WADA Advisory Group To Review Cannabis’ Status As A Banned Substance

The question of whether or not cannabis belongs on the banned substance list will be reviewed next year by an advisory group to the World Anti-Doping Agency.


WADA Declares Eight Anti-Doping Organizations Non-Compliant

The national agencies from Montenegro, Romania, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia and the German Community of Belgium were among those declared non-compliant.

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Tokyo 2020: I Test Antidoping Hanno Rilevato 4 Violazioni Nell’Atletica

I primi positivi al doping dalle Olimpiadi di Tokyo hanno identificato 4 atleti, tutti uomini che  hanno gareggiato nell’ atletica leggera.

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WADA Annuncia Un Nuovo Metodo Di Analisi Del Sangue (DBS)

La WADA annuncia un nuovo metodo di analisi antidoping che prevede l’uso di macchie di sangue secco, il metodo ha molti benefici.

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WADA, Sport Integrity Australia’s Shayna Jack Appeal Hearing Set For June

Australia’s Shayna Jack is back in the water but it may be short-lived depending on what happens at her appeal hearings next month.


Banned Aussie Swimmer Shayna Jack Is Back In The Water

Read the latest concerning Australia’s Shayna Jack, the freestyle ace who is currently under suspension for having tested positive for a banned substance.


WADA: Il Numero Dei Test Antidoping Torna Ai Livelli Pre Pandemia

L’Agenzia Mondiale Antidoping (WADA) ha aumentato i livelli di test con il rapido avvicinarsi dei Giochi Olimpici di Tokyo 2021.

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USOPC and USADA Call for WADA Reform

The USOPC and USADA are calling for increased transparency, accountability, and more athlete involvement as part of WADA reform.

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NSW District Lawyer Speaks Up In Defense Of Shayna Jack

Support of banned Shayna Jack continues to grow, as another prominent figure has voiced his backing of the Australian sprint star.


Presidente FISU Revocato Dalla Carica Finchè Durano Sanzioni Russia

Il presidente della Federazione Internazionale Sport Universitari (FISU) Oleg Matytsin si farà da parte dal suo ruolo finchè eran sanzioni

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Il Russo Sergey Isaev Sospeso Per Doping Da RUSADA Per Due Anni

Il nuotatore russo ventenne Sergey Isaev è stato sospeso per violazione delle regole antidoping. Lo ha annunciato la federazione

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USADA’s Travis Tygart Speaks In Defense Of Shayna Jack

USADA CEO Travis Tygart spoke recently to ABC News regarding his stance on the Shanya Jack (AUS) situation, one which resulted in her 2-year ban.


Doping: Tre Nuotatori Bulgari Positivi Accusano La Federazione

Tre giovani nuotatori bulgari positivi ad un test antidoping accusano la federazione di aver somministrato loro delle pillole durante un collegiale

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WADA Does Not Appeal CAS Sanction on RUSADA Despite Disappointment With Panel

The World Anti-Doping Agency won’t appeal the CAS decision to maintain RUSADA’s international sporting ban at two years.

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CAS Releases Full Decision In Two-Year Doping Ban On Russia

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) released its full 186-page Arbital Award in a two-year international sports ban on Russia.