the leaderboard.

Men 200 LC Meter Breaststroke

  • American: 2:07.17 6/30/2016 Josh Prenot
  • U.S. Open: 2:07.17 6/30/2016 Josh Prenot
  • US Open Meet: 2:09.73 8/3/2016 Andrew Wilson
  1. Jonathan Tybur, Texas A&M 2:12.64
  2. Alex Evdokimov, Coral Springs 2:13.28
  3. Charlie Swanson, Unattached Mich 2:13.71
  4. Nick Zito, WEST Swim Club 2:14.30
  5. Ross Palazzo, Hudson Explorer 2:14.69
  6. Chandler Bray, Avon Community 2:15.59
  7. George Harley, W Australia IS 2:15.64
  8. Jonathan Rutter, Powel Crosley 2:15.89

There were several notable morning swims, beginning in the first heat, where Raunak Khosla of Dynamo Swim Club took 1.8 seconds off his seed time to win the opening heat in 2:19.88. Brian Ramsey of Team Pittsburgh cracked a 2:16.25 in the third heat, taking 3.4 seconds off his previous PB. He held the lead through to the circle-seeded heats, when Alex Evdokimov of Coral Springs and Cornell University popped a PB of 2:13.28 to take over the lead, just edging out Charlie Swanson, unattached from Michigan/NOVA of Virginia (2:13.71). The pair moved to the top of the qualifiers’ list.

In the next heat, Jonathan Tybur of Texas A&M went 2:12.69 to move to the top, beating Nick Zito of WEST Swim Club (2;14.30) and Juan Sequera of Club Seminole (2:14.69). Tybur’s time stood as the fastest of the morning, as Chandler Bray of Avon Community took the final heat in 2:15.59 over Australia’s George Harley (2:15.64).

Women 200 LC Meter Backstroke

  • American: 2:04.06 8/3/2012 Missy Franklin
  • U.S. Open: 2:05.68 6/26/2013 Missy Franklin
  • US Open Meet: 2:08.42 7/30/2008 Hayley McGregory
  1. Kylie Stewart, Athens Bulldog 2:09.68
  2. Lisa Bratton, Texas A&M 2:09.82
  3. Quinn Carrozza, Longhorn Aquatics 2:10.93
  4. Bridgette Alexander, Kentucky Aquatics 2:11.13
  5. Asia Seidt, Lakeside Swim Team 2:11.81
  6. Elise Haan, WOLFPACK ELITE 2:11.98
  7. Matea Samardzic, Scarlet Aquatics 2:12.25
  8. Rhyan White, Wasatch Front Fish Market 2:12.33

Kylie Stewart of Athens Bulldog Swim Club led the field in morning heat with a narrow win over Aggie Swim Club’s Lisa Bratton in the final heat of women’s 200 backstrokes. Bratton had the slight lead at the 50 and the 100, and had increased her lead to nearly half a body length at the 150, but Stewart came home strong and snatched the victory away from Bratton in the last few meters. Bridgette Alexander’s third-place 2:11.13 was good for fourth overall.

In the heat just before, Longhorn Aquatics’ Quinn Carrozza went under 2:11 for the first time to clip Asia Seidt of Lakeside Swim Team, 2:10.93 to 2:11.81. The first circle-seeded heat went to Scarlet Aquatics’ Matea Samardzic in 2:12.25. Erin Voss was just behind in 2:12.61 while Buenaventura’s Solie Laughlin went 2:12.74 for third.

Sydney Sell from Lakeside Swim Team won a tight heat 3 battle over Lehigh Valley/Drexel’s Alexa Kutch, 2:15:32 to 2:15:61; both were significant drops.

Men 200 LC Meter Backstroke

  • American: 1:51.92 7/31/2009 Aaron Peirsol
  • U.S. Open: 1:53.08 7/11/2009 Aaron Peirsol
  • US Open Meet: 1:54.59 8/5/2009 Nicholas Thoman
  1. Arkady Vyatchanin, New York Athletic Club 1:58.99
  2. *Christopher Reid, Univ Alabama 1:59.22
  3. Coleman Stewart, WOLFPACK ELITE 1:59.57
  4. Jonathan Roberts, North Texas Nadadores 1:59.64
  5. Robert Owen, H2okie Aquatics 1:59.78
  6. Clark Beach, Quest Swimming 1:59.98
  7. Griffin Schaetzle, U. of Missouri 2:00.05
  8. Hennessey Stuart, WOLFPACK ELITE 2:00.35

The veteran Arkady Vyatchanin of New York Athletic Club was the lone sub-1:59 out of morning heats and thus qualified for the middle lane in tonight’s final. He gained about a half a body length on his underwaters over Jonathan Roberts of North Texas Nadadores, who swam in the adjacent lane and took second in the final heat with 1:59.64.

Christopher Reid of University of Alabama dropped 3.7 seconds to win heat 5 with what was to be the second-fastest time of the morning. He won his heat by nearly 3 seconds, with Bluefish Swim Club’s Harry Homans touching second in a PB of 2:02.31.

