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The FINIS Neptune is like no other waterproof MP3 on the market. Although it has been largely successful in nearly 70 countries around the world, many competitive swimmers and coaches are quick to write the Neptune off. Understanding the technology and the applications of Bone Conduction Audio during training will revolutionize the way swimmers perform in large blocks of training.

New Neptune MP3 Player with Bone Conduction

New Neptune MP3 Player with Bone Conduction

The 3-piece design of the Neptune is missing one important feature: ear buds; and for good reason. Traditional ear buds rely on air to transmit sound to the inner ear and therefore require a seal to be made against the water. As soon as that seal becomes compromised, the audio from the device is distorted and unrecognizable. Bone Conduction technology uses vibrations to transmit songs, audiobooks, and podcasts straight to the inner ear, giving the user the sensation that their favorite playlist is drumming “inside” their head. The hydrodynamic clips secure to the goggles and hold the device in place while swimming.

The beauty of Bone Conduction Technology is that the sound is amplified once the head is submersed under the surface of the water. This allows you to clearly engage in conversations and listen to coaches while you are resting on the wall. There is also a Play/Pause button located on the side of the device, allowing you to take a break from your music at a moment’s notice.

The Neptune MP3 can hold nearly 1,000 of your favorite songs, and the high-contrast OLED screen offers access to Playlists and other device functions. Uploading audio to the device is easy: simply plug the device into your USB port and drag-and-drop the files onto the drive. The Neptune will simultaneously charge in this manner and can also be connected through any Universal Wall Charger.

Learn what people around the world have had to say about our Neptune MP3 by visiting our Press site, or simply clicking the image below.

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