2014 Men’s NCAA Championships: Day 3 Ups/Downs

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To view the day 3 prelims recap, click here. 

Cal Berkeley has the most swims tonight with 7 up and 3 down. Texas has 4 up and 4 down, and Florida has 4 up and 3 down for tonight. This does not include the mile, but Cal has two swimmers in the event and Texas has three. All are within scoring range. Jeremy Bagshaw for Cal and Sam Lewis for Texas are the best position for A final points. The information in parentheses is based on the psych sheet.

Team200 Back100 Free200 Breast200 Fly400 Fr-RTotals
AlabamaNone (None)1 Down (None)1 Up (1 Up)None (None)1 Up (1 Up)2/1 (2/0)
ArizonaNone (None)2 Down (1 Down)1 Up (1 Up)1 Up (None)1 Down (1 Down)2/1 (1/2)
ASUNone (None)3 Down (None)None (None)1 Down (1 Down)None (None)0/1 (0/1)
Auburn1 Down (1 Down)2 Up / 1 Down (2 Up)None (None)1 Down (1 Down)1 Up (1 Up)3/3 (3/2)
BrownNone (None)None (None)None (None)None (1 Up)None (None)0/0 (1/0)
California2 Up (1 Up)1 Up / 1 Down (2 Down)2 Up (1 Down)1 Up / 1 Down (1 Down)1 Up (1 Up)7/2 (2/4)
CSU BakersfieldNone (None)None (None)None (None)None (None)None (None)0/0 (0/0)
DartmouthNone (None)None (None)None (1 Down)None (None)None (None)0/0 (0/1)
Florida1 Down (1 Down)1 Up (None)2 Down (1 Up)2 Up (2 Up)1 Up (1 Up)4/3 (4/1)
Florida StNone (None)None (1 Down)None (None)1 Down (1 Down)None (None)0/1 (0/2)
Georgia1 Down (1 Down)None (None)1 Up (1 Up)None (1 Up)1 Down (None)1/2 (2/1)
Georgia TechNone (None)None (None)None (None)None (1 Down)None (None)0/0 (0/1)
HarvardNone (None)None (None)None (1 Down)None (None)None (None)0/0 (0/1)
Indiana1 Up (1 Up / 1 Down)None (None)1 Up (1 Up)1 Up (None)None (None)3/0 (2/1)
KentuckyNone (None)None (None)None (None)None (None)None (None)0/0 (0/0)
LouisvilleNone (None)1 Up (1 Up)2 Down (None)None (None)1 Down (1 Up)1/3 (2/0)
MichiganNone (None)None (1 Down)1 Up (1 Up)2 Up (2 Up)1 Down (1 Up)3/1 (4/1)
MinnesotaNone (None)1 Down (1 Up)None (None)1 Down (None)None (1 Down)0/2 (1/1)
MissouriNone (None)None (None)1 Up (1 Down)None (None)None (None)1/0 (0/1)
NavyNone (None)None (None)None (1 Down)None (None)None (None)0/0 (0/1)
NC State1 Down (1 Up)1 Down (1 Up)None (None)1 Up (1 Up)1 Up (1 Up)2/2 (4/0)
Notre DameNone (None)None (None)None (1 Up)None (1 Down)None (None)0/0 (1/1)
Ohio StNone (1 Down)None (None)None (None)None (None)1 Down (1 Down)0/1 (0/2)
Penn St.None (1 Down)1 Up (1 Up)None (None)None (None)1 Down (1 Down)1/1 (1/2)
PurdueNone (None)None (None)1 Down (1 Up)None (None)None (None)0/1 (1/0)
Stanford1 Up (1 Up)None (None)None (None)1 Down (None)1 Down (None)1/2 (1/0)
Tennessee1 Up (1 Up)1 Down (1 Up)None (None)None (None)1 Up (1 Up)2/1 (3/0)
Texas2 Up / 2 Down (1 Up)1 Up / 1 Down (1 Down)1 Down (1 Down)None (1 Down)1 Up (1 Down)4/4 (1/4)
Texas A&MNone (None)None (None)None (None)None (None)None (1 Down)0/0 (0/1)
UNCNone (None)None (None)None (None)None (1 Up)None (None)0/0 (1/0)
UNLVNone (None)None (None)None (None)None (None)1 Down (1 Down)0/1 (0/1)
USCNone (None)1 Up (1 Down)None (None)None (None)1 Up (1 Down)2/0 (0/2)
UtahNone (None)None (1 Up)None (None)None (None)None (None)0/0 (1/0)
Virginia1 Down (1 Down)None (None)1 Down (1 Down)None (None)None (None)0/2 (0/2)
Virginia Tech1 Down (1 Down)None (None)None (None)None (1 Down)None (None)0/1 (0/2)
WyomingNone (None)None (None)None (None)None (None)None (None)0/0 (0/0)
WisconsinNone (1 Up)None (None)1 Down (None)None (None)None (None)0/1 (1/0)
WKUNone (None)None (None)None (1 Down)None (None)None (None)0/0 (0/1)
WVU1 Up (None)None (None)None (None)None (None)None (None)1/0 (0/0)


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28 Comments on "2014 Men’s NCAA Championships: Day 3 Ups/Downs"

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2 years 6 months ago

Do you guys only have stock Photos of Cal? Or do they only make up 80% of your photos?

