104-year-old Jaring Timmerman sets two world records and becomes oldest Masters swimmer in history

  11 Jared Anderson | January 27th, 2014 | Canada, International, Lifestyle, Masters, News

Some persevering swimmers have to wait until they’re nearly 30 years old to finally feel the thrill of breaking a world record. Jaring Timmerman of Winnipeg waited until he was 100.

The World record-holder in four events in the Masters 100-104 age group added two more world records this week, these in the unprecedented 105-109 age bracket, a category no swimmer in Canadian history has competed in.

Timmerman, who turns 105 in a month, which qualifies him to compete for records in the 105-109 age group, went what his son said was a lifetime-best 3:09.55 in the 50-meter back at the Katherine Kerr Pentathlon over the weekend, following that up with a 2:52.48 in the 50 meter free. Both will stand as world records for the age group.

Starting a sport at age 79 could be considered a pretty late start. But Timmerman has now ground out a longer swimming career than even most collegiate swimmers. Now with two more world records under his belt, it’s safe to say Timmerman has made the most of his late arrival on the swimming scene.



  1. warren montgomery says:

    people make jokes bout age some young people r a new brand of laziness

  2. WOW!!! Good for him. He is an inspiration for people all over the world

  3. Graham Short says:

    Purely inspiring. Makes me proud to me a fellow masters swimmer.

  4. Swimfollower says:

    This is amazing!! I will never say I’m old again. So inspiring in so many ways!!

  5. The beach says:

    A couple of questions:
    Does he do any dryland work?
    Does he do track starts?

    • The Shore says:

      And some follow-ups:

      Which speed drills does he focus on?
      Does he train like a yardage hound, or subscribe to USRPT?
      What brand swimsuit does he wear?

      … Please people, recognize this is all just for fun comments. I’m very thrilled to hear of the human possibility to still be swimming, regardless of time, at 105 years old!!!

    • TykeL says:

      Incredibly he was still diving from the blocks at 103 yrs when I saw him swim at CAN masters nationals!

  6. More proof that swimmers are amazing.

  7. Chuck Beatty says:

    Well done, Mr. Timmerman! You are an inspiration. With any luck, I’ll be chasing your records in 50 years.

  8. Swimming keeps us young! Great job, Jaring!

  9. CUrio says:

    Amazing! Everyone should learn from his open and positive attitude. No matter how old you are, you can still swim.

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