2017 U.S. Open: Day 2 Finals Live Recap


Women 400 LC Meter Freestyle

  • American: 3:56.46 8/7/2016 Katie Ledecky
  • U.S. Open: 3:58.44 6/30/2017 Katie Ledecky
  • US Open Meet: 4:05.45 12/20/1987 Janet Evans, Fullerton
  1. GOLD- Erica Sullivan, Sandpipers of Nevada 4:09.43
  2. SILVER- Ashley Twichell, North Carolina Aquatic Club 4:10.89
  3. BRONZE- Taylor Ault, La Mirada Armada 4:11.12

Just like in the morning heats, Erica Sullivan of Sandpipers of Nevada and Ashley Twichell of North Carolina Aquatic Club went at it from the first couple of strokes. Sullivan had a .01 advantage at the 100, then .10 at the 200, but it was still anyone’s race at that point. Sullivan kept pulling away, millimeter by millimeter, and led by 4/10 at the 300. She brought it home over the final 100 to win with 4:09.43, the eighth-fastest time in history for 15-16 girls. Twichell took second in 4:10.89, while La Mirada’s Taylor Ault pulled into third, finishing in 4:11.12.

Stephanie Peters of Marietta Marlins/UGA won the B final with 4:12.76, while Francesca Bertotto of Princeton Piranhas/Rutgers touched second in 4:16.28. Miranda Heckman of Pleasanton Seahawks just touched out Meryn McCann of Athens Bulldog Swim Club for third, 4:16.44 to 4:16.46.

Claire Rasmus of Texas A&M won the C final by a full body length with 4:15.36. Finishing 2nd and were Ruby Martin of Iowa Flyers in 4:16.78 and Molly Kowal of Ohio State with 4:17.02.

Emma Weyant of Sarasota Sharks went 4:17.62 to win the D final over Liberty Williams of Yucapia Swim Team, 4:18.63.

Men 400 LC Meter Freestyle

  • American: 3:42.78 8/10/2008 Larsen Jensen
  • U.S. Open: 3:43.53 6/29/2008 Larsen Jensen
  • US Open Meet: 3:45.63 8/3/2016 Zane Grothe
  1. GOLD- Matt Hutchins, Wisconsin Aquatics 3:48.41
  2. SILVER- Damien Joly, France 3:51.05
  3. BRONZE- Logan Houck, Sandpipers of Nevada 3:51.91

Matt Hutchins of Wisconsin Aquatics was all alone from the first 100, already up by 1 second over Mitch D’Arrigo of Gator Swim Club and Jeff Newkirk of Quest Swimming. France’s Damien Joly moved into second by the 200 and stayed there throughout the rest of the race. He tried to move up on Hutchins but the Badger’s lead (and pace) were just out of reach. Hutchins won with 3:48.41. Joly was second with 3:51.05. Sandpipers of Nevada’s Logan Houck sprinted through the last 100 meters to take third with 3:51.91.

Liam Egan won the B final in 3:52.17, holding off a fast-charging Christopher Weiser of DART (3:52.42) and Joris Bouchaut of France (3:52.52) in the outside lanes.

Cody Bekemeyer of South Carolina won the C final in 3:55.33 over fast-charging Mikey Calvillo of Alamo Area (3:55.52) and Kieran Smith of Ridgefield Aquatic Club (3:55.69).

Lleyton Plattel of Pleasanton Seahawks won the D final in 3:56.69, coming from behind to touch out TC Smith of Sarasota Tsunami, 3:56.97.

Women 200 LC Meter Breaststroke

  • American: 2:19.59 8/2/2012 Rebecca Soni
  • U.S. Open: 2:20.38 7/11/2009 Rebecca Soni
  • US Open Meet: 2:22.51 8/4/2009 Katlin Freeman
  1. GOLD- Chloe Tutton, Swim Wales 2:24.80
  2. SILVER- Vanessa Pearl, Metroplex Aquatics 2:27.05
  3. BRONZE- Andrea Cottrell, Cardinal Aquatics 2:28.18

British Olympian Chloe Tutton of Wales took it out fast, turning in 1:09.19 at the 100, just ahead of Emily Escobedo of Condors Swim Club, who had dropped 2.2 seconds in prelims to post the morning’s top time. Escobedo challenged over the second half and just touched out Tutton but was DQd. Tutton won with 2:24.80. Vanessa Pearl of Metroplex Aquatics was second with 2:27.05, the 11th-fastest swim in 17-18 history. Andee Cottrell of Cardinal Aquatics was third in 2:28.18. Fourth-place Ashley McCauley of Marlins of Raleigh posted the 14th-fastest time in history for 15-16 girls with 2:29.25.

