UIC Swimmer Recorded Female Athletes In Locker Room, Prosecutors Say

A freshman swimmer at the University of Illinois – Chicago is charged with recording video of his female teammates changing clothes in a team locker room.

19-year-old Joseph Dalesandro signed a confession admitting that he attempted to record video of the women undressing, according to the Chicago Tribune. He’s currently banned from the UIC Physical Education Building and was ordered to be held on $50,000 bail.

Prosecutors say Dalesandro used a gap between a wall and the ceiling in the men’s locker room to record the women. Per The Tribune‘s report, prosecutors allege Dalesandro climbed on top of a locker in the men’s locker room and put his phone on top of the wall to record two members of the women’s team as they changed into swimsuits. Prosecutors say that video was three minutes long. Then they also allege that Dalesandro returned to the gap in the wall two hours later and left his phone recording video for about 45 minutes. That second video allegedly captured the same two women along with two more teammates changing. The women are reported to be between the ages of 19 and 20.

DNA Info Chicago reports that one of the women heard laughter from the men’s locker room and spotted the phone when she looked up towards the gap. The women grabbed the phone and reported the incident to their coach. The coach called campus police. The ensuing investigation found the phone to be registered to Dalesandro and his mother and was logged into UIC’s campus wireless network under Dalesandro’s username while the videos were being recorded.

This whole incident took place on February 2nd. Dalesandro was arrested on Thursday, March 30. The Chicago Tribune reports that Dalesandro signed a confession “admitting he had tried to capture the video of the women naked.” NDA Info Chicago reports that Dalesandro “confessed to making the videos” and that the Assistant State Attorney said Dalesandro “stated he knew what he had done was illegal.”

The Tribune reports that Dalesandro’s lawyer termed the incident as “a tasteless prank that went nowhere,” and said Dalesandro didn’t share the video after recording it. Dalesandro is charged with a felony account of unauthorized video recording.


  1. swimmom1990 says:

    Awful too see after this had happened, this swimmer was still aloud to swim at their conference meet three weeks later. Why would a suspension of some sort not be handed down?

    • Swimmie says:

      There was an investigation, the results were not revealed until this week. The article states the coach immediately called police and handed the phone over. No attempt to cover up or give any special treatment. There are many coaches that wouldn’t have done that.

      • Swim says:

        I understand the police / team / coach, did not know who owned the phone when it was found. The accused did not confess until weeks after the conference meet when the police finally were able to identify the owner of the phone and confronted / arrested him March 29.

      • SwimMom2 says:

        You can’t tell me it took three weeks to figure out who owned the phone.

        • BaldingEagle says:

          IKR? The investigation only needed to last as long as it took to call a team meeting and asking everyone to turn phones in.

          Campo: “Hey, where’s yours?”
          Perv: “I, uh, lost it?”
          C: “is this it?”
          P: “No?”
          C: “Quick, someone text him.”
          P: …..
          C: “Cuff him.”

          30 second investigation.

      • Neptune2029 says:

        Coach called the police because one of the women’s team memebers reported it to him. Did UIC Athletics and the coach not think that they may have had an issue with their men’s team?

    • Swim says:

      I understand the police / team / coach, did not know who owned the phone when it was found. The accused did not confess until weeks after the conference meet when the police finally were able to identify the owner of the phone and confronted / arrested him March 29.

  2. Uberfan says:

    Just a prank bro, really? How the heck is recording someone change a prank?

    • Steve Nolan says:

      If that defense works, I suggest we just stop having trials or a justice system at all.

    • Markster says:

      Okay it’s obvious it wasn’t a prank and I know it’s easy to pick on that statement but what else is his lawyer supposed to say? No one would hire lawyers that give up their clients, it’s part of the job.

      • Taa says:

        They are required to take a class for at law school for that. I think its called Lame excuses 101

        • Markster says:

          Would you have a better statement if he was your client?

          • Taa says:

            Given that he signed a confession I would say “my client deeply regrets his actions”…thats all you should say. I think you look bad when you try to add some dismissive commentary to justify what happened you trivialize what is a serious offense…Brock Turner sorry he just drank a little too much so give him probation etc

          • Lmesay says:

            Well to be fair Brock Turner’s excuse did work… not saying i condone that action but thats why lawyers do it.

  3. Marley09 says:

    Illinois has a swim team?

  4. Steve Nolan says:

    The Tribune article uses the phrase “sex organs” but I thought it was referring to like, a bomb keyboard solo or something.


    I am also an idiot.

  5. Sccoach says:

    Might be a good idea to take him off the roster

  6. vladislav22 says:

    I mean hasn’t he heard of free internet porn if he wants to see nudity that much? 🙂

  7. Taa says:

    I’d be a little upset that it was so easy to spy into the women’s locker room. Probably not the first time its happened.

    • Sccoach says:

      the victims should have a good case against the school if they decide to go that route.

      • SwimMom2 says:

        Or transfer schools… how comfortable can they be knowing that they were seen by “teammates” and the offender was allowed to stick around for 8 weeks? That must have been a horrible environment – bordering on abusive.

  8. SwimMom2 says:

    I’m concerned that this could happen at UIC. Countless children, teens and college students have used those locker rooms. Bet this isn’t the first time that someone did something like this. UIC has a lot to answer for here –
    For having substandard facilities that could be taken advantage of.

    Heartbroken for the parents and sister of this young man who violated his teammates and threw away a bright future. Heartbroken for the teammates who had to stay on the team with him while his rights were protected.

    • Neil says:

      This happened in the varsity locker rooms, not the ones the general public/kids use. Luckily the general locker rooms don’t have the same strange crack/opening that was present in the varsity locker room.

      • SwimMom2 says:

        Good to know. Thanks… still – a gap? Inviting trouble.

      • Swimmermom says:

        Is it in locker room the club swimmers use when large meets are hosted?

        • Neil says:

          No, this did not happen in that locker room

        • Swimfan says:

          As mentioned above this was not in the locker rooms the general public uses when at meets. These are private locker rooms only accessible to the college team swimmers. Sounds like the gap between the top of the wall and the ceiling was due to a smoke detector – hopefully there will be a fix for that.

  9. G.I.N.A says:

    If they let him in to the locker room , he would not have had to do climb up into that cavity . He could have fallen !

  10. Ken says:

    Very fortunate that the young women being filmed were able to retrieve the phone and hand it over to campus police. Lots of lives affected by this situation: victims, perpetrator, parents, the school. And on and on. Dalesandro will most likely be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life, be mandated to participate in a sex offender program of some kind, undergo invasive therapy with plethysmograph testing, and so forth. I empathize most with the parents….on both sides.

  11. 50free says:

    I know this is not the point but how did someone have enough storage to record a 45min video on an iPhone?

  12. Dawgpaddle says:

    Hey no one got hurt here. Why is everybody acting like the Princeton AD???

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