Van Halen Swimming Psych Up Video For ’80s & 90s Swimmers – Dreams of Glory

Ok…this is a little cheesy, a littled dated, but the last “psych up” video seemed to please the SwimSwam audience.

This video comes via…? Sorry! I can’t remember who emailed me the video. Please comment below and take the credit.

In this Van Halen psych up swimfest, here are a few of the athletes respresented:

Matt Biondi, Tom Jager, Janet Evans, Summer Sanders, Mike Barrowman, Steve Lundquist, Jenny Thompson, Roque Santos, Rowdy Gaines, Coach Richard Quick, Pablo Morales, Joe Hudepohl, Crissy Perham (Ahmann), Anita Nall, Dara Torres, and B.J. Bedford and many more… If you’re in the video, please let me know!

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Steve Nolan
7 years ago

The video’s called “Dreams of Glory” but uses a Van Halen song that isn’t Dreams!?


7 years ago

If you can find the video from the 1996 Olympic Trials you will make a lot of us old fogies very happy!

7 years ago

I remember seeing this video for the first time as an age grouper at an all star camp, it was the best! We hunted it down from our LSC so I could use it for a presentation on youth sports for my sixth grade class.

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