WADA: Doping Records Of 145 Russian Athletes Falsified

Per Japanese news outlet Kyodo, the World Anti-Doping Agency has determined that the doping records of at least 145 Russian athletes have been tampered with. according to internal WADA documents published Tuesday by Russian state-owned news agency TASS. No specific names or identifying information about the athletes were revealed.

According to the report compiled by WADA’s Compliance Review Committee, WADA suspects the doping data of up to 298 athletes have been tampered with. Of those, 145 cases have now been so classified. The document indicated further investigation of the remaining 153 athletes is necessary in order to make a determination on them.

The committee has recommended Russia be banned from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics and from major sports events for a period of four years. The organization’s Intelligence & Investigations department, along with independent forensics experts, have been looking into the data from the Moscow lab and gave a report to the Compliance Review Committee (CRC), which in turn passed its recommendation to the Executive Committee (ExCo).

RUSADA was deemed non-compliant in November of 2015. The International Olympic Committee didn’t choose to ban all Russian athletes from competing at the 2016 Olympics, though the 2016 Paralympic Games did blanket ban Russia and its athletes, and so did the governing body for Olympic track & field, the IAAF. Many Russian swimmers saw their Olympic eligibility swing back and forth until days before the Olympics, though most of the nation’s top athletes did indeed compete in Rio.

WADA banned Russia’s Anti-Doping Agency in 2015 in response to the country’s systematic doping effort as host of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

Russia was reinstated as compliant earlier in February of this year, although they may face yet another Games ban after WADA officials discovered that Russian athletes’ failed drug tests had been erased from a critical data set.

While some 260 Russian athletes competed at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, the International Paralympic Committee barred the Russian delegation from its competition in Rio.

At the Pyeongchang Games last year, Russian athletes who met strict requirements were able to compete under the Olympic flag as neutrals representing the Olympic Athletes from the Russia team.

WADA‘s Executive Committee will meet on Dec. 9 to discuss the recommendation.

We’ve reached out to WADA for comment and were told that through the Intelligence and Investigations (I&I) Department WADA, along with independent forensic experts, is the body that carried out the process of collection, collation and authentication of the data from the Moscow Laboratory. As such, any manipulation/falsification discovered will have been done so by WADA. The I&I submitted its report to the Compliance Review Committee (CRC), which in turn has made a recommendation to the Executive Committee. They won’t have any further comment available until after the Executive Committee’s meeting on Dec. 9.

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Ol' Longhorn

Shocked, I sayl.


Cmon just tell us the names already


I am as big of an advocate for athletes being clean, but I really hope Russia is not banned from the 2020 Tokyo Games. It would be such a shame to not see Morozov, Rylov, Kolesnikov, Chupkov, Prigoda, Grinev, Efimova, etc… at the Olympics. IMO, the Olympics should showcase the best athletes from around the world. I think a good solution would be to test all of the big names in Russian athletics now, and then again in the early summer as well as at the start of the Games. I would hate for the clean Russian swimmers (I know that Efimova and Morozov have had controversy in the past, but I’m assuming they’ve been clean over the last couple… Read more »


How many years have they had to get things in place? Why should the world sporting community set up an expensive, separate testing regime after Russia have had 5 years to get it right?
Nothing else has worked. A blanket ban might.


I agree it will be a shame to miss seeing some of those names at Tokyo but if any of their names are in the list of records tampered with they really shouldn’t be there. I also hope that any athletes with no evidence of tampering are allowed to compete independently.

Casas 100 back gold in Tokyo

At least I hope Rylov will be there. He’s young, didn’t have any history and I love his technique. Also, my boy Casas’ gold medal moment wouldn’t be as fantastic if one of the strongest competitors was not in Tokyo!


Casas Gold? Might as well say Cody Miller for 1 Breast Gold

Casas 100 back gold in Tokyo

Who do you think will get gold, if not Casas? 🤔I can’t think of too many potential names.
It took 52.4 to win gold in Gwangju. Casas was 52.7, not far away. (Check what Ryan Murphy’s time in Kazan was). It will definitely require more than 52.4 to take gold in Tokyo, but if someone will swim faster than this year and grab gold, why can’t it be Casas? He’s still on the rise. His chances are definitely much higher than Miller’s.

2 Cents

You are not wrong. But I would still put my money on Murphy. Casas for Silver is a better argument, and one that I can get on board with.


I would only really miss them at the competition if I was sure they were clean, and as of now, you can’t say that about any Russian athlete

2 Cents

Why assume a previous cheater is now clean when all this info is coming out?? Also, why would you want to see their top swimmers when it was just proven that so many have been cheating the system?? Wouldn’t the top ones be the most suspect?? I mean, C’mon man!

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