2 years 6 months ago

I’ll stop being so aggressively passive aggressive.. 🙂

I want more pictures across teams! I think I’ve seen maybe one picture of Michigan, for example! The pictures have been overwhelmingly of Cal.

Tom shields
2 years 6 months ago

Damn straight

Red Riding Hood
2 years 6 months ago

Looking purely at the thumbnails on the front page the following teams are represented:

Florida: X3
Michigan: X1
Texas: X2
Cal: X2
Louisville: X1
Georgia: X1
Arizona: X1

2 years 6 months ago

I am whining about nothing? I could be whining about nothing. It wouldn’t be the first time 🙂

2 years 6 months ago

Im not sure if its illegal but i saw funk from Michigan take a stroke into the wall but no breaststroke kick, only a fly kick. He didn’t do it the third 50 but did it every other wall.

2 years 6 months ago

it is legal…the cycle is pull then kick…..you may take a pull into the wall (if it followed a breaststroke kick from the previous cycle)….but not two pulls or two kicks.

2 years 6 months ago

Cal had the best morning so the pic is of Cal. Last year when Michigan was rolling, the pics were of Michigan.

Joel Lin
2 years 6 months ago

Paul, No Stanford pictures because no-one in Cardinal has smiled all week. No Michigan pictures after Bottom’s psychedelic plaid swag fried the camera color lens.

Just Bears, baby.

2 years 6 months ago

Favorite comment of the day, on any story.

2 years 6 months ago


…don’t know how this acronym was approved by the farm boys

2 years 6 months ago


Go home. You’re drunk.

Jim Gaughran
2 years 6 months ago

Could someone ask Rowdy,or whoever is in charge of the ESPN t.v. coverage, to show the scoreboard with entries before the race starts, and with places and times after the race, so we know who is swimming, where they placed, and what their times were. In his commentary during races he almost never identifies swimmers, and is always late in spotting swimmers in outside lanes who may be leading the field.

2 years 6 months ago

Big +1 on your suggestion! This lack of basic visual info must make the races even more confusing for viewers who aren’t swimming fans.

Much as Rowdy is loved, he tends to stick to his usual technical spiel on side-breathing or not being able to see the swimmer in the adjacent lane. Or, even worse, talks about just 1 or 2 swimmers that he thinks has a chance to win, and gets off on irrelevant tangents to the detriment of all the important action happening at the time.

Even omitted mention of Cal for much of the 200 MR yesterday even when they were clearly in the lead…

2 years 6 months ago

The regular meet announcer is better. I rather hear him than Rowdy

2 years 6 months ago

Hey Jim! Hope you are streaming from the island, and Makapuu is poppin so when the live feed sucks this afternoon you can easily forget about it and go catch some waves 🙂

2 years 6 months ago

Completely agree with comments about the announcing. The pool announcer is so well versed in the history of the swimmers and the pertinent facts. His enthusiasm is welcomed. If Rowdy uses the phrase “dark horse” one more time….

2 years 6 months ago

Love seeing Texas swimmers supporting their divers through prelims……………..

something needs to change, NCAA.

I hope Texas feels really great……
swimming like a 3rd or 4th place team.

swimswam? Divedove.

2 years 6 months ago

UT had 1 up / 1 down in platform diving

2 years 6 months ago

If Texas wins every heat of finals and Cal finishes below them that would be 165-150 points with Texas on top without the mile – more likely to be 80-102 in favor of Cal thus winning meet by 10-15 points.

2 years 6 months ago

In the pic up there, is Coxxy on fire? Breathing fire? Smoking hot? All of the above?

2 years 6 months ago

Is there going to be video streaming of the 1650 heat that includes Texas’s Sam Lewis seeded 15 and Cal’s Jeremy Bagshaw seeded 16? If so, when and the link?

2 years 6 months ago
2 years 6 months ago

1650 did not go Texas way 🙁

Joel Lin
2 years 6 months ago

University Avenue in Berkeley…where the ethnic food is best in America and the men’s swim team ain’t so bad either.

2 years 6 months ago

I’m not even an american not have I ever swum/participated in US college swimming, but I HATE that a team with bigger swimming score could lose to a team with lower swimming score (but with much bigger diving score)

Why can’t CAL have one or two good diver?


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