2017 Men’s NCAA Championships: Day 1 Finals Live Recap


The 2017 Men’s NCAA Championships kick off tonight at the IUPUI Natatorium in Indianapolis, Indiana. Swimmers will get the meet started with a quick session, competing in only the 800 free relay tonight.

Texas will look to defend their title in tonight’s race, with 3 of Team USA’s Olympic gold medalists in the 800 free relay stepping up to the plate for the Longhorns: Townley Haas, Jack Conger, and Clark Smith.

Among the challengers looking to upend Texas are the Florida Gators, who have plenty of starpower to potentially use on this relay including the likes of freshman standout and SEC Champion Maxime Rooney, Khader Baqlah, Mitch D’Arrigo, Mark Szaranek, and maybe even Caeleb Dressel.


  • NCAA record: 6:08.03, Texas, 2016
  • American record: 6:10.16, Texas, 2009
  • U.S. Open record: 6:08.03, Texas, 2016
  • 2016 NCAA Champion: 6:08.03, Texas, 2016
  1. NC State- 6:06.53
  2. Texas- 6:08.61
  3. Florida- 6:09.30

In heat 2, USC’s Dylan Carter led off with a phenomenal 1:30.95, making him the 2nd fastest 200 freestyler of all time. Indiana’s Blake Pieroni topped that with a 1:30.87 leadoff in the next heat.

NC State exceeded all expectations tonight, pulling off the upset by a landslide with a new NCAA and U.S. Open Record of 6:06.53. Ryan Held led them off in 1:31.37, followed by teammates Andreas Vazaios (1:32.23), Justin Ress (1:32.26), and Soeren Dahl (1:30.67).

Texas followed, finishing just half a second shy of their former NCAA Record. The team of Jack Conger (1:31.54), Jeff Newkirk (1:33.25), Clark Smith (1:33.49), and Townley Haas (1:30.42) set a new American Record, breaking the former mark of 6:10.16 set by Texas in 2009.

Florida’s Mark Szaranek put up a 1:31.46 anchor split to help the Gators take 3rd, running down Cal’s Ryan Murphy (1:32.06). Andrew Seliskar had the fastest split for the Bears, turning in a 1:31.58 on the 2nd leg.

Harvard’s Dean Farris (1:31.31) and Stanford’s Tom Kremer (1:31.75) were also in the 1:31-range from a rolling start.


  1. NC State                           40   2. Texas                              34
  3. Florida                            32   4. California                         30
  5. Southern Cali                      28   6. Univ of Georgia                    26
  7. Stanford                           24   8. Louisville                         22
  9. Indiana                            18  10. Wisconsin                          14
 11. Michigan                           12  12. Auburn                             10
 13. South Carolina                      8  14. Harvard                             6
 15. Arizona State                       4  16. Missouri                            2

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Attila the Runt

Has anyone mentioned Dean Farris is swimming this meet?


All you Dean Farris haters


I was going to start replacing Chuck Norris’ name with Dean Farris’ in all those jokes, but Chuck Norris emailed me a round house kick before I could.


What I learned from the women meet and last year: who has the fastest split of this relay will win the 200 free.


Worked last year at the men’s meet too.


The person that swims the fastest 200 free will win the 200 free?

Winnie Pearl

Sounds like John Madden has joined the SwimSwam comments section!


Harvard 4×200 Free Relay: Dean Farris, Dean Farris, Dean Farris, Dean Farris

Attila the Runt



If Dean Farris wins the 200 free, the Ivy League will change its name to the Dean Farris League. Ivies will become Deanies.

Attila the Runt

Harvard will be known simply as “The House that Dean Built.”


Swimming = The Sport that Dean Created


Phelps gets demoted to SGOAT.

outside smoke

maybe they’ll make Dean the Dean?

….i’ll see myself out

Joel Lin

Bobby Hackett was pretty good.

Then again, I’m old. Sigh.

Attila the Runt

Charlie Campbell, Hess Yntema, Ross Wales. You think you’re old.


Why does no one remember Righi

tea rex

Or Chris Swanson for that matter???


He swam the mile. Not an event people actually enjoy watching

Attila the Runt

Plus everyone watching thought he was getting lapped, thanks to Rowdy’s commentary.


Best event IMO

Pau Hana

David Berkoff, Tony Corbisero, Nelson Diebel and the 200 medley relay….


He went to Yale.

Fork It

Who went to Yale? Ferris Bueller?

Steve Nolan

Or one of SwimSwam’s greatest contributors and a guy whose name makes it seem like he was in charge of a British colony back in the 1500s, “David Cromwell!

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