Articles by JesseK

Twas The Night Before Taper

“Twas the night before taper, when all through the house…Not a swimmer was stirring; their lights were all out.” (Swim Photo Credit: GER)


Breaking News: Michael Phelps Halloween Trick or Treat

Swim News: “Michael Phelps decided to hand out something besides candy to the Trick-Or-Treaters.” (Swim Photo Credit: Tim Binning, the swim pictures)


Michael Phelps: His Greatest Achievement at the Ryder Cup

Swim News: “During a taping of the Ryder Cup-themed “Feherty Live” Phelps was introduced to his life-long idol, Michael Jordan.” (Swim Photo Credit: Phelps HQ)


Why I Chose Swimming

“Some kids have a winding, twisting, arm-breaking road to swimming. Jesse’s journey was exactly that, and more!” (Photo Credit: Tim Binning, theswimpictures)


The Best Swimmer Endorsement Deals

“Anthony Ervin’s Baby Tattoo Parlor” (Photo Credit: Tim Binning, theswimpictures)


When I Was Fifteen – a Memoir by Jesse Kubanet

Last week, I watched, mouth agape, just like the rest of the world, as fifteen-year-old Katie Ledecky absolutely crushed the…


Space Swam

From the creator of “The Swim Bachelor,” Jesse Kubanet brings us his first feature-length film “Space Swam”. (With a brilliant assist to Mike Lewis of for the trailer-picture.


The Swim Bachelor

Don’t tase me, brah! (Photo Courtesy: ©Tim Binning/


Speedo Needs to Head Back to the Aqua lab

Adventures in Swimming with Jesse Kubanet. (Photo Courtesy: ©Tim Binning/