Wasserlust: The Aquatic Art of Kerstin Kuntze

Kerstin Kuntze is a photographer with a passion for swimming. In her Wasserlust series, she connects her art with the joy of swimming. The graphic editing reveals the core and opens new connections – often the image dissolves into almost abstract shapes and colors.

Kerstin, a native of Cologne, Germany, has been a professional artist for 16 years after over a decade spent working at major advertising agencies.

Picture making has always been an internal compulsion; my first urges began as a child, “I was always drawing” – these impulses continuing through to the present.

Today, I create utilizing photography melded with graphic infusion. My search for the core of human being drives me. My artwork displays a wide range of emotions embodying colors from darkest black to fieriest red. I sincerely desire that these mirrors of my passion and the intensities of my emotion will touch you in a personal way.

What I’d like to show, is the core – the intensity of feeling life skindeep.

My art should breathe, what I love most about swimming.

The force of the water that reaches the body – exhaling all the discomforts – the connectivity – floating – being carried –  the pleasure of loosing yourself – a primal force that makes you feel life in full extent.

It’s not just about swimming – my pictures become a parable for ‘being’.

A tribute to life – to the power of now.


Artist: Kerstin Kuntze



Artist: Kerstin Kuntze



Artist: Kerstin Kuntze



Artist: Kerstin Kuntze



Artist: Kerstin Kuntze



Artist: Kerstin Kuntze

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I guess….

Kari K

These are gorgeous!

Kerstin Kuntze

Thank you 🙂

Kerstin Kuntze

Thank you so much Braden & Lauren!!

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