What does the Olympic Manager job entail?

First ever female Olympic Manager, Bev Montrella shares what managers do and how they help the athletes and team be at their best.

She was on my trips in the 80s and early 90s, and she was great!

The Olympic Manager job is an important one! The lead manager makes sure that the athletes are well taken care of, that events are all lined up properly, and much more.

Check it out!



Katrina is an Olympic Swimmer, and Bestselling Author of Be Your Best Without the Stress, where she shares her own Olympic story, and tools for you to realize your true potential.

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10 years ago

Wait a minute!

Wasn’t Susan Teeter the Olympic team manager back in ’96?

Reply to  Katrina Radke
10 years ago

Thanks, Trina! I’m enjoying your coverage. Keep up the good work!!

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