It was an exciting B final as Nashville Aquatic Club’s Allie Raab just touched out Zoe Bartel of Fort Collins Area, 2:29.18 to 2:29.37. Jorie Caneta of Texas A&M got third with 2:30.01.

In the C final, Kentucky’s Madison Winstead had led for 150 meters, but Cady Farlow of Purdue came back to win 2:32.32-2:32.39. Paloma Marrero of Firestone Akron finished third in 2:32.77.

Holly Jansen of Potomac Marlins, with 2:35.60, won the D final over Kaylee Wheeler of Cardinal Aquatics (2:36.15).

Men 200 LC Meter Breaststroke

  • American: 2:07.17 6/30/2016 Josh Prenot
  • U.S. Open: 2:07.17 6/30/2016 Josh Prenot
  • US Open Meet: 2:09.73 8/3/2016 Andrew Wilson
  1. GOLD- George Harley, W Australia IS 2:10.57
  2. SILVER- Jonathan Tybur, Texas A&M 2:11.62
  3. BRONZE- Charlie Swanson, Unattached Michigan 2:12.84

Texas A&M’s Jonathan Tybur got out to a very fast start, turning at 1:02.18 at the 100. He had well over a second’s lead on Australia’s George Harley out in the outside lane. Tybur fell off pace over the next two 50s, though, and Harley used the opportunity to climb back into the race. Harley finished in 2:10.57, a lifetime best, for the win. Tyber was second with 2:11.62, a full second faster than his prelims swim. Charlie Swanson, unattached from Michigan/NOVA of Virginia took third with 2:12.84.

Michael McBryan from North Carolina Aquatic Club had a great back half to overtake leader Matthew Anderson of Stanford Swimming and win the B final with 2:14.84. Also getting his hand to the wall was François Van Wynsberghe of Team Rebel Aquatics with 2:15.59. Anderson was third with 2:15.68.

Texas A&M’s Mauro Castillo won the C final in 2:17.16. Brandon Fronczak of Ohio State was 2:17.93 for 2nd.

Dynamo Swim Club went 1-2 in the D final with Brooks Merkle (2:19.79) over Raunak Khosla (2:19.93).

Women 200 LC Meter Backstroke

  • American: 2:04.06 8/3/2012 Missy Franklin
  • U.S. Open: 2:05.68 6/26/2013 Missy Franklin
  • US Open Meet: 2:08.42 7/30/2008 Hayley McGregory
  1. GOLD- Matea Samardzic, Scarlet Aquatics 2:08.77
  2. SILVER- Lisa Bratton, Texas A&M 2:08.78
  3. BRONZE- Kylie Stewart, Athens Bulldog Swim Club 2:10.20

Matea Samardzic of Scarlet Aquatics turned first at the 100 in 1:03.57 ahead of Texas A&M’s Lisa Bratton, but Bratton was strong over the back half and looked like she might run Samardzic down. Samardzic got her hand to the wall first, though, touching in 2:08.77 to win by 1/100 and set a new Croatian National Record. Bratton went 2:08.78 for second, and Kylie Stewart of Athens Bulldog Swim Club took third with 2:10.20.

Gabby Deloof of Michigan went 2:10.68 to win the B final over Erin Voss 2:11.90 and Ali Galyer 2:11.92.

Jess Unicomb of Wisconsin Aquatics won a close C final in 2:13.89 over Lakeside Swim Team’s Sydney Sell (2:14.07).

Morgan Liberto of Retriever Aquatic Club touched out Mariah Denigan of NKY Clippers 2:15.81-2:15.83 to win the D final.

Men 200 LC Meter Backstroke

  • American: 1:51.92 7/31/2009 Aaron Peirsol
  • U.S. Open: 1:53.08 7/11/2009 Aaron Peirsol
  • US Open Meet: 1:54.59 8/5/2009 Nicholas Thoman
  1. GOLD- Jonathan Roberts, North Texas Nadadores 1:56.88
  2. SILVER- Arkady Vyatchanin, New York Athletic Club 1:57.13
  3. BRONZE- Christopher Reid, Univ Alabama 1:58.95

North Texas Nadadores’ Jonathan Roberts went out first, turning at the 100 wall in 56.84 ahead of New York Athletic Club’s Arkady Vyatchanin, 57.29. Roberts continued to hold the lead, although Vyatchanin outsplit him over the back half. Roberts got the win in 1:56.88. Vyatchanin was second with 1:57.13. Alabama’s Christopher Reid took third in 1:58.95.

Brock Bonetti of Texas A&M closed out the B final with a close win over Josh Artmann, 1:59.44 to 1:59.97.

John Healy of Marlins of Raleigh went 2:01.37 to win the C final, while Quest Swimming’s Ethan Beach was 2:01.80 for 2nd.

