Unofficial World Record, American Record in 4×100 Mixed Medley Relay

Energy Standard set a new unofficial world record, while the Cali Condors won the American record, in the SCM 4×100 mixed medley relay during Saturday’s International Swimming League final.

Though FINA doesn’t keep a world record for a short course mixed medley relay, Energy Standard’s time of 3:30.94 ranks it as the fastest ever internationally. Previously, Energy Standard’s 2021 ISL regular season Match 8 mixed medley relay was the fastest with a time of 3:31.96. Even if FINA did track World Records, this still wouldn’t count, because the four athletes represent three different countries (Russia, Belarus, and Sweden).

New World Record (Energy Standard ISL Final) Old World Record (Energy Standard ISL Match 8)
Evgeny Rylov: 48.90 Evgeny Rylov: 49.52
Ilya Shymanovich: 55.88 Ilya Shymanovich: 55.39
Anastasiya Shkurdai: 55.07 Anastasiya Shkurdai: 55.85
Sarah Sjostrom: 51.09 Sarah Sjostrom: 51.20
3:30.94 3:31.96

Energy Standard now holds the top five fastest times in this particular mixed relay.

The Cali Condors, placing second in the final behind Energy Standard, swam the event in 3:31.94. Previously, Cali held the fastest time for an American team at 3:33.79, set earlier this year during the ISL Playoffs.

New Unofficial American Record (Cali Condors ISL Final) Old Unofficial American Record (Cali Condors ISL Match 15)
Coleman Stewart: 49.54 Coleman Stewart: 50.16
Nic Fink: 55.58 Nic Fink: 56.86
Kelsi Dahlia: 54.97 Kelsi Dahlia: 54.89
Erika Brown: 51.85 Natalie Hinds: 51.88
3:31.94 3:33.79

Energy Standard’s relay team was the same, but Cali’s new American record team featured Erika Brown swimming free instead of Natalie Hinds.

At the final, Energy Standard ultimately took first in both the event and the league in what has been a tight race between the two powerhouse teams gunning for the league title.

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1 year ago

Ho Hum

1 year ago

Is it possible for one the teams to set a world record with swimmers from different countries, or would this just be called something else?

Reply to  Xman
1 year ago

World Best?

Reply to  Xman
1 year ago

Cannot be a World Record, maybe a World Best or Fastest ever.

Reply to  Xman
1 year ago

Mixed nationality relays aren’t tracked at all.