Update: Brazil’s Stephanie Balduccini Undergoes Appendectomy


Yesterday we reported how 19-year-old Stephanie Balduccini had raced at the 2024 Brazilian Swimming Championships while taking antibiotics to avoid appendicitis surgery.

At the time, Balduccini confirmed to SwimSwam, “Two weeks before my trials I found out I had appendicitis and either needed surgery or had to take antibiotics. I chose antibiotics so that I could still compete.”

The Paris 2024-bound athlete said, “I did have a bit of pain when competing but nothing serious.”

Balduccini finished 2nd in the women’s 200m free (1:58.51) and 2nd in the 100m free (54.47) rendering her qualified for Paris as a member of the 4x200m free and 4x100m free relays.

Flashforward to last night and Balduccini wound up having to have her appendix removed. She let us know late yesterday evening, “I just got it removed. Literally.”

According to The Cleveland Clinic, recovery time varies depending on how complicated the appendicitis and surgery were and how one’s body responds to the surgery. In general, pain and side effects should be greatly reduced within a few days. It may take a few days to weeks to return to normal activities. Most people recover fully within six weeks. Brazilian journalist Alex Pussieldi reports that the expected recovery time for Balduccini is only about 10 days.

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12 days ago

Get well soon Stephanie!

12 days ago

Not great timing but then health crises often happen at the worst possible time. Hoping she can still be at her best in Paris. 🙏

Michigan fan
12 days ago

I like that swimswam highlights these stories of athletes overcoming somewhat random health issues. Thank you for the inspiration. And I hope Stephanie and the guy with the spinal surgery all heal up quickly and fully.

James Beam
12 days ago

Wow..”“I did have a bit of pain when competing but nothing serious”….amazing that she was able to compete.

12 days ago

The estimated recovery time was announced at 10 days

Aragon Son of Arathorne
12 days ago

ugh- hate hearing stuff like this

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