What a Swimmer Does When The Going Gets Tough

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April 08th, 2015 Lifestyle, Training

Couresy of Josh Brown

Swimming is a sport of many things – those early mornings where we have to drag ourselves to the pool to swim, those late nights where we find ourselves falling asleep around midnight only to know we will be up early the next morning to repeat the same thing. But we know it’s not in vain. Those long, long hours in the pool are all worth it when we touch that wall and destroy our best time, win the event, or even set a new record! Those moments we replay in our heads forever. But what happens when we find ourselves struggling for weeks, months, or even an entire season just to improve? How do we know that we can achieve another best time or record-breaking swim?


Check yourself outside of the pool. Check your life; what’s going on? Slow down in order to maintain the level of focus you need so you can improve. Whether you’re dealing with relationship issues, schoolwork, other sports, or you’re just off track, it all affects your performance in the pool. If you want to succeed in the pool you need to make sure that the small day-to-day issues outside of the pool don’t distract you from achieving your goals.


See if you really want it that badly. What if you’re not swimming the way you would like simply because you’ve lost the drive to succeed? Maybe you are telling yourself you don’t care anymore and it’s hopeless. Test yourself; see if you really do want what it takes by talking to a coach or a friend. Maybe ask for that extra hundred at the end of the set even when the coach says you don’t have to. Maybe show up early to practice one day. Take that extra step in training.


Your coaches, true friends, and family all want what is best for you. AND SO DO YOU! Trust in your ability to persevere and realize that no one or nothing will stop you from achieving your goals. The countless hours of training – those early mornings where you roll out of bed and into a pool, and those late nights where you collapse on your bed when you get home – all of this packed into your small swimmer’s body will pay off and you know it!

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