12 Reasons Why You Will Love SwimSwam Magazine

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January 07th, 2016 College, Industry, Lifestyle, News, Open Water, Training


SwimSwam Magazine is the opposite of every swimming magazine you have seen in the past.


SwimSwam Magazine is a large format magazine, printed on thick paper that will stand up to your permanently pruned fingers.


SwimSwam Magazine has a spine and is not held together by staples. Why? Because it’s big, and we invested in a better product.


SwimSwam Magazine is not overrun by ads. While we appreciate sponsor support, you don’t want a magazine where every other page is an ad.  Sponsors don’t like magazines overrun by ads. They want selective, premium placement, and the opportunity to wow you and be unique.


SwimSwam Magazine looks and feels like a major sports mag, because our sport deserves an A-list publication.


SwimSwam Magazine has a high production finish. When you get it, feel the texture of the cover and you’ll know we invested in a product you can appreciate.


Compare SwimSwam Magazine to your favorite magazines on any topic. You’ll love that we treat swimming like it deserves.


When your non-swimming friends see SwimSwam Magazine on your coffee or bedside table, they’ll know you participate in a great sport, one to be respected.


SwimSwam Magazine is quarterly, four, big, fat issues that follow the seasons. We’ll cover everything you need for the season ahead, and put into context the swimming history that has just been made.


The 2015 Year in Review is the first issue, and you can get it through Feb 28th, 2016. Michael Phelps graces the cover (and the image above is from his cover story feature, Michael Phelps Reborn). He is reborn this year, and we hear from 21 of his Olympic peers. We get their perspective from unique personal moments over Phelps’ long career.


Future issues of SwimSwam Magazine will be even bigger and better, especially with the Olympics on horizon. We’ll tease those issues as they rollout.


What we’re not going to do: sacrifice any of the content on our website that has been enjoyed by over 1 million unique readers each month. You don’t pick up a magazine to read about who won the NCAA Championships 4 weeks ago. You pick up a magazine to go deeper, to get inside of the sport in a format that must be felt as it’s read, not clicked on.


To knock you over with each issue, producing a must-have magazine that feels like a collector’s item.

To produce unique features never before seen in swimming media.

To present swimming like it should be, the greatest sport on earth.

At SwimSwam, we love the sport, and we love changing the paradigm of how it’s presented. For far too long swimming magazines have been the same, and it our goal to deliver something spectacular, a magazine you will be excited about getting every single time a new issue is released.

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