100% Clean Samples from US Olympic Trials

  6 Braden Keith | July 17th, 2012 | National, News, U.S. Olympic Trials

NBC analyst and USA Swimming superhero Rowdy Gaines revealed today via Twitter that the full results of the doping controls from the US Olympic Trials are in, and they came back 100% clean. This will be a relief for the American fans, as with such a late trials date, any positive tests can cause chaos ahead of the Olympics.

Of course, in the modern day of sophisticated doping, we can no longer assume that this means that all athletes were 100% enhancement free. In the mind of a cynic, any impressive sporting result in this millenium are suspect.

But at least we can take solace that the American team passed their tests for everything that every other country is tested for and by the same, standardized procedures; and the full list of 49 will be present in London.

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A good job for a urine fetishist.

The recent Lance Armstrong doping case started getting me thinking – why aren’t swimmers really suspected as being dopers? I can’t watch a single track meet without assuming everyone is “drugged to the gills,” same with cycling.

They can’t all really be clean though, right? There’s too much at stake.

There’s not much money around in swimming (compared to professional cycling) so there’s a lot less doping.
You really have to win 8 olympics golds to get same amount of money available to top cyclists.

I mean, there’s money in it though. Think of a fringe national team guy – don’t think they’d have all the incentive in the world to dope up?

Jean Michel

Us swimming : thumbs up !


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