The other breakout swims of the morning belonged to a pair of unrelated Stewarts. Sam Stewart of Longhorn Aquatics went 2:02.60, 2.7 seconds better than his seed time, to win heat 3 over Connor Blandford of Kentucky Aquatics/Marlins of Raleigh. Blandford’s 2:03.11 was a 2.2-second drop, too. Then Coleman Stewart of Wolfpack Elite/NC State dropped a 1:59.57 in the last heat before the circle-seeds to take 3 full seconds off his seed time and vault to the second position on the leaderboard, just behind Reid. Coleman Stewart and Reid were only surpassed by Vyatchanin.







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3 years ago

On this day 5 years ago, that women’s 200 backstroke record was set. How close has anyone not named Missy Franklin come to it? (I believe she came pretty close in 2013 at worlds, despite her recent decline)

Reply to  Nswim
3 years ago

Hopefully she’ll get back into the sport, but she’s happy right now taking a slight break, which is good. Even the highest level athletes need breaks.

Reply to  Nswim
3 years ago

even us , we need brakes , thats part of a balanced life style .

Reply to  Nswim
3 years ago

Franklin’s best swim since the WR in London was 2.04.76 at Barcelona WC 2013.

Fastest time from another swimmer since the WR was Seebohm last week. 2.05.68, the joint 7th fastest time ever with Franklin from 2013 US Nationals.

Top 5 Performers W200 back.

1. Franklin – London 2012
2. Coventry – Rome 2009
3. Zueva – Rome 2009
4. Seebohm – Budapest 2017
5. Hosszu – Budapest 2017

Reply to  Boknows34
3 years ago

Oh okay, thanks!

3 years ago

Nice swim from Sullivan. However, she really sprinted that last 100 to get ahead of Twichell when she could’ve just cruised into the finals. Hope she can drop in finals, but I doubt She’ll be much faster.

expert coach
3 years ago

It’s such an encouragement to see all these young stars coming up for the US. With Caleb Dressel, Michael Andrew and Ryan Held on our 4×100 FRR I don’t see us losing at an olympics or world championship for the next 16 years. Funny they’ll all probably also be on our Medley Relay. When is the last time we had 3 guys on both of those relays? Never. The versatility of CD and MA is incredible.

bobo gigi
Reply to  expert coach
3 years ago

Irony? I hope so.

expert coach
Reply to  bobo gigi
3 years ago

you honestly don’t think those three will ever swim a relay together? i’ll be messaging you in 3 years

Reply to  bobo gigi
3 years ago

Certainly echo that, but afraid not …

Reply to  expert coach
3 years ago

Michael Andrew in the same breath as Caleb Dressel is a little more than a stretch. I doubt MA will ever make an Olympic team.

Reply to  expert coach
3 years ago

Andrew can only swim one lap in the adults pool

Reply to  expert coach
3 years ago

i would have put Chadwick , Apple , Held , Pieroni and Haas for the 100/200 range sprinters rising up …..Held is also part of that group .

Reply to  expert coach
3 years ago

Michael Andrew being compared to Caeleb Dressel……Lordy…

Dressel went 48 at 17 and 21.5 at 18. Chalmers was 47.5 at 18 and Cartwright has just done 47.9 at 18. Andrew doesn’t compare not should he be talked about for a senior level team until he actually makes one. He either sticks to 100 breaststroke or doesn’t make it at all.

expert coach
Reply to  Pvdh
3 years ago

explain to me why you didn’t mention 22.0?

Reply to  expert coach
3 years ago

relays are 4 x100 or 4 x200. His 50 time is pretty irrelevant for relay participation. It does seem odd that his only national team qualifying time is the 50 free. I think people were hoping for more out of his 100BR or 200IM this summer.

Reply to  expert coach
3 years ago

Because Dressel went 21.5

Speed Racer
Reply to  Pvdh
3 years ago

I believe Expert Coach was making reference to MA’s 22.03 time at 18 with his 22.0 comment.

Reply to  Speed Racer
3 years ago

I know. Caeleb went 21.5 at 18. He doesn’t belong in the same paragraph as Dressel

Expert Coach is no Expert
Reply to  Pvdh
3 years ago

Michael Andrew’s best chance to make an Olympic team was last year in the 100 BR. There are so many rising high schoolers including Reece Whitley, Daniel Roy, Max Mchug, just to name a few, that will head off to college and learn to swim long course the same way MA did years ago in his training.

Reply to  expert coach
3 years ago

You realize michael andrew didn’t even make junior worlds in 100 free while he’s the oldest guy there right? And that held didn’t make worlds but haas and apple did who are a year younger than him?

expert coach
Reply to  Klorn8d
3 years ago

If i’m not mistaken Haas was with Ryan lochte in the infamous gas station incident. I’ll take someone else thank you.

Reply to  expert coach
3 years ago

You are mistaken, so check your facts before you make a rude comment.

Swim Fan
Reply to  expert coach
3 years ago

You are mistaken – it was Conger not Haas who was with Lochte, Feigen and Bentz in the incident. Haas has a good head on his shoulders.

samuel huntington
Reply to  expert coach
3 years ago

he was not and even if he was, you would write him off because of that?

expert coach
Reply to  samuel huntington
3 years ago

my bad. was thinking of conger. he was there and similar in that both from tx and swim 200 fr.

Reply to  expert coach
3 years ago

You don’t know much, do you?

Speed Racer
Reply to  waterwatereverywhere
3 years ago

No doubt. Expert Coach should go by the handle Michaels Number One Fan ?

Big Calves
Reply to  expert coach
3 years ago


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