Harrison Lierz of Front Range Barracudas took D final in 2:04.34, over Jonah Cooper of Pleasanton Seahawks’ 2:04.61.

Men 4×100 LC Meter Freestyle Relay

  • American: 3:08.24 8/10/2008 USA Olympic Team (M Phelps, G Weber-Gale, C Jones, J Lezak)
  • U.S. Open: 3:11.74 8/20/2010 USA Pan Pacific Team (M Phelps, R Lochte, J Lezak, N Adrian)
  • US Open Meet: M 3:19.06 8/8/2012 Australia (A Abood, K To, M Abood, R Hurley)
  1. GOLD- California Aquatics 3:22.29
  2. SILVER- University of Alabama 3:22.71
  3. BRONZE- Ohio State University 3:22.86

Matt Josa (51.53), Mike Thomas (50.42), Nick Silverthorn (51.11) and Long Gutierrez (49.23) combined to give Cal a 3:22.29 win in the men’s 400 free relay. The Bears came from behind to touch out both Ohio State (Nathan Christian, Andrew Loy, Thomas Trace, and Mark Belanger) and Alabama (Robert Howard, Luke Kaliszak, Christopher Reid, and Laurent Bams), who were 1-2 going into the final leg.

Alabama finished second with 3:22.71, edging Ohio State (3:22.86). Wisconsin was fourth in the heat with 3:23.59, and fourth overall. Stanford, who had won the first heat, finished fifth in 3:24.29.





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bobo gigi
5 years ago

Women’s 400 free. A good win for 16-year-old Erica Sullivan. A new best time. And she said she wasn’t really tapered for that meet as she goes later in the month at world juniors.

Men’s 400 free. Nothing to say

Women’s 200 breast. Too bad for Emily Escobedo. She touched first in 2.22 but was disqualified. Fortunately for her, she swam a great 2.23 in prelims to give her a spot in the US national team. She’s now in the top 3 of the best Americans in that event. Bartel has not improved her times this summer so far so hopefully it will happen at world juniors.

Men’s 200 breast. Nothing to say

Women’s 200 back. Nothing to say

Men’s… Read more »

5 years ago

Jonathan Roberts swam a 1:56 200 back. Pretty fast.

He’s a top 200 freestyler and IM’er. He can pick from a lot of events.

5 years ago

Escobedo 2:22.79!! Wonder why she didn’t swim at trials

Reply to  Wallaby
5 years ago

Meet mobile has her listed as DQ’ing. Is that true, and if so, what happened?

Reply to  Sean
5 years ago

False start. Did seem very obvious as everyone including who I can assume was her coach was shocked. Really great race

Reply to  Wallaby
5 years ago

regardless of DQ, PanPacs with three usa breaststrokers fighting for two finals spots will be great next year now that Escobedo is joining the party.

Reply to  Wallaby
5 years ago

DQ or not I didn’t think we’d see anything of that caliber in this meet

5 years ago

In the men’s 400 free, another good swim for the Sandpipers of Nevada.

Logan Houck moves up from 5th in the prelims to get 3rd in 3:51. His last 100 was 57.10

5 years ago

Erica Sullivan of the Sandpipers of Nevada wins the women’s 400 free in 4:09.

She’s only 16, but apparently she going to swim at Southern Cal next year.

Reply to  marklewis
5 years ago

She is a high school senior (rising), albeit a very young one. She probably has a late August birthday or her school has a later cutoff. Personally, I am a rising senior and I don’t turn 17 until Monday.

Reply to  marklewis
5 years ago

Yikes. No such thing as Southern Cal. Tim Tessalone of the Sports Information Department has been trying to eliminate that term for two decades or more. Granted, it wasn’t successful and there is some blowback among alums.

Not me. I despise it.

SC. Is that so difficult to remember? Everyone in California merely says SC. Well, maybe in Westwood there are other terms.

Regardless, I hear Erica is already preparing to console Katie in 2019 on her runnerup status in the dualie 500.

Katie might be accustomed to it by that point.

Mostly kidding.

5 years ago

Off topic but 48.88 for Michael Chadwick to win Israeli nationals in the 100 free.

Reply to  Swimmer
5 years ago

the nationals? after the worlds? i assume is a different meet?

Reply to  lilaswimmer
5 years ago

Yes. Israel has SCM nationals in December and LCM nationals in July/August(Depands on the European or the world schedule). In April, there are 2 big meets which are considered qualification meets or trials for summer competitions.

DRSWIMPHIL, unfortunately there isn’t a link in English. But I’m sure the results will be uploaded to Swimrankings in a few days/weeks.

Reply to  Swimmer
5 years ago

Is there a link in English for results?

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Anne Lepesant

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