Rusia Queda “Vetada” De Tokio: Les Detallamos En Qué Consiste La Sanción

A raíz de comentarios que indican cierto nivel de confusión entre nuestros lectores, les explicamos con más profundidad en qué consiste dicha sanción.

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La Audiencia De La AMA Contra Rusia Se Aplaza A Noviembre

La apelación se produce a pesar de que el jefe de RUSADA, Yuri Ganus, no desea reclamar y dice que Rusia no tiene ninguna posibilidad de ganar.

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CAS Extends Virtual Hearings Through At Least May 17th

On March 17th, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) announced it would not hear any cases in-person until at least May 1st.

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CAS Won’t Hold In-Person Hearings Until May; Video-Conferencing an Option

Delayed CAS decisions could affect swimming in multiple ways, including a decision on Australian Shayna Jack’s fate and that of RUSADA.

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Non-Compliance Hearing Between WADA And RUSADA Will Not Be Public

The Russian Anti-Doping Agency’s non-compliance case with WADA will not be held in public, the CAS revealed in a press release on Thursday.


Salnikov: Atleti Russi “Ostaggi”-Le Regole Dovrebbero Valere Per Tutti

Vladimir Salnikov, Presidente della Federazione Russa, parla ai media ed afferma che i criteri di penalizzazione dovrebbero essere uguali per tutti

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WADA Requests Public Hearing – Like Sun Yang’s – for RUSADA Compliance Case

The World Anti-Doping Agency has requested that the hearing to resolve the Russian Anti-Doping Agency’s non-compliance case be held in public. 


WADA Asks Court of Arbitration for Sport to Resolve Dispute with RUSADA

After Russia announced that it had formally appealed the decision of sanction by WADA, WADA requested the same arbitration resolution by the CAS.

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Antidoping: L’Agenzia Russa Propone Appello Contro Sentenza WADA

L’Agenzia Russa Anti-Doping (RUSADA) ha inviato all’Agenzia Mondiale Anti-Doping (WADA) un avviso ufficiale di ricorso in appello

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WADA Non-Compliance Would Bump Russia Out Of 2020 Olympics

The World Anti-Doping Agency clarified both the alleged misconduct committed by Russia, and what consequences the nation could face if deemed non-compliant.


BREAKING: WADA’s Committee Recommends Non-Compliance For Russia

WADA’s Compliance Review Committee is recommending that the World Anti-Doping Agency consider Russia’s anti-doping body non-compliant with WADA rules.


WADA Executive Committee To Meet Dec. 9 on RUSADA Compliance

WADA’s Executive Committee will meet on December 9 to discuss recommendations for an ongoing compliance procedure with RUSADA, Russia’s anti-doping agency.

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WADA Gives Russia 3 Weeks To Explain ‘Inconsistencies’ In Moscow Lab Data

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has given Russia three weeks to investigate and explain inconsistencies in data from the Moscow anti-doping lab.


Report: Russia Under Investigation for Another Doping Cover-Up

The Russian Athletics Federation reportedly helped high jumper Danil Lysenko forge documents.


After Turning Over Data To WADA, RUSADA Avoids Reinstated Suspension

WADA will not reinstate a suspension on RUSADA and will allow the association to continue operating after receiving lab data. But Russia could face suspension from 2020 Olympics if data is found to be tampered with.