Centro Canadese Antidoping Riprenderà I Test A Partire Dal 13 Luglio

Il Centro canadese per l’etica nello sport (CCES) riprenderà la raccolta di campioni nell’ambito del programma antidoping a partire dal 13 luglio

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WADA Pubblica I 14 Diritti Degli Atleti: Introdotto Il Risarcimento Dei Premi

WADA Pubblica I 14 Diritti Degli Atleti: Introdotto Il Risarcimento Dei Premi e il diritto a certificare l’identità dei degli ufficiali durante il prelievo

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USADA Rules American Boxer Failed Doping Test after Sexual Transmission

Although not specific to swimming, USADA released a doping decision related to a boxer that could have ripple effects in other sports moving forward.


Two-Time Pan Am Games Medalist Guillermo Bertola Receives 4-Year Ban

The penalty handed to Bertola encompasses the time period between January 2020 to January 2024 as a period of exclusion from competitive swimming.


La Audiencia De La AMA Contra Rusia Se Aplaza A Noviembre

La apelación se produce a pesar de que el jefe de RUSADA, Yuri Ganus, no desea reclamar y dice que Rusia no tiene ninguna posibilidad de ganar.

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WADA vs. Russia: Appello Contro Le Sanzoni, Udienza A Novembre

Il CAS ha fissato per novembre l’udienza per il ricorso RUSADA nei confronti di WADA in merito alle pesanti sanzioni imposte lo scorso anno

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WADA Pubblica FAQ Sui Test Antidoping Durante La Pandemia Da Coronavirus

WADA, la World Anti-Doping Agency ha aggiornato la sua sezione di domande e risposte per gli atleti in seguito ai cambiamenti dovuti alla pandemia

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WADA Publishes Updated Athlete Q&A About Coronavirus Impacts on Drug Testing

The World Anti-Doping Agency has updated its athlete Q&A section to address issues regarding testing during the coronavirus pandemic.

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WADA Study Shows No Link Between TUE Use & Olympic Medals

Brazil’s sprinting ace Etiene Medeiros is one of several elite swimmers who trains and competes while suffering from asthma.


WADA Issues Guidance For Resumed Doping Testing When Pandemic Lifts

The World Anti-Doping Agency has issued some guidelines for anti-doping organizations to resume drug testing as pandemic restrictions begin to relax..


CAS Extends Virtual Hearings Through At Least May 17th

On March 17th, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) announced it would not hear any cases in-person until at least May 1st.

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WADA Hands Cases Against 298 Russian Athletes Over To Anti-Doping Organizations

The World Anti-Doping Agency has completed investigations into 298 Russian athletes and has handed case packages to 28 other organizations for further action.


Biochemist LC Cameron Invited To Be Head of Brazilian Doping Control

LC Cameron was on the 2016 Olympian Gabriel Santos’ defense team for his doping violation earlier this year and has been working extensively at UNIRIO.

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Canada: Sospesi Testi Antidoping Per Epidemia Coronavirus

Il Canada ha annunciato la sospensione di tutti i testi antidoping a causa dell’epidemia da coronavirus COVID-19. Il WADA però continua

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CAS Won’t Hold In-Person Hearings Until May; Video-Conferencing an Option

Delayed CAS decisions could affect swimming in multiple ways, including a decision on Australian Shayna Jack’s fate and that of RUSADA.

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