16 Things You Didn’t Know About Ryan Lochte

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1. Pablo Morales is his idol. Morales was the world record holder for the 100m butterfly from 1986-1995, and won the event at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games.

2. He got serious about swimming at 14, when he lost at the Junior Olympics. As a youngster Lochte was more often found horsing around during practice than paying attention to the workout. That changed after a humbling performance at the J.O.’s as a 14 year old.

3. He graduated from the University of Florida in 2007. During Lochte’s time with the Gators he would be named NCAA swimmer of the year on two occasions while majoring in sports management.

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4. 3x FINA Swimmer of the Year. Since 2010 Lochte has been the FINA Male Swimmer of the Year three times, with Phelps taking the other title in 2012.

5. He raked in an estimated $2.3 million in 2012. Thanks in part to a solid line-up of sponsors, including Speedo, Gatorade, Nissan, Ralph Lauren and AT&T, Lochte earned just north of a cool $2 million the year of the London Olympics.

6. Lochte Inc. Aside from sponsorships, Lochte has also developed a core workout video, titled“Lochte Hardcore,” a video he created with his long-time trainer Matt DeLancey.

7. He does a heap of charity work. Lochte is very active with his philanthropy, donating time and money to numerous causes. The Mac Crutchfield Foundation, started for a 12 year old boy from Tallahassee who drowned during a rainstorm, is one of Lochte’s causes. The foundation puts on events, usually headlined by Lochte, to raise money for swim scholarships.

8. One of his idols snubbed him for an autograph when he was an age-grouper. As a 10 year old Lochte was denied an autograph by one of his swimming idols. As a result, he does everything he can to accommodate fan requests.

9. He’d love to meet the President. In a Q&A session he did with his followers on Twitter, Lochte was asked who the one person he’d want to meet that he hadn’t yet. His answer? The President.

10. His diet in Beijing was all Golden Arches. Lochte’s diet during the Beijing Games was McDonalds for “breakfast, lunch and dinner.” Lochte explained the choice by saying that he “was comfortable with that. I knew what I was getting.”

11. He swam across the Hudson River to deliver a pretzel pizza. Jumping off of a ferry in the murky Hudson River, with a pizza strapped to his back – seriously – Lochte swam the hundred yards or so to shore for a promotion for Combos Pizza.

12. His mortal enemy is not Michael Phelps, but scooters. Not once but twice has Lochte injured himself while wrecking scooters; once in the run-up to the 2007 World Championships, and again four years later before the 2011 FINA Worlds in Shanghai.

13. His dad coached him as a kid. His father Steve coached him as a youngster in Daytona Beach, where Ryan was more often found in the showers for being kicked out of practice.

14. Lochte guest starred on ’30 Rock.’ Just months after London, Lochte dipped his toes into the competitive waters of the entertainment industry by playing a version of himself on the hit NBC show 30 Rock. He would also appear on the CW’s 90210 playing himself, setting up his foray into reality television with What Would Ryan Lochte Do?

15. He is a Lil Wayne aficionado. Besides naming his dog Carter after the rapper, Lochte also had some lyrics over his bed in Gainesville from Weezy: “My flow is art, unique. My flow can part the sea. The only thing on a mind of a shark is eat. By any means, and you’re just sardines.”

16. Despite not being known as an in-season swimmer, Lochte can unleash in-practice speed. Don Burton, head coach of the Guelph Marlins Aquatic Club took his swimmer Andrew Ford to train with Lochte and Gregg Troy in Florida two months before the US Olympic Trials in 2012. At the tail end of a week of training Troy had everyone do 6 x 100 all-out (long course meters) on 6 minutes. Lochte swam a 50.1 and 51.1 doing freestyle, and a 54.9 for a 100m butterfly.

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Sir Swimsalot
7 years ago

Ouch, and he almost had his shot to meet the president too.

Joel Lin
7 years ago

I once noticed Ryan headed out from a prelims session at the Santa Clara International. There was about 50 kids waiting to get an autograph & get a picture with him. Anyone can sign 50ish times and pose for 50ish pictures in 10. He was there for more than a half hour. He told a couple of his teammates he was leaving with to just go & he’d get a ride later or call Uber. All the time every kid wanted, Ryan gave without ever making anyone feel hurried or not important to him.

He made some mistakes of course, but he’s been this guy for as long as we’ve seen him around the sport.

Dawn Blair
7 years ago

I worked at the YMCA for 12 years. Ive worked with both his parents and knew him since he was a young boy. They cam to the YMCA I. Port Orange in 1993. Great Family. Love them, great people!!

Earl Shook
7 years ago

I love watching Ryan Lochte in the water. Am a big supporter of his, and will always be a fan, would like to meet Ryan some day, he’s a good guy who deserves lots of backing right now. Earl

James Tuthill
7 years ago

Get a real job !

7 years ago

I think he should loose the privilege of being a Olympian! He is old enough to know better

7 years ago

Now we know 17 things about Lochte !

7 years ago

He is also a a liar!

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